TEENS HEART … (18+) … Part 25



Chris POV

After searching for Jeremy like forever, I finally saw him walking down the hallway.
His hands in his pockets.
He walked up to me, and passed.
What the fuck is wrong with him?
“Hey dude.” I called, meeting up his steps.
“Huh?” He said.
“What’s up. Had to look for you everywhere. Was quite stressful.” I said.
“You saw me now.” He said.
I looked at his face.
He’s face is in a frown.. But he’s cheek..
Why is it kinda red?
“Your cheek is kinda red. Why?” I asked.
“Nothing.” He said, heading to his locker.
He opened it and grabbed his bag.
“But its red dude.” I said.
“It’s nothing!” He said and turned.
I followed beside him.
“Okay.” I said.
Though I felt something isn’t so right.
I hope it wasn’t with the new girl.
Whatever. I just followed him along as we walked through the hallway which lead outta the building.
“You drinking today?” He asked.
“Nop. You wanna drink?” I asked.
“You’ve been doing that for days now. Just wanna know if I’ll have to drive a drunken lovesick home today again.”
“Im keeping to the promise I made yesterday.” I said.
He chuckled.
“Where’s Molly?” He asked.
“Im here.” We heard her voice behind.
“Huh..” Jeremy and I said and turned.
She was smiling.
Her left hand on her hips and the other touching her hair.
“Hey guys.” She said.
Then turned to Jeremy.
“J, I’ve been looking for you.” She said as she walked to him and slid her hand into his.
It made me think about Steph for a moment.
I wish I had her.
I’do love us to hold hands just this way.
“Can I go with you to your house today and stay with you for a little while?” She asked him.
I just watched them.
“No. Im gonna study, read once im home.” He said to her.
What! Arggh, I know he’s lying.
But why?
“Please J. Pleaseeeee.” She said, acting like a kid.
So funny.
It made me chuckle.
I imagined Steph and I being the two there.
“No. I said im gonna read once im home and all through the night.” He still kept lying.
Im sure Molly knows he’s lying.
When did J start reading his books?
It can’t start today.
Molly glancec at me then turned back to him.
“Oh J, I promise we gonna have fun.” She said touching his chin.
Then she whispered something that I couldn’t hear, to him.
Spoilt punks!
I left them.

Jeremy ‘s POV

“I wanna spend some time with you. I’ve missed you so much. I wanna go with you. Please.” She said, holding me.
I rolled my eyes.
“Okay fine, But you not gonna stay for too long.” I said.
“Uh.. Why?” She asked.
“Cos im gonna read.” I said.
“Okay.” She said.

Alexandra ‘s POV

Lili hugged me just as she opened the door.
“Alex dear.” She said, still hugging me.
Her hug felt a little different and warmer today.
“Lili” I said.
“I missed you.” She said.
“Me too.” I said with a smile.
Then she withdrew and pulled me in.
“How was school dear?” She asked.
It was just the most horrible day!
“It was bad.” I said.
She gasped and then drew me into another hug.
“Oh my goodness! What happened?” She asked.
“Jeremy. He’s my seatmate. But he’s been so rude and a distraction that I had to sign for my seat to he changed.”
“You did?” She asked.
“Yeah I did.” I said..
“Its fine dear. Im so sorry.” She said.
#Jeremy’s POV
Rihanna ft Drake’s song ‘WORK’ blared on the stereo as I pulled into the garage.
Molly just sang along.
Her type of things.
I turned it off and turned the car engine off too.
We got down.
“Wow. It’s been a while I came here.” She said.
“J,” She called, sliding her hand into mine again.
Must we hold hands?
We walked in as we saw Moni walked down the staircase.
“Your old woman.” Molly whispered.
“Welcome Jeremy dear. How was school today?” She asked.
“Great.” I said.
Was it great?
Yeah it was, I got to kiss the snail but then she had to slap me.
It wasn’t so great tho…
“How are you Molly?” She asked Molly but there was a way she made her face as she asked that.
The truth is that, She doesn’t really like Molly.
“Hi Moni, Im fine.” Molly said, touching her hair again.
I walked on as Molly followed beside.
We walked upstairs, into my room.
I dropped my bag, sat down on my bed and pulled off my shoes.
Molly just fell on the bed, her skirt almost rolling up.
“Yupee! Oh, I’ve missed this bed.” She said, hugging a pillow.
I pulled off my trouser and the shirt. I had just a singlet and a boxer on now.
I turned to my wardrobe, pulled out a black and white strip short and a white shirt and pulled on.
“J,” I felt her behind me as she wrapped her hands around me.
I rolled my eyes.
What’s this for?
“I love you J, do you love me huh?” She asked.
Why would I love her?
What’s love anyway?
“Yeah.” I just answered.
“Say it.” She said.
What the fuck?
“Yeahh. I love you.” I said.
Its just a fucking mere word.
“Then kiss me J.” She said.
It reminded me of the snail.
Her lips, When I kissed her.
When I felt that tingling feeling lingering on a spot in my heart.
A feeling that I don’t even understand.
Then when she slapped me.
Arghh, that slap!
Im gonna deal with her tomorrow!
“J?” She called. “Don’t you hear me?”
I just turned, gave her a quick kiss on her lips and turned back to close my wardrobe.
I closed it.
“Not that way J.” She said.
“Which way huh?”
I was getting really annoyed now.
“Kiss me like you want it.” She said.
I rolled my eyes and turned to her.
She stared at me.
For fuck sake!
If she wants me to kiss her for quite long, then she should go have a lips like the snail’s own.
Cos its just the snail’s lips I just feel like kissing for so long till I feel like suffocating.
“You are smiling J. I love your smiles.” Molly said.
I was smiling?
“Was I smiling?” I asked.
“Yeah. You were.” She said and before I could say jack! She kissed me, putting her arms on my neck.
I pulled away.
“C’mon Molly, Let’s go eat. Im hungry.” I said as I grabbed her hand and pulled her outta my room.

Molly ‘s POV

Why did he pull away?
He’s been acting weird.
Its So annoying!
#Alexandra’s POV
“Dear Diary,
Can you believe that bitch kissed me again today?
God, I felt so embarrased and used.
And I slapped him.
Im so sad that I can’t tell Steph about this.
About Jeremy kissing me two times.
I wonder how she’do look at me.
I wonder what she’do say.
I guess keeping it a secret is the best way.
Changed my seat and Im sure I ain’t gonna sit close to him tomorrow and till im out of that school.
I hate him..
I really hate that bitch!
But Chris, He’s just cute and nice and I guess we are friends already.
I like him.


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