TEENS HEART … (18+) … Part 15




Alexandra ‘s POV [Continues] When I walked back to class, I saw Jeremy and his girlfriend talking and laughing and Chris is on his phone.

He must be a fan of phones.
And there are just few other people in class.
Lunch hour would soon be over.
I walked to my seat and sat down.
There was an awkward silence for few seconds, until Molly broke the silence.
“Ain’t we dealing with the brat anymore?” She asked.
I knew she was talking about me.
There was a long silence now before he broke it.
“No.” Jeremy said.
Just then, the bell for Lunch-over rang and the devils began to walk in with their evil eyes on me… Then just like I expected, few began advancing towards me.
“Leave her.” Jeremy suddenly said.
I was astonished.
The devils stared at him and then at me, then at him and back at me again before walking back to their seats.

Jeremy ‘s POV

Chris looked at me, and Molly did with agape lips.
They are suprise. Yeah.
I just saved the little snail.
I don’t know what’s wrong with me tho.
Arghh, Jeremy.
Im sure this is a joke right?
First was kissing the little snail, then saving her from falling off the balcony and now, I just saved her from this guys when Im the one who instructed them to beat her?
Argh Argh,
This is a real big joke actually.

Chris POV

Wow, this is suprising.
He told them to let her be?
Whoa. He has some explanations to give to me later.

Molly ‘s POV

What the heck!
#Alexandra’s POV
“Goodbye Steph.” I said as I walked down from her car.
“Take care of yourself girl. See ya tomorrow. Say hello to Lili.” Steph said.
“I will. Bye.” I said.
“Bye.” She said and her driver drove off.
I smiled, turned and walked through the gate and up the door.
I rang the doorbell and Lili opened up in a minute.
She wore a flowery silky trouser with a pink singlet.
“Oh, Alex dear. I really missed you. Come here.” She said and pulled me inti a warm hug.
I smiled.
“I missed you too Lili.” I said, Kissing her cheek.
We walked in.
“How was your first day in Ellas?” She asked.
“I can’t say. It’s just okay.” I said.
“Hope Steph was a nice company to you?”
“Yeah. Even though we stay in different class, But we had a great time at the cafe and while driving back home too.” I said.
“I love that. Steph is a really lovely friend to have.” She said as I began walking to my room.
She followed.
“Did you get to meet him?” She asked.
I dropped my bag on my bed.
“Who?” I asked.
“The proprietor’s son.” She said.
Huh? I blinked my eyes.
Why’s she asking?
“Yeah I did?” I said.
“Is your seat close to him?” She asked.
“Why asking that Lili?” I asked as I sat down on the bed.
She smiled, “You know he’s such a cute handsome and really intelligent guy. Did you hear when the Principal said he’s Ellas most proud student? Im sure you too would make a great friend.” She said.
That brat?
I chuckled.
“He’s actually arrogant, proud, rude!” I said.
She gasped, “Really? How?”
“Its just unexplanable.” I said as I pulled my shoes off.
“Anything to eat? Im quite hungry.” I asked.
“Would you love some pancakes?” She asked.
“Sure. Why not?” I said, stood up and after pulling the school suit jacket off and the shirt, remaining just the tight white singlet and the school skirt, I rushed to the kitchen.
I saw the pancakes and smiled.
Delicious it would be!
But as I took some to eat, It reminded me of Jeremy’s lips again….his lips on mine.. When he forced his lips on mine.
I dropped it back and ran off to my room.
Lili stood at the kitchen door, staring at me as I ran pass her.
To my room and into the bathroom.
Took out my brush, applied toothpaste on it and began brushing my teeth and washing my mouth as I stared at myself in the mirror.
Why can’t I just eat without having to remember that?
His lips! His lips! The fucking kiss!
Oh my God?
“Alex are you okay?” I heard Lili ask.
She’s in my room now.
I paused.
“Yeah. Im fine. I’ll be out soon.” I said and then went on to brush my teeth with force.
I’ll have to wash off this stupid thought!!


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