TEENS HEART … (18+) … Part 49



Alexandra ‘s POV [Continues] “Hey Alex. I’ve been looking for you.” Steph said as she walked up to me.

“Poured juice on my shirt so had to go clean it off in the washroom.” I said.
“Oh bad. Sorry friend.” She said.
Then there was a way she looked at me.
“Where’s your phone? I sent a message to you.” She asked, staring at me.
My phone… My phone.
What do I tell her now?
“He’s with it” I said.
There’s no point lying.
“Who?’” She asked.
“Jeremy.” I said.
She frowned.
“Oh oh, Alex. You’re so unbelievable! How can you give that bitch your phone?” She said,
“I never gave it to him, he took it from my bag okay.” I said.
I wonder how she’s gonna react when I tell her I’ve accepted to be his friend.
“Come, let’s head to class and you get your phone from him.. I hate that punk.” She said and pulled me along.
“You gotta read this.” Steph said as we walked towards the school building.
“Here, have it.” She said, stretching her phone to me.
“What’s that?” I asked.
“Just read it.” She said.
And so I did.
It’s ok Steph. Im here wit J.
He’s so cute n so nice dat I can’t miss being friends wit him. Im falling inluv wit him already. I wish he could jst kiss me. Aww. Don’t worry abwt me. Im wit the best friend ever.

That_punk ! He sent this?

What the heck! Who gave him such right to open my message and send Steph this trash!
I looked at Steph. She was doing same.
“I can’t believe he sent this. You know I can never ever send this Steph.” I said.
She shrugged.
“I told you that guy’s a bitch. He’s tryna split our friendship Alex. You don’t need such guy close to you.” Steph said.

Jeremy ‘s POV

That brat still haven’t texted back.
The bitch.
Have she found Alex?
I put on my headset, put my legs on my desk and decided to play some music with her phone.
She got some cool music tho.
I played Nicki Minaj, High school.
Can’t believe she got songs this naughty.
Molly walked in..
Arghh. Why now?
She walked to me, her face in a damn frown.
“Hey babe.” I said, smiling.
She removed the headset.
“You know what? Im damn angry with you!” She said.
“Don’t be babe.” I said.
“Who’s phone’s that?” She asked.
“Oh, this?” I asked, bring it up a bit so she can see it well enough. “It’s Andra’s.” I said.
“You couldn’t walk with me to the cafeteria cos of the snail huh!” She half yelled.
“I told you I was busy Molly. Can you stop the yell.” I said.
“I saw you both at there, don’t dare deny that J. How could you ignore me foe that bitch huh!”
“Its okay babe. You’re my girlfriend you know, Andra is just a new friend, Understand that. Don’t cause stares here, you get?” I said.
She breathed, fumed, then dropped the headset on the desk and walked out to her seat.
I chuckled, took the headset and put it back on.
…They holler at me, but it’s you,you, this ain’t high school.
Me and my crew, we can slide through.
Give it to you whenever you want, whip it whenever you want.
Baby it’s yours..
Anywhere, everywhere, baby it’s your world..
Ain’t it?
Baby it’s your wor….
Andra walked in.
Her eyes came on me immediately..
Her face in a damn frown, just the way Molly’s had been.
But Andra look so cute even when she frowns.., but Molly?
She walked to her seat.
Oops! Thought she’s gonna come for her phone.
Quite not important to her I guess.
Maybe I might just go home with it.
She sat down and then glared angrily at me.
I smiled.
Arghh. Such a cute friend.
I know she’s glaring cos of her phone and maybe the bitch might have showed her the message.
I smiled and got the phone up at my face, in a way that seems as if im typing on it just to get on her more annoyed
I want her to be seeing her phone really well on my hand.
You know, I love getting on this cute girl’s nerves.
She frowned more now and I can swear her teeth is clenched right now.
Arghhh! such a cute girl.

