TEENS HEART … (18+) … Part 59



Alexandra ‘s POV [Continues] Huh?

Did he just say that I make him happy?
Do I really make him happy?
“Not all the time tho. Sometimes you’re stubborn, you know.” He said.
“You are always arrogant too.” I said.
He shrugged and smiled.
I really admire his smiles…
“Let’s eat.” He said.
He poured the wine into my cup and into his.
“Cheers to our friendship.” He said with a broad smile.
I smiled as well as we did the glint hitting of glass together.
I laughed and sipped mine, as he did too.
What’s funny?
I felt people’s eyes on us.
Those guys are gone now tho.
The wine taste so good.
He was staring at me.
Then it began drizzling.
Oh my! I checked the time and it’s 6:40pm.
Argh. Its getting late already and getting so dark cos of the weather now.
“We should get going now.” I said.
“Nop. We ain’t done with our anniversary.” He said.
“Its gonna rain. Lili’s gonna be expecting me now.” I said.
“If she is, then she should have called by now.” He said.
“Told her im out with you.” I said.
“Whoa. Then that means, she must trust me alot, when she don’t even know me yet.” He said.
I laughed.
“Tell me, what you don’t like about me.” He asked, smiling.
Okay, your cuteness and your dimples are excluded.
“I don’t like the arrogant you, the proud you and your weaved hair.” I said.
He blinked his eyes.
“Oh whatever. Im not gonna change. I love the way I am.” He said.
“Whatever.” I said.
He laughed.
He’s more cute when he laugh.
It began raining.
I looked at him.
“Im coming.” He said and stood up.
He walked to Mrs Karen, then in two minutes he was back.
I was feeling so cold now and I didn’t wear my suite-jacket today.
“Let’s go now okay.” He said.
“Im so cold and I hate thunder strikes.” I said.
He took my hand and helped me up.
“Lemme take you home okay.” He said.
When we got outside the eatery balcony. It’s so cold and I was freezing.
I folded my arms to lessen the coldness even though that doesn’t help at all.
He was beside me,
Then he came over to my front and pulled of his pullover.
“I’ll wear you this, so you don’t feel so cold.” He said.
“Don’t worry, im never gonna ask for it.” He assured
as he got it over my back, and I slide my hands into it sleeves.
I stared at me
I can’t believe he’s doing all this.
And, then he didn’t move back.
He stood so close to each other.
He stared into my eyes for a while.
Then I felt his hehind my hair and he brought his face and placed a kiss on my forehead.
It sent chills down me.
His lips stayed on my forehead for up to six seconds before he withdrew.
Then he stared into my eyes again, “Thanks for being my friend.” He said softly.
I felt my pulse stop.
Is he this soft and cool?
And before I could say anything, he hugged me.
It was tight but warm.
Then he pulled away.
“Let’s go.” He said and took my hand and we ran to his car.
Rain poured on us but we got into his car quite on time.
We didn’t drench but we were quite wet.
“Fuck this rain!” He said as he ignited his car and drove off.
All I did was stare at him and at his hands moving on the steering wheel.
He kissed my forehead and said, thanks for being my friend and then that hug.
So warm.
I found myself thinking about it till we got to my house, although I did give him a bit direction and Lili’s house, he knew the rest..

Jeremy ‘s POV

I pulled to a stop at the gate of her house.
“I’ve been driving pass this house tho.” I said.
“I’ll follow you in,.so your Aunt don’t get so mad at you.” I said with a smile.
“No. She won’t. You don’t need to come with me.” She said.
“I want to.” I said.
“Fine.” She said.
We got to the door.
It was drizzling.
She pressed the doorbell and few a minute later, someone opened the door.
A beautiful woman.
This was the lady I saw with her the week she began school.
She looked at Andra and then at me.
“Hello Ma’am. Im sorry she’s quite late.” I said calmly.
“It’s okay Jeremy, Alex told me everything. You don’t need to worry.” She said.
She turned to Andra.
“Alex dear.” She said and hugged her.
Such a sweet Aunt.
“It’s fine Lili, im fine.” Andra said.
I just watched.
Her Aunt withdrew and turned to me.
“Im sorry Jeremy, pardon me, come in.” She said to me.
“Nah, I’ll be going now. Just wanna show up so you don’t be damn annoyed at me when you see me someday.” I said with a smile.
She smiled.
“Awwn,” She said, smiling.
I turned to Andra.
She was looking at me.
I’ll miss her.
“I’ll be going now. Bye Andra.” I said.
“Bye.” Andra said.
“Bye Ma’am.” I said to her aunt.
“Bye Jeremy.” She said.
I got back to my car and rested my head on the headrest and smiled.
I gave her my pullover again.
Arghh! How this girl makes me feel.
I can’t wait to see her tomorrow.
I’ll miss her.
I sat up and drove off.
Im glad I know her home now tho.
#Alexandra’s POV
“I think he’s nice.” Lili said inside the house.
“Maybe.” I said.
“Are you guys really cool now?” She asked.
“Maybe.” I said and made to my room.
“Be out soon, so you can eat okay.” She said.
“Alright.” I said.
I walked into my room.
Im so tired actually.
I dropped my bag and fell on my bed.
His pullover helped alot.
A message came in.
I know its him.
I got out my phone and opened the message.
Thanks for being my friend Andra.

I_smiled and typed back.

Goodnight Jeremy.

It_sent .

If he’s this way, Wow! Then I’do wanna continue being his friend forever.
I took out my diary to write.
Dear diary,
Today, Jeremy and I had our one week friendship anniversary.
And every moment we had together, I can say that I liked every bit of it.
There’s a side of him that tells just how nice and cool he can be…


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