TEENS HEART … (18+) … Part 74



Jeremy ‘s POV

The witch was calling…
Had she heard of dad’s accident already?
I hate her!
I held Andra as we walked up to Dr Sam.
People stared.
They must be wondering why we’ve been holding hands like lovers since we got in here.
Would they be thinking we are lovers huh?
I told Dr Sam, to take us to see Richy and he did.
He took us to the room he is and there he layed on the bed, machines beeping and oxygene on his nose. and a bandage around his head.
“Im sorry Richy. I wish you wake up soon. I wish this never happened.” I said calmly.
I still held Andra’s hand and we turned and left.
My phone screen light came on.
Moni calling.
I picked it.
“Oh gracious God! Your dad isn’t home yet Jeremy..” She said.
I breathed.
“Dad’s in the hospital.” I said.
“Whaaaaaat!” She screamed.
“Just come to Washington Hospital.” I said and cut the call.
Andra looked at me.
“Your Nanny?” She asked.
“Yeah.” I said.
We walked to the lounge and sat down..
I wanna stay with my dad but Dr Sam says he needs to be given some space.
I turned to Andra and stared at her.
Her hair look a bit messy now.
And her school shirt tie is hanging wrongly.
I can’t believe she’s here with me and cried cos of my dad.
Her dream came to reality and she’s feeling guilty.
Shit! Why would she!
She came with me here… She shared to my pain and my cries.
She let me cry on her shoulder and she cried with me.
She’s one of a kind.
“Andra..” I called.
She turned to me.
“Huh?” She raised her brows.
She look cute even though her hair is messy.
“You don’t need to feel guilty Andra.” I said softly to her.
She nodded and looked away.
But I turned back her face to look at me.
She did,.looking at me..
“Thanks for being here.” I said to her.
She let out a smile that gave me chills.,
“Not that I wanna be anyways. But your dad made me too.. I can’t help to leave you to come here alone.” She said.
Awn… This girl..
I smiled and pulled her into a hug and when I withrew, I kissed her forehead.
I don’t care if peope stared..
She’s the nicest girl I’ve ever seen.
We stared at people coming in and going out through the Push door.
“Lili might be calling now.” She said.
I smiled and squeezed her hand slightly..
“Moni would be here soon. She’ll stay behind while I drive you to school to grab your things and drive you home.”
I said and she looked at me.
“You gonna come back here after that?” She asked.
“Yeah. I will spend the night with my dad.” I said.
“Jeremyy…” She called.
“Please be careful.” She said.
I chuckled.
“Ofcourse i am.” I said.
Just then, Moni walked in, and when she searched around and saw me, She rushed to me but gasped as she saw Andra..
“Oh gracious!” She said and Andra was shocked and suprised as well.
I wonder why.

Alexandra ‘s POV

She was the one..
The woman I saw at the church’s passageway.
I couldn’t believe it.
She’s actually Jeremy’s Nanny?
Oh my God.
She looked at Jeremy.
“What happened?” She asked him.
“I don’t know. He’s in the ward room. Room 101.” He said.
Then she turned to me.
“Hello Alex. Do you remember me?” She asked.
I nodded.
She even remembered my name.
I felt happy that I met her again..
Argh! Seriously!
After seeing Jeremy’s dad with Moni geting out tears and wiping them off with a hankerchief.
We walked out to…. to..
I don’t know his name.
Mr Taylozr’z driver room.
He’s still in a coma.
And Moni did the same thing.
Cried and wiped if it off with a hankerchief.
When Jeremy and I came out from the hospital.
It was was getting late.
Moni stayed behind.
We got into the car and he drove off.
“Lili must be damn worried” I said as he got into the road and sped off..
Cos its so late.
He got my hand and squeezed it lightly.
“I’ll tell her about it..” I said.


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