TEENS HEART … (18+) … Part 43



Jeremy ‘s POV

I watched the basket ball guys..
But Lol, My thoughts were on Alex.
Oh, Andra, I mean.
How did I got to make out that name anyway?
I picked my chips one,then two, then three into my mouth as I sat down on the chair roles, watching the teams in Red and the other team in Green, playing.
The team are kicking off the red team quite fast.
Recalling about all that happened back there at the hallway, makes me smile alot.
Hurting her and then saying sorry and then clearing the allegation and the shits.
And then making her a new friend?
Crazy, weird.
But seriously she’s damn cool and just cute.
I think I really mean this friendship.
“Hey dude.” I heard from my back.
I turned.
“Hey, Where?” I asked.
He came over and sat down beside.
“Nowhere. Heard we’ve got a new friend.” He said with a smile.
I chuckled.
“Who told you that?” I asked.
“Your babe.” He said.
“Argh, Such a wide mouth tho.” I said.
“So do we have a new friend really?” He asked.
“I guess we do.” I said.
“Who?” He asked.
Oh Molly didn’t let him know who itis.
“Andra.” I said.
“Andra?” He asked, widing his eyes.
“Yeah.” I said, and winked at him.
“Who’s Andra?” He raised eyebrows at me.
“Alexandra.” I said.
He shaped his lips in an “Ohhhh” form and then laughed.
“Whoa. No more the little snail..” He said, laughing.
I laughed.
“She’s still that tho.” I said, and smiled.
“Dude, I can’t believe you guys are some kinda friends now. Its so fucking hard to believe.” He said, and watched the basket ball guys.
“What’s the big deal?”
“Its just unbelievable. Not after those shits you guys had.” He said.
I stayed silence for a while, then looked at him.
“Dude. I just feel like we got to be friends you know. Can’t believe that I dreamt of her.” I said.
He looked at me.
“Dreamt of her?” He asked.
“Its fucking weird dude but I did.” I said.
He looked at me, amuzed.
“Gist me about the dream guy.” He said.
I rolled my eyes.
“Stupid dream tho. We both were fucking dancing balle. I fucking hate the dance tho. Stupid. crazy.” I said.
He laughed, then his expression changed.
He frowned.
“But I heard something else.” He said.
“What?” I asked.
“You embarrased her in front of everyone.” He said.
“Yea, cos she was so arrogant to say sorry to me. She was yelling as well. You know how I fucking hate that.” I said.
“And then you came back saying no one should talk about it cos they are all lies?” He asked.
“And you think no one’s gonna talk about it?” He asked.
“They can’t dare.” I said.
“But someone just talked about it.” He said.
“Who?” I asked.
“Molly ofcos.” He said.
I touched my neck.
Arghhh Molly!
“I’ll know what to do to her.” I said,smiling.

Chris POV

Crazy guy.
He’s been a crazy right from time.
Alex, I need to see her.
Molly met me on the way while I was coming out of the Library.
I just went to read.
So she told me We got a new little snail friend and I knew it was Alex.
Little snail.
So I asked her really? and she said Jeremy went to the cafe with her.
Im like whoah! So I turnned to rush down to see J.
But she went on to tellme about Alex taking J’s pullover after he gave it to her to cover up. And J announced it to everyone and then he cleared it again by saying to everyone again, that its all lies.
I was speechless and had no idea what to say so I just rush down the cafe but saw me here, sitting.
There were cheers as the Green team won.
“I need to check on Alex.” I said to him, getting up.
“Sure.” He said, getting up as well.
We walked out of the basketball fied, down the school building.

Alexandra ‘s POV

Ten minutes for lunch hour to get over.
Im on my seat, just going through a.novel when I saw Chris and him walk in.
Then towards me..
Jeremy did same.
They came to my front.
I smiled at Chris.
“Hi Chris Ray.” I said.
I don’t know why I added his surname tho.
He smiled, staring at me.
“Hi Andra.” You can guess who called now.
“Hey.” I said.
“Hope you enjoyed the chips huh?” He asked.
“Nop.” I said.
He just shrugged.
“Fine.” He said, turned and left to his seat.
“Hey that was kinda harsh for your new friend.” Chris said as Jeremy left.
“Harsh?” I asked.
“I guess. Anyways, what novel is that?”
“Half of a yellow sun. From an African Writer.” I said, showing him the novel.
“You like Africa?” He asked.
I guess I do.
“Yeah.” I said.
“Well J doesn’t.” He said.
Wanted to ask why but what’s my business.
“His mom is a prominent doctor in Africa but he hates that she’s there.” He said.
It made me glance at Jeremy.
He was talking with Molly now.
“Why?” I asked.
“He feels that he’s mom is dating an african man over there cos she doesn’t come home. She does tho but it maybe once in six months.” He said.
I heard no idea what to say, so I just went back to the novel and stared at the cover photo.
The bell for lunch over rang..
“Talk with ya lera.” He said and walked back to his seat.
When school was over, I got up to my locker to pick my bag.
“You going?” I heard someone ask from my back.
“Yes?” I said.
“Ain’t we gonna celebrate our new friendship?” He asked.
I turned.
He had his hands in his pockets.
White earphones on his ear..
“What friendship huh?” He asked.
“Ours. Ain’t u to have me as a friend huh? Are you such an arrogant girl huh?” He asked.
I rolled my eyes.
“Im not. Why should I?” I said.
“You are already.” He said with a smile.
“Excuse me? Do you force someone to accept what so ever that you say huh?” I asked, got my bag at my back and crossed my arms, staring at him.
“Just accept that you are really happy about it and thats settled.” He said.
I rolled my eyes.
This guy’s been making me roll my eyes alot and its making me feel nausea.
“Im not. Don’t you hear it!” I yelled.
“You yell at everything. Do you know what’s cephalalgia?” He said.
“So?” I asked.
“My nanny always say that. When you yell alot, you get a cephalalgia. Have youu got that before after yelling?” He asked.
Is he so dumb?
“Its just a headache. Another word for a pain in the head.” I said.
He chuckled.
“I’ve never bothered to check.” He said.
Its a pity.
“Hi Alex. Can we go now?” I heard steph ask as she walked up to me.
“Yeah. Sure.” I said and made a step but he grabbed me.
Why’s he always doing this?
Steph seemed just too annoyed at this.
“We wanna celebrate our friendship. So you may just go ahead. Her driver should come drive her home.” He told Steph
“Or don’t you got a driver?” He asked me.
I pulled my hand away cos he wasn’t holding it tight.
Steph and I walked away and I tried my best not to look back.
Why do I wanna look back anyways?
Fuck him.
For all I know he’s a jerk all the time.
“Are you guys really friends now?” Steph asked me.
“No. Got no idea what’s wrong with the bitch.” I said.
“Gosh. I hate him.” Steph said.
“You didn’t go with his pullover.” Lili said after opening the door and I walked in.
“Its okay. I told him I forgot.” I said.
“He did nothing to you right?” She asked.
“Y..Yea.” I said.
I had no idea why I didn’t tell Lili about what happened in school.
Jeremy pulling me to the crowd and letting everyone know about it.
Then clearing all he said after saying sorry to me.
I had things to tell her but I decided not to let her know.
At Night, after taking a warm shower and pulling into my pink pajamas, I didn’t write to my diary.
I just slept off.


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