TECHNICAL VIRGIN … (18+) … Part 45



“I think we need to bring one of the maidens over to take care of your mother at the hospital because you may not have all the time to stay with her and duty demands that I return back to my seat ..” The oba explained carefully.
“Ah! There would be no need to bring any of them over, I have nurses working under me and trusted female friends who can stay with her till the time she would be discharged.” He replied almost immediately.
“You know she is a queen of a kingdom and her life shouldn’t be left at the mercy of just anybody. We are in dangerous times and…” The oba was still talking and he quickly cut in.
“My father, do not worry yourself about that. I know you don’t want to lose your sweetheart and I assure you that she would be left in safe hands.” He said convincingly and the oba believed him.
“Father,” Kehinde called him calmly with a sad face.

“I’m sorry I haven’t been calling nor visiting to know how you both are doing. I’m deeply sorry…” He said remorsefully and was trying to prostate on the Indian rug in his sitting room but the oba stopped him.
“Come’on my son, don’t do that.” He said in a hurry and asked him to sit down.
“You see, I’m equally guilty and my heart have not been at peace since the last time you left the palace in anger, and i have been longing to see you.” The oba began meekly and gently.
“I was studying my bible some few months ago and the Lord confronted me with a scripture, ‘ why do you call what God has blessed unclean?”. I also heard it loud and clear so I looked around thinking someone was reading it out for me but found no man. While I was trying to understand what the Lord was talking about, your thought came strongly to my heart and the last discussion we had in which I angrily told you that the woman you have chosen to marry is no longer sacred enough to be the next queen came flashing in my mind.” The oba continued.
” Who am I to call God’s handmaid imperfect? I asked God for mercy and have been willing to give you my blessings but when I related the matter to your mother, she stubbornly insisted that her son would not marry a second hand woman. You know how stubborn your mother can be most times, she threatened to kill herself if I approves your marriage and it’s a bad omen to my throne as a King of a kingdom. I have told the Lord who visited and confronted me to also visit her and convince her heart concerning His will for you in marriage. ” the oba explained and breathed down heavily.
“How is the young lady?” He asked this the surprise of Kehinde whose mouth was already opened in amazement of all that his father had said.
” She is fine.” He replied feeling elated.
“Don’t worry my son, your God whom you serve will settle you soon. Don’t be discouraged, am solidly behind you but let’s give your mother time to get convinced about the young lady.” The oba dropped more surprising words which got Kehinde so excited so much that he did not know when he jumped up to his feet and hugged his father so passionately.

“I’ve always known you to be a good man with a large heart towards humanity and apart from being my father, you are also a mentor to me. You didn’t give up on me those days when I suddenly became so stubborn and lived waywardly but continued to pray for my salvation until the day God arrested me. Since then, I have followed your steps, both in presenting every matter to God in prayers and in patiently waiting for the ripeness of time. You have inspired me more than you know father. Thank you once again for believing in me even on this matter…” Kehinde expressed himself almost in tears and his father pat his back shoulder.
“I will now leave you to observe some rest while I go back to the hospital with someone who would stay with your queen..” Kehinde said and led the oba to his own bed room instead of the guest room.

Kehinde picked Sade up from the parsonage under the pastor’s permission and they both drove down to the hospital leaving Toyin at the care of Bukola the Pastor’s daughter. Sade was still feeling shy and couldn’t look into his eyes after the last night text message and he laughed to himself as he held the steering.
“I can see that someone is still feeling shy.” He said in order to break the silence. her heart skipped and she immediately threw her face aside, looking out through the glass of the car at nothing in particular without saying a word.
“But wait a minute, You don’t used to be this shy in my presence, how did this whole shyness of a thing even started sef?” He asked jovially but she just sat down there beside him smiling from ear to ear without turning her face.
“Am still waiting for an answer.” He said even though he knew Sade would not answer him.
“She can’t even look into my eyes anymore.” He teased her further on driving into the hospital gate and then located a parking space very close to the private ward where his mother was given a bed.
“Sister Sade,” he called her calmly wanting to tell her what his mother likes and how to handle her while staying with his mother.
“Sir.” She answered still avoiding his eyes.
“Are you serious?” He said loudly with his eyes widely open.
“Has it gotten to that extent?” He asked when he saw how uncomfortable she was feeling when he called her name.
“What?” She summoned the courage to ask without expecting an answer because she already knew what he meant.
“Sister Sade, look at me.” He said but she stole a fast look at his broad chest and then looked away immediately. He bursted into a provocative laugh then called her again.
“I didn’t say you should look at my chest, I said look into my eyes.” He said smiling.
“Brother Kehinde, leave me alone jor!” She bursted out angrily, opened the car door and climbed down leaving Kehinde who was laughing so hard behind. She wondered why he was so happy even when his mother was lying sick in the hospital.
“It’s quite unusual. This is my first time of seeing him this happy for no just cause.” She thought within herself as they walked down side by side into the private ward.