Molly ‘s POV

I stared at Jeremy and then at the brat.
What are they actually acting, staring at themselves?
Ohh, this is so annoying!
#Alexandra’s POV
I stared at the jerk.
Held my phone, even listening to music with it.
How dare him!
Okay, I ain’t upset that he had my phone but sending Steph such trash is just making me boil inside.
How the hell did I even accept to be this jerk’s friend.
What a worst mistake!
He held the phone till school got over.
He can have the phone for all I care!
I got up and walked out of the class to my locker.
I opened my locker to get my bag when I heard his voice behind.
“Hey.” He said as I got to my locker.
“What?” I snapped, without turning.
“Do you mind if we make our friendship official now?” He asked.
I ignored him.
“Hey, say something.” He said.
“I don’t want to. It ain’t by force.” I snapped.
“But you just did.” He said.
“Did what?”
“You just said something.” He said.
Arghh, this guy’s an idiot.
I grabbed my bag, closed my locker and turned, facing him.
He’s smiling.
Jerk! Even though he has such a cute smile and his dimples…
Stupid! Get a grip of yourself Alex.
“What I meant is that, I don’t want us to make this friendship official. Like seriously, We ain’t even friends.” I said.
He narrowed his eyes.
“But you said yes there at the cafeteria.” He said. His voice was calm and his eyes went dull.
It made me think twice if what I said was actually hurtful.
Then he frowned.
“You’re so arrogant. You know that huh?” He said, his voice sounding harsh again as usual.
“Here.” He said as he got my my phone and stretched it to me.
I grabbed it forcefully out of his hand.
He laughed.
#Jeremy’s POV
It made me laugh..
“Did you have to grab it that way?” I asked and chuckled.
“Why did you send such trash to Steph huh. Are you trying to split our friendship apart huh? Are you such a jerk.” She yelled.
Our friendship?
“No. I can’t split our friendship apart dear friend.” I said, smiling.
Even though I knew what she meant, I just like getting on her nerves.
She glared fiercely at me.
I smiled.
“About the message? Just wanted to get her a little bit jealous, you know.” I said and winked at her
“Jealous? For what reason?” She asked.
“Cos she’do be wishing she has a friend like me. Just the way you’re so happy now that you got me as your friend.” I said with a smile.
She rolled her eyes.
“You’re sick!” She said.
I chuckled.
“Seems you wanna go up the balcony again.” I said.
It reminded me of everything that happened up there, especially when I kissed this lips of hers.
I stared at them.
She turned to walk out, but I pulled her back and pulled her into me.
Into a hug.
“You know, im not gonna let you hug me again.” She said.
I smiled.
“It will only last for five minutes. Not gonna last forever.” I said and held her more tight.
“What!” She yelled.
“We are only making this friendship official.” I said and smiled more.
My cheek brushing her hair.
I don’t understand the way I felt, but the feelings were lingering somewhere deep in my heart.
And I guess I loved this feeling cos It sent sensations down my spine.
It made my heart melt and made me smile.
I was smiling.
Loving the way strands of her hair tickled my ear.
“Five minutes is so much jerk! Someone’s gonna walk in.” She said.
I smiled.
She called me jerk but that doesn’t mean anything anyway.
“Its just a fucking hug. Don’t act like we’re having sex.” I said.
Was I wishing we are?
#Alexandra’s POV
“Its just a fucking hug. Don’t act like we’re having sex.” He said.
How could he say that.
Is he such a mindless bitch.
Jerk.. He’s so rude and annoying.
But, I think I just like the scent of his cologne.
I can’t like the hug.
He pulled away unexpectedly.
Was I expecting him to keep hugging me up to five minutes?
He smiled.
I frowned.
“Happy frienship!” We heard Chris voice.
We turned and there he stood, smiling.
Oh thank goodness! it wasn’t another person.
He walked to me and stretched his hand for a handshake, with his sweet smile.
I faked a smile and shook hands with him.
Even though I was so shy and embarrased he saw us.
Jeremy was just smiling, not feeling one bit shy or embarrased.
“How do you see my new friend dude?” J asked him.
Chris looked at me like he’s just seeing me for the first time.
“She’s a damsel.” He said.
God, I was sure I blushed.
Thank goodness my hair covered my pink cheeks.
One advange I got from not packing it up today.
I thought Jeremy gonna say yes i am but he just kept quiet, only smiling.
“Steph should be looking for me now. Bye.” I said to both of them in particular.
“Bye Alex.” Chris said with a smile.
“Bye Andra.” The jerk said.
I shook my head.
What do I just call today?


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