Charles climbed the pedestal bridge and meet Thompson after greetings, am here sir
Thompson: good, here is the file, take it to your dad, that is a message from the Lawyer’s wife
Charles: thank you so much, my Dad had been worrying about her Sir, pls where is she and how do u met with her pls?
Thompson: I think I ve delivered my message, am not here for any questions. I think am done with u
Charles: am sorry pls, forgive my manner
Thompson: you are welcome, so you can take the file to your dad
Charles: thank you sir, he turns back to leave
Thompson: one more thing
Charles: what is it sir?
Thompson: if you go, ask your Dad if he knows any young man called Eri? That he should appreciate him, if not for him I wouldn’t have get time looking for him not to talk of bringing him the file. He made me understand that your Dad is a good man and that this file is of more important to him, and that his properties might be under threat. With all these, I was convinced so, that is why am here
Charles: thank you so much, I will definitely tell him as you said sir. You need to know how important this file is to him. But his worries now will be that of Lawyer’s wife
Thompson: tell him there is nothing to worry about, Lawyer’s wife is in the hand of Kidnappers and in good condition, all what they need is just a Ramson. So you may leave now
Charles: thank you once again
Thompson: you are welcome
At this time, Mr Ojo has begin to worry about Charles, Austin what could ve kept your friend for so long like this? Hope he will not hurt my only son oh…….
Austin: you don’t need to worry, Charles is a smart guy, he will not allow himself to be hurts.
Charles arrived with the file, Dad here is the file
Mr Ojo hurriedly grab the file and go through it. Yes…. Austin, this is the file with smile on his face.
Austin: that’s great, we are progressing
Mr Ojo: but wait a minute, Charles what kept you so long like that, you made me worried you know!
Charles: am sorry Dad, the young man discussed two important things with me when I was about leaving his presence
Mr Ojo: so what are those things?
Charles: he said that I should ask you if you know any young man called Eri? That you should appreciate him and that he is the one who convince him to look for you and deliver the file to you, that he make him understand how good you are. If not he wouldn’t have get time looking for you not to talk of giving you the file
Mr Ojo: thinking Eri!!! The name is familiar to me but I can’t remember his face for now. How I wish I meet him again, I will definitely bless him.
Austine: I don’t think you have any problem with that, I believe the young man can still connect you with him
Mr Ojo: Austine you are right, so Charles what is the second thing?
Charles: about Lawyer’s wife that she is in the hands of Kidnappers that all what they need is Ramson
Mr Ojo: caught inn (hmmm) how do we know where and when the Ramson should be paid now?
Austine: Sir, we can talk about this later, let’s proceed to the hotel room and plan for the next line of action
Charles: Austin you are right, Dad we should be going now
Mr Ojo: Ok
They enter the car and drove off
At the airport, KTB boys are already hanging around waiting for the arrival of the Lawyer to kidnap him and go away with him so that he can rewrite the will of Mr Ojo for them.
Austine was able to track their calls and conversation and make call immediately, telling his boys to be careful and be vigilant, the KTB boys are there in waiting for the arrival of the Lawyer. That they should make sure nothing happened to the Lawyer
Mr Ojo phone ringing…. Ah! Is the Lawyer calling oh.. Hello the Barrister!
Lawyer: Good afternoon Mr Ojo. I just arrived at the airport now, while phone was on speaker, Austine quickly grab the phone from Mr Ojo
Austine: the Barrister you are welcome back to Nigeria, am a security intelligent working for Mr Ojo, pls don’t be moving around, just remains at the terminal, they are some bad gangs waiting to kidnap you, we are on our way to come and pick you sir, just be calm
Austine call his boys to be at alerts and be vigilant that the target has arrived
Mr Ojo, Charles and Austin enter the car and zoom off to the airport and pick the Lawyer to their hotel.
KTB boys calling their Boss, Kill baba! Operation failed
KTB: how?
The boys: target escaped
Austine mounted his boys to put eyes and monitor the movement of KTB boys
At the hotel, the Lawyer and Mr Ojo discussing on how to get his wife free before any other thing.
Thompson phone ringing…. Is Mr Ojo, why is he calling my line again? I think am done with him
Eri: pick up the call first he may needs more help from you
Thompson: good day sir, pls I think am done with you, why are you calling my line again?
Mr Ojo: Pls young man calm down, you told my son about young man Eri!
Thompson: yes, what happened?
Mr Ojo: Pls can you give me his contact, I can’t remember his face again
Thompson: he is right here with me, let me hand him over the phone
Eri: hel..hello sir
Mr Ojo: how are you young man, your friend told me about you. I really appreciate it though, I couldn’t recognize you again my son.
Eri: do you remember the young man that was knocked down and rushed to the hospital which you donated him blood?
Mr Ojo: Oh such is life, I couldn’t remember all that again. Just get my contact from your friend and call me some other time
Eri: Ok sir, thank you
To summerise the remaining story!
KTB and his team were tracked and arrested by Austine and his men
Iyabo and Kunle was arrested from the airport while making an attempt of running out of the country after the confessions of the KTB
Lawyer’s wife was freed unconditionally with the help of Thompson and Eri
Mr Ojo had rewrite his will and sign by his Lawyer. He willed 70% of his properties to his son (Charles) 10% to Austine, 10% Eri (step son) and 10% to the orphanage home. He blessed the Lawyer, Lawyer’s wife and Thompson richly.
He further made his son the GMD of the company, Eri the accountant and Austine the CSO of the company.


1. Always try to be good at all times ( a case of Mr Ojo)
2. Be contented with what God had given u ( a case of Kunle, lack of contentment)
3. Don’t be faster than ur destiny ( a case of Iyabo)
4. Always try to put smiles on people face and let them forget their sorrow (a case of Aliyu praise God)

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