TEENS HEART … (18+) … Part 52



Jeremy ‘s POV

“Clubbing tonight?” Molly asked as we headed towards the school building.
Why not!
“Yeah.” I said, smiling.
“Can I spend the night with you after?” She asked.
Ugh! Why’s she such a fling.
“Okay.” I said.
She smiled and tightened our intertwined hands and we walked into the hallway and down into the classroom.
Andra is on her seat going through her books.
I walked to my seat and sat down.
She glanced at me and looked away, back to her books.
I’ll talk with her when school’s over.

Alexandra ‘s POV

When school got over, I stood up and went for my bag.
Im sure he followed me.
It’s like his habit now..
And sure enough, When I took my bag, closed the door and turned, he was standing right there.
“Hey Andra.” He said, his hands in his pockets.
“Hey.” I said.
“Are you going home now?” He asked.
What a question.
“What do you think? Are my gonna sleep here huh?” I snapped, crossing my arms.
He chuckled.
“Why did you leave the cafeteria with that asshole?” He asked.
“Can you stop calling her names?” I snapped.
He shrugged.
“Fine. Answer my question.” He said.
“Is that a command?” I asked.
“It’s just a question Andra.” He said.
“I left cos I wanted to. Do we always have this way with you?” I yelled.
He chuckled.
“I know why Andra.” He said.
I narrowed my eyes.
“You left cos im there isn’t it?” He said, staring at me.
I chuckled.
“Why do you say irrelevant things?” I asked, even though he was kinda right.
“Im not lying. I can see it in your eyes.” He said.
My eyes?
I widened my eyes.
Stupid! He’s talking nonsence.
#Jeremy’s POV
She widened her eyes.
Itwas funny.
Then she narrowed it back.
I smiled and stared at her lips.
So pinky.
So I decided to try this one.
I drew nearer..
“If I can just kiss this lips, im sure to find out if im saying the truth or not.” I said, getting more closer.
“Stupid!” She said and pushed me away.
I smiled.
She glared at me and moved away but I pulled back and pulled her back and hugged her.
She stayed still.
“Do you always have to do this?” She asked.
I smiled.
“No.” I said.
“Then let go off me and stop acting like I mean anything to you. I ain’t your girlfriend.” She said.
I smiled more.
“You’re my friend.” I said.
“That doesn’t give you the right to hug me.” She said.
“Im doing this cos cos I guess im gonna miss your ugly face for two days..” I said and smiled really broadly cos Im sure she’s so angry now with what I just said.
Yeah. She is.. cos she forced herself out of my hold.
She’s in a very damn frown.
I smiled.
“Don’t tryna hug me again.” She said and turned to walk away.
“Hey ain’t you gonna miss this cutie too?” I asked, smiling.
“Which cutie?” She asked.
“Me ofcos.” I said.
She walked away.
Haha. Cute punk.
Arghh. I pulled my hair back.
“TA TA RA!” I heard Chris voice behind.
I turned.
He’s smiling and raising his phone in the air. Acting stupid.
“Hey dude. What’s up?” I asked.
He’s just smiling.
I tried reaching for his phone but he ran away.
I ran after him. Then he stopped.
“Don’t get close if you don’t agree with this.” He said.
“That im gonna have Alex phone number.”
Aww. She’s such a cutie. Oh my God.” He said, smiling as he stared at whatever on his phone.
Must be Andra picture!
This jerk! What did he do?
I chased him and he ran towards the halway leading to the long staircase, laughing as he ran.
When he got to the staircase, he stopped.
I got to him and tried grabbing the damn phone but couldn’t.
“Are you acting so wild cos of Alex huh?” He asked, laughing as I struggled for the phone but was impossible to get from him.
“Okay cool down man, I’ll show em to you.” He said.
“Fine. Get doing.” I said and relaxed.
“Okay, accept the deal first.” He said.
I glared at him.
He laughed.
“Here.” He said and gave me his phone.
I grabbed it and looked at.. at the pictures.
Oh my God!
Chris secretly took pictures of I and Andra at the locker.
First picture is when we were staring at each other, probably when she was talking back at me.
Arghh it look so cute.
Then the second is the time that I pulled her back when she tried to walk out. Im holding her hand and she is staring at me.
Ohh. how sweet.
Then the last picture, is when I hugged her.
Oh.. so romantic. huh.
She look so beautiful in all of them. The picture look so damn cool.
Oh, I’ve forgotten this damn buddy of mine is a shy painter.
I got out my phone and sent the pictures to my phone.
“You guys gonna look cool together tho.” He said.
“Fuck you!” I said to him.
He laughed.
I stared at the pictures more.
She’s just perfect.
“Party tonight?” He asked.
I nodded.
“Yeah.” I said, still staring at the pictures.
Arghh such a cutie.
“Oh, Thought you gonna say nop.” He said.

