TEENS HEART … (18+) … Part 23



Jeremy ‘s POV

Feeling like im missing the snail after she left with Steph is a minor case.
Thinking about her lips is quite okay..
But sleeping in the class and dreaming about me kissing her is just not okay.
That is craziness.
I sat up and Chris is sitting on my desk.
“Sleeping?” He asked.
I stared at him with dizzy eyes.
“You gotta tell me where you went to? Another clubbing last night? He asked.
“Was chatting Molly.” I said.
“Um.. Sounds awkward that the most popular guy was sleeping in class.” He said.
“Not quite long. You were sleeping so I just went to the cafeteria to grab a drink.” I said.
“What drink?” I asked.
“Don’t act like a punk. Alcohol isn’t sold here remember?” He said.
I nodded as my stomache grumbled.
“Can we go grab something? Im hungry.” I said.
“Sure.” He said and got down from my desk…
but just immediately, the snail walked in.
I wonder why I felt no hunger again.
And I don’t wanna leave again.
I looked at her, but the snail was smiling at Chris.
I looked at Chris and he was smiling back.
Are they friends huh?
“Hi Alex.” He said as she got to her seat.

Alexandra ‘s POV

“Chris Ray” I called, smiling at Chris as I sat down.
“Hey, Just call me Chris. You love my surname.” He said with a smile.
“Oh my bad! Im sorry.” I said, realising I did that again.
“She’s just unbelievable.” The brat said.
What’s his business in this?
Idiot. I’ll just keep ignoring you.
“Hey dude, you don’t have to say that. She just like my surname I think.”Chris said.
“She act like a dumbass!” The brat said.
I shut my eyes with my teeth clenched.
And he said it so loud!
God! I wish i could strangle him to death!
I could hear stupid giggles from the devils.
“Alex, im sorry for what he just said ok.” Chris said to me.
“Its okay. Im fine.” I said.
Chris left to his seat and just then, Molly walked in and over to her seat, beside Chris. Chris seat next to Jeremy.
“Don’t act like you don’t want my disturbance. Every girl loves it and you can’t pretend to be uninterested. Like yo don’t like it cos I know you do. Don’t be an asshole.” The brat said to me.
Huh, Every girl want his troubles?
Funny! Im not like them anyway.
So fuck him.
#Jeremy’s POV
I kept saying annoying things to her…trying to her to talk back at me but she just ignored.
I don’t understand why I want her to talk back.
I hate someone talking back at me but now, Why do I want the snail to keep talking about at me?
“Are you a bitch? can’t you talk hu? are you dumb now?” I said.
But she still kept ignoring me..
Till it was time for Biology class.
She stood up and walked out.
I felt so angry… Really angry.
Why couldn’t she just talk back?
“Hey J,” It was Molly.
“We got biology now. Ain’t you going? I can stay with you if you don’t wanna go.” She said.
“Ofcourse I am.” I said and stood up
Chris stared at me.
I’ll ask him later.
I walked to my locker, grabbed my biology books and with Moll beside me and Chris behind us, We walked up to the biology Lab.
I saw her. She’s cute.
And Just like in the class, her seat is at my front as well.
I walked to my seat and sat down.
I had the urge to talk to her but I just decided not to.
Who’s she anyway to give me such feelings?
#Alexandra’s POV
He sat behind me.
I hissed.
I just hope he don’t start his troubles here again.
And thank goodness he didn’t as class went on, smoothly and great.
I was happy.
I listened really attentively to the biology teacher.
But then, it wasn’t long tho. Cos just as the teaching was no getting more interesting.
He started again.
“Why ain’t you talking back at me huh? Cos you think you’ve won huh?”
Oh horrible! I clenched my fist and almost hitting it on the desk.
I breathed
I’ll go on to ignore him.
It’s just a matter of time and our seat won’t be close again!
#Jeremy’s POV
She still kept ignoring me.
This punk! This little snail.
Arghh. Jeremy.
#Alexandra’s POV
It was just that way between us.
He talked while I ignore till biology class was over…
Till the last class before school over.
He didn’t stay for it tho.
He left.
As school-over bell rang, I stood up, walked to my locker, grabbed my bag and closed back the door.
As I walked through the hallway to go meet Steph in her class, A hand grabbed mine.
I flinched and turned.
What punk!
He had a frowny face.
“Let go of me.” I said, trying to pull away from him hold but he held me tight.
“Come with me.” He said as he pulled me along.
And what the heck!!
I can’t believe he was pulling me to the hallway leading to the long staircase.
That aweful staircase to that dreadful balcony!
“Leave my hand you brat!” I screamed but he just pulled me along.
Just the way he did yesterday.
How do I get away from this bitch grip.
He began dragging me up the staircase.
And upper
I got furious.
So I grabbed the idea of biting his hand.
But as I pulled my hand this time with much force, It pulled out, though I almost fell.
“I can’t let you keep dragging me up there. You bitch!” I yelled with fierce eyes.
Are you curious to know what’s gonna happen?
Can you guess?


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