TECHNICAL VIRGIN … (18+) … Part 49



Sade clung to her phone tightly smiling and read the text for the umpteenth time feeling on top of the world.
“Who am I lord, that you are being mindful of
Who am I lord, that you are thinking about
Thank you Lord, for being mindful of me,
Thank you Lord, for thinking about me…” Sade found herself singing a new song and dancing alone in the room all smiles.

“Kehinde, won’t you bring Sade to the house to see us before we leave?” The queen ask the next morning as she came out from the kitchen to join Kehinde in the parlor.
“No mother,” Kehinde replied without looking at his mother who had formed a frown look.
” I will come with her and specially introduce her to you and my father in my next visit.” He continued then lifted up his head and found her wearing a frown.
“Mother, what’s the matter? You aren’t happy.” He asked and sat up properly.
“I want to see her before I go tomorrow. I don’t know when you next visit would be.” The queen murmured angrily.
“Mother, Sade can’t come to my house now. I will bring her home for you when we are ready…” Kehinde was trying to explain but the queen insisted that he bring her for her.

“Mother, I’m sorry I can’t break my principle now. I don’t bring women to my house and I won’t start now.” Kehinde said and maintained a straight face.
“Is Sade another person to you? I thought you said you want to marry her?” The queen nagged in response. As they were still arguing, Sade’s call came in and he quickly picked it up not minding his mother’s nagging voice in the parlor.
“Brother Kehinde, good morning sir.” She greeted with a calm voice.
“Good morning ma.” Kehinde replied jokingly.
“I’m not ‘ma’ o brother Kehinde.” She said with a shy tone.
“How is mummy feeling today?” She asked.

“She is stronger than me now. Can’t you hear her voice?” He said smiling and the queen suspected that he was speaking with Sade from the way he was smiling from ear to ear over the phone.
“Is that not Sade you are talking with smiling like someone who just won a new contract? But am telling you to bring her hear and you are claiming what I don’t know…” She continued with her nagging and began to walk up to where Kehinde was sitting. Sade could hear her voice at the other end and when she heard the queen mentioned her name,her heart skipped and silent followed as she kept quiet in order to hear what the queen was saying clearly. When Kehinde noticed that she was silent and probably was hearing what his mother was saying, he quickly stood up and ran outside on barefoot leaving his nagging mother.
“Hello.. Hello sister Sade.” He said and the call ended. He quickly called her back but she refused to pick the call.
“Maybe he has told his mother about my past and she now hate me.” Her tears began to pour out immediately.
” My past has come to ruin my blessing. Lord, please have mercy, mercy lord!” She broke down in tears and Toyin heard her cry from the kitchen.
“Mummy! Mummy, you are crying.” Toyin ran up to her and held her.
“Toyin, am fine.” Sade said with her face buried in her hands and her phone kept ringing. After so much efforts to get her mother to stop crying, she stared at the phone ringing and carefully with the help of her phonics knowledge and Yoruba studies pronounced the first and second name of the caller.

“Bra..ther” she pronounced it silently and then quietly collected the phone when the last ring tone ended and sneaked out of the room and answered the next call.
” Brother Kehinde. ” she slide the receive symbol and said quietly trying to regulate her voice.
“Toyin, how are you?” Kehinde asked his heart pounding.
“I’m fine but my mummy is crying. I don’t know what happened to her.” She said and looked back to ensure that her mother was not coming.
“She is crying? What happened to her?” He asked as his heart beat increased.
“I don’t know, I was washing plates in the kitchen when suddenly I heard her crying and asking for mercy…” Toyin explained lowering her voice.
“Asking for mercy? Did she go anywhere?” His mind traveled far to where only God knows and fear gripped his heart.
“No, she was speaking with someone on phone before..” She replied.
“Is she in the house with you now?’” He asked and rushed into the parlor to pick his car keys.
“Yes. Brother Kehinde, please don’t tell my mummy I spoke with you o. She warned me never to answer her calls.” Toyin said pleadingly and looked back again.
“Alright, I won’t tell her Toyin.” Kehinde said hurriedly and entered his car without telling anyone he was going out.

He arrived the parsonage and went straight to the pastor’s house to look for the church mummy. He explained to her how he was speaking with Sade over the phone and how the call ended only for him to call back to be informed by Toyin that her mother was crying.
“Crying Ke?” The church mummy said casually as she took her time to look at Kehinde over and over again.
” Let me go and check on her.” She said and left the worried Kehinde behind to check on Sade. She met her crying on the bed and Toyin sitting beside her crying as well.
“Sade, why are you crying?” The church mummy queried and after a short while, Sade expressed her fear to her after recounting how she heard the queen mentioning her name with an angry voice.
“And who told you that the queen hates you. Come’on, stop acting like a loser. You should have picked Kehinde’s call and know why she was mentioning your name. Oya, put your self together and come with me, brother Kehinde is waiting for you in the sitting room.” The church mummy said with a commanding tone and Sade’s heart skipped.
They soon arrived the sitting room and the church mummy left the parlor for both of them to talk…


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