Molly ‘s POV

“One.. two.. three..four” Ms Bella said and we began dancing, following her steps.
We had our tight dance trouser, tight singlet and sneaker. As we danced to the music,
[Bebe Rex ft Lil wayne, The way I are] I just wanna dance with somebody..
I just wanna dance with somebody..
It could be anybody..
Tell me are you that somebbody..
Don’t matter who you are,
Just love me THE WAY I ARE..
I just wanna dance with somebody..
We stopped.
“Hey Molly, Lead on, I’ll be back in a short while.” Ms Bella said and ran off.
I smiled.
I love it when I lead.
I turned to them.
“Hey guys, so we’re getting quite into it. It’s great. Now let’s do this again.” I said and turned back.
There’s a large floor to ceiling wall mirror facing us, where we all can see what we dance and what others dance.
“Now, one..two.. three.. four!”
I’m sorry, I’m not the most pretty..
I’ll never ever sing like Whitney..
Ooh Ooh,…
but I still wanna dance with somebody…
I saw someone walk in.
A girl.
I left to meet her, leaving the others to dance on as I walked up to the girl.
She’s a black girl with curly brown hair.
She look really pretty but who cares?
Im more pretty.
“Hey, What do you want?” I asked, staring at her.
I remembered just right then, that she’s my classmate.
I don’t know her name but recalled when she was new in the school and wanted to be my friend.
“M..Molly, please I wanna be among the Girls dance club.” She said timidly
I took a glance at the others dancing, then back at her.
“We don’t need you. So get lost.” I barked.
“Please, I really want to be here. I can dance so well.” She begged.
I rolled my eyes.
“Im gonna kick you out if you don’t get out now.” I said.
She turned and left.
“Brat!” I spat and walked back to my position at the front.
Im the best dancer here, and the leader after Ms Bella.
Im proud to be everything I am including being J’s girlfriend.
#Alexandra’s POV
As Steph and I headed down the hallway, We met a girl coming towards.
She’s my classmate.
She’s actually sobbing. Why?
“Hey, why’re you crying?” Steph asked standing in her way.
She looked at Steph.
“She refused letting me be among the girls dance club.” She said, sobbing more.
“Who?” Steph asked.
I knew already that its Molly and im sure Steph do too.
“Molly.” She said.
She’s so pretty with amazing afro curly brown hair, tiny cute ebony lips, brown eyes and Tan skin complexioned.
Cute black american.
“That bitch! She’s always like that.” Steph said.
“Hey girl. It’s okay. come here.” Steph said and pulled her into a hug
I just stared at them both.
The girl looked at me and I just smiled.
“Im Eve Jameson.” She said as we walked out of the hallway.
Steph has succeeded in stopping her cry.
Neil was waiting already.
“Im on scholarship here, that’s why no one talks to me.” She said.
Yeah, she’s right. She’s always quiet like she don’t belong where she is at that time.
“You’re Alex right?” She asked me.
“Yeah, I am.” I said with a smile.
“And im Stephanie, but you just call me Steph.” Steph said.
Eve smiled.
She has such a good dentition.
“My house is just a stone throw from here. Not far at all. So I walk.” She said.
“Its fine Eve. We’ll see you on monday. Don’t worry about the bitch okay. We’re friends now.” Steph said everything.
Eve smiled broadly.
Wow she has a gap teeth.
“Bye friends.” She said and waved us goodbye as we entered into the car.
breeeze blew her hair.
Wow. I love her curly hair.


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