TECHNICAL VIRGIN … (18+) … Part 18



Kolade insisted that he was not responsible for the pregnancy even after Kehinde and the Pastor had explained to him the possibility.
“Well then,” Kehinde said, then continued. “We shall carry out a DNA and blood paternity test for confirmation ” he said and Kola shook in fear and the Pastor noticed it . He suddenly became silent and looked at Kehinde with sore hatred,then made to walk out.
“We would need to collect your blood sample for the tests before you leave Kolade” the Pastor halted him and whispered something in Kehinde’s ear who nodded immediately to what he told him.

” I will need to think about it first, nobody is going to force me against my wish. If after I’ve taken my time to think about the DNA test and my spirit accepts it, I will comply when am ready” he said without looking into the pastor’s eyes and walked out arrogantly.
Kehinde and the Pastor had a brief strategic plan discussion, he glanced through his wristwatch and found out it was already past 10pm,then jumped to his feet, took permission from the Pastor to check on Sade who was fast asleep and greeted the family goodbye when he was done checking on her.
He was so lost in thoughts as he drove home that night and felt concerned for Sade, though he was disappointed and didn’t expect that things will turn out this way for her but at the same time, he didn’t want to be angry with her anymore and he prayed seriously within him that God should show her mercy at this critical period of her life. He arrived home very tired and famished but didn’t have the appetite to taste any food, so he freshened up, gulped down a bottle of lucozade energy boost and knelt down close to his bed to pray for Sade.

It was Sunday morning and the news of Sade’s pregnancy had spread like wild fire among the church members. Some fervent members who loved her cried their eyes out on hearing the news while some rejoiced over her down fall.
Sade’s roommate who was yet to understand the reason why Sade was staying in the pastor’s house heard the rumour on her way home from church and didn’t know whether she should start dancing or jumping for joy. Immediately she arrived home, she broke out in laughter and began to dance as she sang and gave herself a typical Yoruba drum beat with her mouth.
“Sade the pretender !” She said and clapped her hands together, then continued.
“So Sade have been fornicating yet she comes back here to claim that she is a virgin?” She asked rhetorically and gave another scornful laugh.
“Even Tolu the Pastor’s daughter that have been claiming that she is a technical virgin, her boyfriend too raped her while they were romancing each other…” she said and laughed,
“She didn’t want to have sex but she wanted to do the kissing and romancing. May thunder from Ogun fire her” she said and began to laugh.
According to the information gathered, the pastor’s daughter was raped by her boyfriend Tope while they were in the heat of a hot romance. The said boyfriend couldn’t control his libido that day so he forced her down and raped her.
“Well, what do you expect? Kisses and romances are meant to prepare married people for sex, why should unmarried people engage in such act and expect not to be raped?” Anybody that want to be a virgin should be a correct and complete virgin and abstain from what married people do. Oga Pastor, it’s your daughter that put that young man for temptation o” A police man told Tolu’s father when they were writing a statement at the police station and the Pastor felt ashamed to hear that statement coming from a common police man to him just because a daughter he raised in the atmosphere of holiness and righteousness went about misbehaving with a street boy..
Tope was arrested for rape but the case was later dissolved based on the fact that the duo were secret lovers and were both indulging in sexual activities willingly.

Three month after Kolade’s meeting with the Pastor and Kehinde, Kola kept giving the Pastor excuses why he was not yet ready for the test while he secretly made plans to relocate to another state in order to dodge the paternity test and the shame. He was the Sunday school coordinator and a well respected brother in the church and that town and can’t bear the shame if the result comes and and confirm him the father of the child.
When he was done with his plans of relocating to Onitsha, he boarded a night bus and waved the city where he had always desired to live and raise a family goodbye. The bus arrived Onitsha by 3am but before it could convey the passengers to the park, a trailer collided with it in a terrible accident and Kolade was found dead on the spot with his body scattered on the high way beyond recognition while others sustained minor injuries and were rushed to the hospital for immediate treatment…


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