TEENS HEART … (18+) … Part 28



Alexandra ‘s POV [Continues] At lunch with Steph, I told her about Jeremy’s demand for my seat to get back to his front.

“I can’t accept that. He is just rude. Threatening to fire Ms Ashley.” I had said.
“I think you should just go back to his front. He would fire Ms Ashley if you don’t.” Steph had said.
But I know I wasn’t gonna accept that and I know the bitch wouldn’t dare fire Ms Ashley.
Who is he to do that huh?
I spoke with Lili too, as she asked in her usual caring way about me and Steph.
If we had eaten. If we are having a great time together.
It was always great talking with Lili.
Now, im back in class, in my seat and gazing out the window to look at every thing my eyes could see.
Then I saw the bitch and his girlfriend, they were obviously heading into the classroom.
But then Chris came in before them.
We’ve not said Hi to each other today.
And for sure, he walked to me.
I smiled at him.
“Hi Alex Grande.” He said, adding my surname.
I laughed.
I know why, Cos I do add his as well.
He sat on my desk.
Seems he love doing that.
“Hi Chris.” I said.
He smiled.
I just like his smile.
“You look prettier today.” He said.
I don’t know if im flattered by that. but I blushed tho. I just hope he don’t notice I did.
Just then, the stupid two walked in and our eyes met.
And I saw his frown.
Chris saw him, but this time, he didn’t come down.
He turned back to me with a smile.
“I can tell he isn’t happy you changed your seat position.” He said.
I rolled my eyes.
“He’s so arrogant.” I said.
“That’s the way he had been.” He said.
“Can’t he change huh? He’s so annoying.” I said.
Chris shrugged.
“He might someday.” He said.
Then got out his phone.
“You must love phones alot.” I said.
He laughed.
“Why do you keep your phone inside your locker?” He asked.
I laughed.
“How did you get to know?” I asked.
“Cos I’ve never seen you with your phone in class.” He said.
I laughed.
“Arghh its a kinda distration.” I said.
He laughed.
“Can I have your facebook username?” He asked.
I’ve hardly logged into my facebook account ever since my dad hurt me.
“I hardly log into that.” I said
“Okay.” He said.

Jeremy ‘s POV

I stared at them.
I felt kinda upset, Annoyed.
I don’t fucking know why I am.
But I just found myself getting annoyed.
Seriously, why’s Chris with her huh!

Chris POV

“How did you both got to meet?” I asked her.
“Who?” She asked.
“Steph.” I said.
I wish she could help me out. Maybe I could tell her about my feelings for Steph.
She blinked.
“Steph?” She asked.
“Yeah.” I said.
“Oh… actually, its my Aunt. She’s friends with Steph, she introduced me to Steph cos Steph school here and needed us to be friends so I don’t get bored here.” She said with a smile.
#Alexandra’s POV
Why’s he been talking about Steph?
Yesterday, he said that Steph loves maths, and now he’s asking about how we met.
I stared at him.
“Why staring at me that way?” He asked, smiling.
I just like his smile.
“Can I tell you something?” He asked.
Huh. What do he wanna tell me?
“Yeah, ofcourse.” I said, urging him on.
“That would be later.” He said.
“Oh..” I said and checked the time on my wristwatch.
We had Computer in the next five minutes.
“I think I like computer.” He said with a smile.
“I know.” I said.
“How do you know?” He asked..
“Someone who loves phones, would love anything similiar to them. Computers.” I said.
He laughed.
“Yeah, you are right.” He said and then got down.
“Talk later with ya.” He said.
I smiled as I watched him walk to his seat.
I saw the punk glance at me.
Did he just glance or he’s been staring??
Chris is so better than him.
And what do Chris wanna tell me?
Anyways, I stood up and went for my Computer notes.
I was glad that my seat wasn’t close to the punk at the Computer class as well.
The guy was always next after him or first before him.
And gosh!
Ugh! I can’t believe how rude he had been to the guy.
I just focused on the computer before me.
He can go on being so rude and arrogant till the world ends, Im happy as far as Im just far from him.
#Jeremy’s POV
That snail…
Why do I need her so close to me?
“Don’t you dare try to look at me or you’re dead!!” I yelled at the eyeglass dumbass.
Was he looking at me?
Oh fuck. Whatever.
He shouldn’t be sitting here but that snail.
“J, Can you just focus on your computer?” Mr Liam, the computer teacher said calmy.
I glared at him.
#Alexandra’s POV
I met with Steph and we were just heading out of the hallway when I saw Chris.
He had a white headset on his head, and he was singing.
His bag hung loosely on one of his shoulder.
He looked just cute.
He’s probably waiting for his two bitchy friends.
I recalled he had something to tell me, So I waved at him.
I wonder why im so anxious to know what he has to tell me.
He smiled as he saw me and then got the headphone off his ears but there was a way he’s face tensed when he saw Steph.
Steph pulled my hand.
“Why waving at him?” She asked.
“Steph he’s nice, trust me. And he says he got something to tell me.” I said.

Steph’s POV

He got something to tell her?
Like what’s that?
I just hope it ain’t about me.
I hope he isn’t trying to to use Alex to get me! Cos he wouldn’t either.
Punk like him!
#Chris’s POV
Steph was with her.
My heartbeat.
I walked up to them but before I could get right there, Steph walked away.
I knew she would.
“Hi Alex.” I said, letting out a smile even though I felt bad and heartbroken.
She smiled.
If only Steph could be this friendly and nice to me just the way Alex is.
“You’re heading home already?” I asked her.
“Yeah with Steph.” She said.
Steph. I turned to look at her walking away but she was gone.
I turned back to Alex.
“You said you got something to tell me.” She said.
“Yeah.” I said.
“Alright. Are you gonna tell me now?” She asked.
But then J and Molly walked out of the classroom and turned to our direction.
I wonder what they’ve been doing in class.
I turned to Alex.
“We’ll talk about it tomorrow ok.” I said.
It took her quite some seconds before saying,
“Okay. Bye.”
“Bye.” I said.
Then she turned and walked away.
I turned to the duo.
“Hey guys.” I called.
“You’re making friends with that snail.You know that’s annoying.” Molly said.
“She’s cool guys.” I said.
“And so fucking what huh!?” J barked.
“Hey guys, its fine. Don’t bite me off ok.” I said.
#Alexandra’s POV
I met Steph leaningvon her car. Her driver waiting in the car.
“Im sorry if I took too long.” I said.
“It’s fine. Every girl would love to have Chris as a friend tho.” She said with an awkward smile.
“Except me.” She added before getting into the car.
Every girl?
What do she mean by that?
“Alex get in okay.” She said.
I felt bad by her words.
I don’t know why that had to hurt me tho..


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