They met his mother sleeping peacefully on the sick bed and on seeing her, Sade smiled.
“Brother Kehinde, your mother is so beautiful.” She said almost in a whisper in order to avoid waking her up.
“Really? Is she more beautiful than I am?” He said jokingly and she started laughing.
“Stay with her let me check on the doctor.” He said and walked out of the ward.
” No, I don’t want her to be discharged yet. Keep her here for more five days.” Kehinde objected when his doctor old friend said his mother would be discharged the next day since her health condition can be managed from home with drugs.
“Haba! Kenny what’s the matter?” Dr Iyk asked in surprise.
“See, I need your help Iyk man. My woman is presently with my mother in the ward right now. I need them both to stay together for a while so that my mother can know more about her because she has some doubts about whether she would make a good wife or not…” Kehinde explained, keeping the main reason out of the discussion.
” but, is any of them aware of this your plans?” Dr Iyk queried with a smile.
“Aware ke? Who wan tell them?” He said with a serious look and the doctor started laughing.
“Guy, you still have this your criminal sense o, born again have not changed that one.” Dr Iyk said amidst laughter.
” My brother if you leave these mothers, they will just confuse your life for you and work one girl into your life in the name of suggesting wife for you. I beg, it’s my wife we are talking about here o.” He said laughing along with him.
“Na true my guy . You know me and Chioma are no longer together na.” Dr Iyk said casually.
“Which Chioma? You mean your wife?” The surprised Kehinde asked.
“Yes my brother. That girl dealt with me o.” Dr Iyk said sadly,then continued.
“She lied to me that she was still a virgin and that we would not make out together till our wedding night only for me to find out on the said miserable wedding night that she was an express road through which many motorists have traveled…” He was still explaining when Kehinde bursted into laughter.
“Guy, so you were actually looking for a virgin to marry even after all the rough lives we were living back then?” Kehinde asked,laughing out loud.
” Is there any reasonable man who would not want to marry virgin? I beg stop laughing make I tell how this girl take deal with me and my family o” he said trying to act serious, then continued
“That was how Chioma played the player himself. She played me big time and I fell for it, and even left all my girlfriends,including Buky; that my girlfriend in medical school then faced only her. But, do you know what finally separated us? After the traditional marriage, this innocent looking church girl my mother pushed me to marry began to unveil her true nature. Her character changed and she became a torn on my parents flesh and started hanging out with one Owerri man because then I was still trying to find my footing financially. It was still my mother who insisted I must not marry a Yoruba girl then that came up and told me to divorce her or else she would kill herself. Guy, with all pleasure, I pushed the idiot out of my house…” Dr Iyk explained feeling hurt.

“I feel for you my brother. Though I would have suggested you give her time to change if …” Kehinde was talking and he quickly hushed him.
“Hey! Hey! Kenny forget that thing. She’s history as far as me and my family are concerned.” He said in anger. When he saw how hurt Iyk was, he scheduled another time with him to discuss better and they walked up together to the private ward. On seeing Sade,Dr Iyk and Kehinde exchanged glances with smiles.
“She is beautiful and looks natural too.” Doctor Iyk admired her.
” Guy, stop eyeing my woman.” Kehinde whispered jovially then they both started laughing and the queen woke up.
“My back!” The queen whined painfully on waking up and they all rushed over to her bedside but Kehinde and the queen already knew that the back pain was a the occasional crisis she used to have for over eight years. Once the crisis starts,the queen would wail and cry due to the unexplainable pains she feels on her shoulder down to her back and then spread down to her knees and joints which usually last for days.
The crisis started eight years ago when the queen woke up with a sharp pain on her shoulder and recounted how a masquerade pursued and gave her whips on the back in the dream. Since then, the pains comes and go and the royal family have tried all they could but couldn’t find a permanent solution for her occasional crisis. Kehinde himself had prayed tireless for her healing several times but the healing never came.

“Sade, please massage her body let’s get some pain reliever and inject her.” Kehinde said hurriedly and held Iyk out of the ward.
“Guy, don’t bother about the pains she’s feeling. It’s more of a spiritual attack and medicine have not been able to solve it for years now. Just help get some pain reliever and inject her for me..” Kehinde said with sadness in his eyes and Iyk entered the nurses cubicle to get them. He soon came out with a nurse following him and they all rushed into the ward where Sade was massaging the queen…


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