THE ABOMINABLE ACT…..(18+)…..Part 26


Michael narrated everything to them leaving no stone unturned, they were all shocked, baffled at what they were hearing, they could sometimes gaze at Natasha who was crying silently, Philip was confused at to what to say or do, whi could believe that a sister will be pregnant for his own brother, now he understood every things.
(In tear and pain)
That’s all that happened.
Jesus, my enemies has finally gotten me oooo.
God, this is an abomination
I am short of words.
I know Nath did the unspeakable but he payed for it all the remaining days if his life, he tried to stop himself but who can stop love when it knocks, tell me.
You call that love.
Yes sir I call it love, it wasn’t lust because I know your son, he fell in love for the first time but with the wrong person.
God forbid, he has done something that even God himself will curse him for it.
They were all speaking their minds and showing how disappointed they were at Nathaniel and this got Michael angry.
You are all here condemning him, you all are responsible for his death.
These brought shock to them.
Sir, he was your son, he had everything he ever wanted but he never for once felt safe with you, you were too busy with businesses that you didn’t know how many times he needed a father, as a man, there are somethings he couldn’t discuss with his mum but you didn’t gave him that attention did you, even up still date you cared less.
Mr Williams was still, yes even as it’s hard to believe it Michael was right, he could remember so many times when Nathaniel was little he could come with games and books so they could read or play together but he was always busy but Nathaniel finally stop coming and he didn’t bother or care more, now he regretted his action.
And then his wonderful mother, you know they say mothers are sensitive to their children but I wondered how you didn’t know that your own son was dying of loneliness, you didn’t even know when he was sad, when he needed to feel alive, but no, you too were to busy, now tell me how many times has he come to sake you, even for a little chat, you were never around were you.
Mrs Williams knows she has failed as a mother towards her son, there was times when she was always busy, Nathaniel have come many times too to sake for her attention but she neglected him because she was too occupied with meetings, but when she realized her mistakes she tried reaching for him.
But I tried reaching out to him.

Yes you did but it was already too late because he has gone far, far away from this family, he had no friends, no cousins to play with, the only person that he could be with was his sister who was told was dead.
Natasha looked at his mum then to her dad, what was Michael talking about, Michael saw the confusion in Natasha’s face.

Yes, for eleven year Nathaniel thought you were dead, that’s what your parents told him.
Natasha couldn’t think straight, the tear began to flow, and she has treated Nathaniel badly thinking he hated her for those years.
And that’s where it started, the only place he seek comfort was his sister’s room, that even after the relocation he still requested a room for his sister, and now all of a sudden his sister surfaced, all the love, all the emotions, all the lost, all the pain everyone of them came rushing out of him in full force, he couldn’t hold it, he tried but he couldn’t, at first we thought it was just a brotherly love but after the senator’s son birthday party, we knew something was wrong and he decided to avoid Natasha.
Phillip remembered the misunderstanding that was going on then, now he understood why, Natasha began to let out the pain, she cried her heart out, she now understood everything.
He suffered alot after what he did, that was what lead to the attacks, he punished himself more then his body could carry.
Then why didn’t he tell his parents.
You have not been listening have you, you couldn’t trust them, parents that love their reputation more then their children, that’s what he say sometimes, even when I convince him of telling them Natasha didn’t let him, he tried everything to get her to listen but Natasha never gave him the chance, I hope now his death has payed for his sins.
Natasha got on her knees, Philip quickly went to her to console her.
Am sorry Nath, I know I was hurt but I had no right to push you away even when you came knocking for forgiveness.
It’s okay, its not your fault.
Mr Williams also tried lifting her up.
Honey, we your parents are to blame, we didn’t play the role as parents, you were just a victim of our mistakes, am sorry, so sorry.
I pushed him away, I told him to go to hell, I wished him death, o my God, why did I let my anger to control me, Nath please, forgive me.
Mr Williams couldn’t say a word, he was speechless, both mother and daughter made the sitting room a mourning ground.

Mr and Mrs Williams, Philip and Michael are seen in the the hospital reception, Michael was now counted as part of the family, mr Williams was now sponsoring his education and every other things, to him it was to show gratitude for being with his son before he died, truly if Nathaniel could open up to Michael about his deepest fear and secret then he is indeed a good friend, Philip too has always being around.
Natasha has been in Labour for four hours now, they were all getting worried, just then the doctor came out, they all rush to him.
(Smiling) congratulations, she delivered twins, a boy and a girl.
They was all marvel and happy, they were all lead to the room she was kept, the nurse just finished dressing Natasha when they came in, they praised Natasha for being a strong woman, they all admire the twins who was sleeping calmly one after the other, they were so happy, Natasha was looking at each one of them weakly, she thank God in her heart for keeping the babies safe.
Phillip turned quickly to Natasha, he went to her side holding her hands, this too got all their attention.
Yes baby, am so glad you did it.
What name will you love to give them
(Smile weakly)
Nathaniel and Natasha.
They all smile sadly.
Please, promise me you all will love them with your lives, keeping them safe in this world.
I personally will be a father to them.
They already have a big uncle.
We will be there for them.
I will love them.
Thank you all for being with me all through.
Natasha looked at everyone of them, the only person missing was Nathaniel, she smiled at the thought of him, then the pain started, her chest was burning, she began to cough, this got them alerted, they were trying to calm her down while Michael rush to get the doctor, the doctor rush in with two nurses, and they went outside to allow the doctor do his work, they all prayed nothing happens to Natasha.
Natasha didn’t make it out of the hospital, died even after the effort of the doctor to keep her alive.
Phillip accepted baby Nath and baby Natasha as his biological children because he felt close to Natasha doing so, Mr and Mrs Williams vow never to neglect their grandchildren just as they did to Nathaniel and Natasha.
Michael wasn’t left out, he was always going to be part of the kids lives.


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11 Comments on “THE ABOMINABLE ACT…..(18+)…..Part 26”

  1. OMG OMG, this is so….. i’m short of words keep it up me just hope you can pay for the water running down me eyes

  2. waw…… wounder shall never end, what a toughing story….. i felt d pain…….

  3. Wow! if tears could make a river pls have it in mind that i made one so that anybody in this group could come to fetch.
    Neglecting ur child all in the name of making money,gaining reputation is the worst mistake and abomination a parent wil ever make.
    What an emotional, touchy, inspirating and educative story for parents out there. Love this writer, keep the stone rolling.

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