THE ABOMINABLE ACT…..(18+)…..Part 9


It’s been two weeks now and Nathaniel has been ignoring Natasha’s calls and not responding to her messages and even refuses to visit during weekends, this got her worried, she feels bad and hurt that Nathaniel is angry with her and she is the cause of it, she misses him so much and wish the conflict between them will end, even if Nathaniel was ignoring her call she didn’t stop calling because she is determine to end the fight.
This two weeks has been hell for Nathaniel, he has lost concentration in studies and other things in school, it hurts each time he sees Natasha call but just couldn’t pick, most times he could cry his heart out at night, he wants this pain he is feeling to go away but it just couldn’t stop, for the pain in him grow each day and he wish there are other ways out for him.
Mrs Williams has been worried seeing her two children in conflict, she have tried to call Nathaniel to talk about it but Nathaniel was impossible, she had discussed it with her husband who seems less consign about the issue, they will come around he had told her, of course they are sibling and they are bound to have conflict, but she just pray it ends quickly.
Phillip on the other hand is disturb each time he sees Natasha in pain because of the conflict between her and her brother so he decided to help her out, he made some inquiries about Nathaniel in Unilag and was given the information he needed to know.
The rain just finish pouring and the atmosphere was still cold, Phillip steady his hand on the wheel as he drives gently because the road was slippery due to the rain that fell few hours ago, beside him was Natasha who was just staring at the window lost in thought, he wonders what was on her mind, she has been doing that for some time now and he wonder if he will ever be use to that part of her. Natasha has been happy some hours ago when Phillip told her where Nathaniel reside in the university but now she doesn’t know anymore, she wonders if Nathaniel will be happy to see her but she prays otherwise, the loud horn from Phillip’s car brought her out of her thought, she rise her head to see a big black gate in front if them.
Are we here
Yea, we are here.
A man dress in army wear but the only difference was the colour which is blue, no doubt he was the security, Phillip immediately roll down his glass immediately he saw the security walking to him.

Good evening sir
Good evening
pls are you looking for some one
Yes his name is Nathaniel Richardson
What flat number
Flat 275
Is he expecting you
no, but you can tell him that his sister Natasha is here to see him
okey one minute.
The security went in to make the full confirmation by calling flat 275.
I love the security here
Yea, it an estate, most students from influential background lives here, it is one of the best hostel In Unilag.
The security came out holding a little paper that looks like a card on his left hand and a pad on the other hand.
you have been confirmed but before you are allowed in please can i kindly have your ID, and hers also.
They both brought out their ID card and handed it to him, he did some typing on the pad and then gave the pad to Phillip.
Please sign here
Phillip did as he requested and Natasha did the same, he gave then the little card indicating the direction leading to flat 275,in no time they were allowed in, Natasha marvel at how beautiful the compound is, all the houses was painted in same colour, have same sizes, same shapes and same design, it will be difficult to differentiate which house is which if not for the flat numbers that is written at the front of each building, and each building contains of six flats, the estate was a little town, it was up to five minutes before they were able to find the flat thanks to the little card.
This is it, are you ready
I think so, he is my brother.
I know, but yet am coming with you.
Natasha saw the seriousness in his eye so she didn’t bother to object, they both come out of the car and head to the door that FLAT 275 was written on it, the flat was located at the first floor so there was no need to use the stairs.
should I ring it
Natasha turned sharply to Phillip, she has been standing there for some few seconds without pressing the door bell, she turned to the door again and her hand moves to the door bell and she press it lightly, she could hear it rang from inside, she quickly inhale and exhale.


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