TEENS HEART … (18+) … Part 17



Steph’s POV

I met my dad at home.
He was on the couch, watching the news on the Tv.
He wore a brown shorts and black shirt.
He appear young and vibrant always.
Its great to be close to him after a month.
He looked up at me and smiled.
I walked to him and we embraced.
My nanny walked in.
So he kissed me on my cheek instead of my lips he does.
“Welcome darling. How was school today?” He asked.
“Was great.” I said.
“You talked about a new friend right?”
“Yeah. We had quite a great time together ” I said. “She’s cool.” I added.
I turned to my nanny, Catherine.
“Welcome Steph.” She said.
I smiled at her.
Then she walked away.
I turned to my dad and he grabbed me immediately and put his lips on mine.
“I missed you Steph.” He said amidst the kiss.
“I love you dad.” I said, kissing him back.
He withdrew.
“Do you wanna go out tonight?” He asked.
“No. I have my books to go through tonight.” I said.
He seemed a bit sad.
“So we ain’t gonna have fun tonight baby why?” He asked.
“Im sorry dad. You know, My qualification exams is around the corner.I just need to study more.” I said.
“I know baby but I just want you…” He held my waist.
“I love you sweetie and I just need you toni..”
“Steph.” It was the nanny calling.
My dad pulled away, before she could see us.
She soon got to the staircase and walked down.
“What would you like me to prepare.” She asked.
“Anything.” I said.
She turned and walked back up.
“Just go to your room. I’ll come over ok.” He said with a smile.
“Okay dad.” I said.
He kissed me again…and I walked up stairs.
I love my dad… I so much do..
I was going through my chemistry book when my dad walked in.
I smiled at him as he walked up to me on my reading desk.
He wore his pyjamas and look great on it.
I was just on a yellow polo-shirt that stop just a little above my thighs.
He walked to my back and hugged me through my back.
“Hello sweetie.” He whispered softly to my ear.
It sent some sensation through me.
I love the way my dad makes me feel.
“Sweetie, Dad is kinda feeling a little bit horny.” He whispered again.
I smiled..
I decided to tease him a little.
“Dad. You know im studying.” I said.
“Oh, please. You gonna study later. C’mon. I miss you honey.” He said and began giving me sensual bites on my ear.
I giggled… It was just too sensational.
He stretched his hand to the desk and closed up my books.
“Are you gonna let me take you to the bed now?” He whispered, getting his lips down to my neck.
God! I love when he kiss me there… Hahaha.
Soon I was letting him kiss me on,…. And I moaned.
I love my way he makes me feel.
Just this way.
I let him kiss me and then he carried me up to him as I wrapped my legs around his waist and we began kissing on the lips.
And he carried me to the bed..
He was on top of me and I still wrapped my legs around his waist.
We went on kissing and then he withdew and rolled my shirt off me.
He smiled as he stared at my boobs for a while and then down to my waist, at my yellow pantie.
“You look beautiful as always angel.” He said it like a moan.
I giggled.
Soon I felt his hand on my waist as he pulled my pant off..
Its gonna be a sweet night…
I would continue my study tomorrow.
My dad.
He’s just the best lover.
He’s just the best dad to me.

Chris POV

“Chris, Whats wrong? You don’t look quite okay to me. You can talk to me dear.” My mom said that night at the door as I pulled my duvet over my head to sleep.
“Im fine mom.” I said and pulled the duvet over my head.
“Honey, Im worried about you. Jeremy had been driving you home for few days now. You can’t tell me nothing is wrong.” She said.
I groaned.
Why can’t she just accept that im fine for fuck sake!
“Mom Im fine. I wanna sleep now.” I said and turned over to face the other side.
“Its fine honey. Goodnight.” She said and the sound of a closed door followed.
I closed my eyes.
I cant stop thinking about her.
I really love Stephanie.
I was feeling dizzy due to the drinks and in no time, I slept off to a dreamful land..
where Steph and I are sitting at the school love garden and I held Steph in my arms and she whispers that she loves me just the way that I do for her.


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