TECHNICAL VIRGIN … (18+) … Part 60



“What’s the problem?” The confused Kehinde asked but she wouldn’t say a word.
“It’s alright my dear. Sorry for disturbing you.” He said after some minutes of silence and climbed back to the bed,cover his body with the duvets and slept off.

She entered the bathroom and wash her teary face, then joined him in bed avoiding bodily contact with him.
Kehinde woke up as early as 4am for his quiet time and made to touch her again but stopped in order to avoid her tantrums. He climbed down the bed entirely,went and sat on the single cushion in the hotel room and started praying. She was woken by the sound of his heartfelt prayers and couldn’t sleep anymore so she sat up on the bed watching him.

“What’s wrong with me?” She asked herself silently. “God!” She bewailed with her eyes tightly closed.
He continued in prayers and sang diverse spirit filled worship songs along with the prayer. At exactly 5am, he summarized his prayers and on standing up to go wake her for morning devotion, he saw her sitting on the bed with her eyes tightly closed and tears pouring down to her cheeks.

“Sweetheart, what’s happening? Did I do something you don’t like?” He asked and held her hands then knelt down beside her bedside.
She opened her eyes and quickly wiped off the tears in her eyes and she shook her head negatively.
“Please talk to me. What’s bothering you?” He pleaded but she was not ready to talk.
“I’ll be fine.” She said in brief and hardened her face.

“Can we do family devotion together?” He asked, trying hard to avoid anything that will make her angry and she nodded her head in the positive.
“Give me your hands.” He requested as he climbed over the bed and she did. Angry in his spirit, he closed his eyes tightly and started praying with much ardor and fire in his belly, rebuking whatever spirit behind Sade’s sudden strange attitude and she sat there crying her eyes out.

“Amen!” were the only words coming out of her mouth with whimpers.
He continued in the prayers so intensely for close to an hour that he was sweating profusely under the air condition in the room. After the prayer, he wiped off his sweat with a face towel ,then picked up his bible and began to teach the word of God from the scriptures. She felt relieved after the bible and told him that she wanted them to check out of the hotel and he agreed, though he wanted them to stay in the hotel for at least one week.
They arrived Kehinde’s duplex in the evening of that day and he showed her around the house.

“This is your house, whatever you want me to do, eat, say here is what I’ll do ma.” He said teasingly and she smiled.
“So,what’s my wife cooking for us to eat. Your baby is very hungry.” He said and rubbed his tommy funnily in a way that made her laugh.
“What do you want to eat?” She asked laughing.
“Jollof rice with moderate pepper.” He replied, then continued.

“And I’m going to stay with you in the kitchen to learn how to cook.” He said laughing.
“Since we are back to the house, we have to go and bring Toyin to the house. I’m missing her already.” He said and walked out of the kitchen to get his phone which was ringing and she stood in awe watching him as he was walking out.
“Though I’ve not been treating him fine, he still acting nice.” She told herself thoughtfully.

Kehinde made up his mind not to make any sexual advances towards her again until she is ready herself, so he cracked jokes to make her laugh and showed her more care without touching her for the whole of that night and the next day. He deliberately wore shorts in the house all through, revealing his fair hairy chest and legs even during the bible studies and prayers until the third night, when he was fast asleep that a feminine hand touched him.

“Are you alright?” He asked when he opened his eyes and saw Sade sitting up.
“Yes…No.” She replied trying to pull herself together.
“Yes,no. Which should I take?” He teased her ,looking into her eyes.
“Brother Kehinde, I’m sorry about my recent attitude. Just that I feel very insecure about my body.” She said bending her head and he was taken aback and looked at her again.
“Your body? What happened to your body?” He asked her sitting up properly.
“Uhm… I feel body would not be attractive to you since I have breastfed a baby before. I’m no longer…” She began to complain bitterly and he had to cut her short.

“Hey, hey..Stop Sweetheart.” He hushed her, then continued.
“I didn’t marry your body. It’s you, your soul am married to not your body. Look, even if you had never breastfed a baby before, you will still breastfeed me and my kids,and there’s no way your body can remain the same. If I don’t find your body attractive because you breastfed only Toyin, it means that I would not find you attractive after breastfeeding my own kids also. Even if I had married another girl who had never breastfed a baby, her breast would still fall.” He began frankly, drew closer to her then continued.

“No woman remains the same after her first issue. But a man who loves God will love his wife faultlessly just as Jesus loved his bride,the church which was full of spots and wrinkles; he loved her still and gave his life for her. Listen to me, When old age comes and you start having wrinkles, it won’t be your body that would make me to keep loving you, it’s your soul and that’s what attracts me in you from the first time I met you. I love you the way you are my wife…” He said smiling and she became shy but he was determined not to touch her first until he is sure she needs him.
“Thank you brother Kehinde.” She said smiling from ear to ear.

“Please, stop calling me that name ‘brother Kehinde.” he said feigning annoyance then continued.
“There’s nothing romantic in that name.” He said then lay down and turned his face away from her.
“It’s her turn to make the move towards me, I would just lie down here and wait for her.” He said laughing in his heart seeing the desire in her eyes.
She sat down looking at him and praying her heart that he make the usual advances but he didn’t, and the next thing she heard was the sound of his snoring. Kehinde deliberately began to snore with his eyes tightly closed as if he was truly sleeping in order to zero her mind from expecting him to come for her. She lifted her hand to touch him several times but quickly dropped it and he kept laughing in his heart waiting for a touch which finally came after few minutes of her struggling. He opened his eyes and turned his face to look at his shy wife and the rest is history…


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