TEENS HEART … (18+) … Part 20



Jeremy ‘s POV

I got to school quite early today..
Oh im sure its’cos I woke up early.
But what woke me up?
No idea.
The last time I checked, I slept quite late, chatting with Molly.
I walked down the hallway to the classroom.
I expected to see Molly but I met Chris only. And no little snail as well.
Is the snail not yet in School?
I walked over to Chris.
“Hey dude.” He said, stretching out his hand for a style shake.
We did it.
“Where’s Molly?” I asked, then I looked at the brat’s seat.
Where’s this one too anyway?
“Whoa. Where is Molly and you’re staring at Alex seat?” He said, laughing.
What’s funny?
“What’s that? Just answer me.” I said.
“No idea. I guess she’s not yet in school.” He said.
That punk! I thought I told her to be early to school huh.
I stood up and walked out of the class to the long hallway.
Then just immediately, I saw the snail and Steph walking towards.
Where are they coming from?
I put my hands into my pockets and walked a little bit away from the classroom entrance.
The snail isn’t going to walk pass me where I stood now. She’ll just turn into the classroom, but Steph is sure going to walk pass me to her own class.
The snail glanced at me then looked down.
She must be admiring my handsomeness right?
Then they said things I couldn’t hear to each other and the snail walked into the classroom and Steph made her way for her classroom.
As she walked pass me, I stopped her.
“You guys talking about me huh?” I asked her.
She glared at me, before walking away to her classroom.
I chuckled.
Then I saw Molly coming, in her so short skirt and with her hair flapping as she walked up to me.
She gave me a smirk smile.
“Did you have to come so late today?” I asked.
“No. Its just eight o’clock.” She said.
I inhaled as stared at her lips.
She stared at mine too.
“So about what I told you last night?” I said.
“What?” She asked.
“That I wanna kiss your lips today.” I said.
“Don’t act like its the first time you’re gonna do that.” She said.
Her lips don’t curve like the way the snail’s own does when she talks.
And they ain’t that pinky like hers too.
Oh, she had to apply lipgloss too?
She always do!
“You can kiss my lips as much as you want to.” She said it like a whisper and bite her lower lip.
But it still doesn’t curve like the snail’s own.
Fuck it!
I grabbed her hand.
“Ouch.. that hurt!” She said.
I dragged her to a washroom.
“Hey, You want something from me, you calm down. I’do give it all to you.” She said and pulled away from my grip.
“Clean off the lipgloss.” I said.
She looked at me.
“Huh?” She said.
“Just do it.” I said.
“Don’t my lips look sweet on it?” She asked.
“Just do what I said Molly.”
“Okay, don’t be such a punk. You’re acting like you gonna eat me off.” She said as she walked to the sink.
I watched her wash the lipgloss on her lips off.
Then I walked to her and stared at her lips in natural colour now.
It isn’t pink as the snail’s own. And its so small.
Why’s the snail’s lips that full?
“J?” She called.
“Huh?” I said, still staring at her lips.
Why Im I not feeling the way I felt whenI was staring at the snail’s own?
“Kiss me and don’t keep staring.” She said.
I grapped her cheek and forced my lips on her.
She winced.
I just wanted to do it, Just the way I did it to the brat yesterday.
Im sure Molly is damn suprise.
I’ve never kissed her that way.
I kissed her on but I didn’t feel that feeling that I felt yesterday while kissing the snail.
Her lips isn’t so soft like the snail’s as well.
Molly kissed back and we withdrew after a while.
I can swear.. I felt nothing.
Nothing like I felt after I kissed that brat yesterday up there in the balcony.
Molly smiled.
“How was my lips on yours?” She asked, as she wrapped her hands around me.
“Um.. Nice.” I said.
She frowned.
“Just nice huh?”
“Yeah…Nice. C’mon, let’s go. Im sure there’s a teacher in the class now.” I said as I took her hands off me.
Why do I wanna go to the class anyway?
Cos of Alexandra.
My stupid thought said to me.
“J, when in the whole world did you began caring about a teacher in class? You don’t always give a damn.” She said.
“Then be happy for your dear boyfriend. Im serious with my books now.” I said, grabbing her hand as I pulled her out of the washroom with me, and dow the hallway..
Then I droped her hand.
But she slid it back.
“Just hold me.” She said.
I rolled my eyes.

Molly ‘s POV

“Just hold me.” I said.
Because girls were staring and I needed to get them a little jealous you know.
I heard mutterings from the staring girls.
“Aw. Look at them. They make a great couple.”
“I love Jeremy and Molly together.”
“Just perfect for each other.”
“Oh, I wish im her.”
“Me too.”
Ohhhhh, my head wanna explode.
Im so proud to be Jeremy’s girlfriend.
Im so proudddd…
So so proud to be.!


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