Elvis Richards was seated under a neatly fashioned
bamboo shed, he had a bottle and a glass of wine in front
of him. The excellent lightening in the compound made it
so beautiful and bright as it always looked in the day.
Elvis glanced towards the gate as it opened and Ken
drove in with Dakolo. He walked out of the shed and
began to proceed towards the car park where Ken was
driving to. He got there before Ken and Dakolo.
Ken hurriedly parked the car and killed the engine.
Dakolo was the first to step out, he turned at once to
meet with the Vice President who was standing by the
‘Good evening sir,’ Dakolo greeted with a bow. Ken also
joined him and greeted in the same manner. There was
no response to the greeting from the Vice President, he
just stared at them while he tossed his phone from one
hand to the other.
‘Why are you guys keeping me in darkness?’ He finally
spoke after several seconds of making them feel
uncomfortable with his gaze. ‘Why was E.G Henry
arrested without my knowledge?’ He faced Dakolo and
directed the question to him.
‘Sir…’ Dakolo began hesitatingly, he paused to clear his
throat and put on more boldness. ‘We were actually
going to tell you when we see, the plan we had was that
we report to you at the end of every week not everyday
Elvis smiled at Dakolo’s boldness, he took his face off the
officer’s face and began to look to the ground, using his
sandal to rub the grasses.
‘But arresting someone like Henry is different, he’s
supposed to be a part of us, he’s supposed to be part of
those trying to find the assassin and not a suspect.’ Elvis
looked up with a bitter frown, ‘I was surprised today to
find the news of his arrest on the internet, I called you to
confirm and you didn’t deny.’
‘We took him in for questioning sir, because we found
out that he’s been hiding a lot of details from us.’ Dakolo
‘Of course you had to do it, I only have a problem with
you not informing me immediately. What has he been
‘He has a close association with someone who’s
suspected to be part of Samantha Osman’s group, there’s
about ninety percent probability that the person is even
Samantha Osman herself.’
‘How did you find out about that?’
‘We discovered that he attended Chief Jubril’s party with
the lady,’ Dakolo answered shortly, willing to stop at that
but the man’s eyes demanded for more explanation. ‘The
lady he went with to the party is a suspect. Henry also
testified that she was nowhere to be found during the
time of the assassination. He has not seen or spoken to
her since that day.’
‘Interesting,’ Elvis bit his lips, enjoying the release of
information. ‘So, when did Henry leave your custody?’
‘Before evening time,’Dakolo’s response was sharp. His
phone interrupted with its ringtone, he took it out and
checked the caller’s ID, Mr Sylvester. Out of respect for
the Vice President, he silenced the call.
‘And what’s the next step now?’
‘We hope to keep Henry in safety, he can provide us with
useful information if he lives.’ Dakolo stated, hoping the
man’s question would end at that.
‘If he lives?’ Elvis stared at him for more explanation. He
began to trek away from the park slowly, Dakolo and Ken
followed. Dakolo’s phone rang again. He checked the
caller’s ID and silenced it again.
‘Why are you sounding as if he’s in danger?’ Elvis
concluded his question.
‘The assassin group may come for his life, now that he’s
involved with the police.’
‘And haven’t you made plans against that already?’
‘I have, I have four officers watching him, three officers
at his house and one officer following him around, all
without his knowledge.’
‘Isn’t that enough? Four officers should be able to ensure
he’s safety.’
‘Yes sir, on a normal day when dealing with a different
group, four may be enough but with Samantha Osman’s
group, I’m afraid four may not do the job.’
‘So what are you planning to do now?’ Elvis stopped and
‘I’ve asked Mr Sylvester to convince him not to stay in his
residence for sometime.’
‘Where would he stay?’Elvis raised a brow.
‘In NSCC house, it’s more safer there. No one can easily
break in.’
‘And has Sylvester been able to convince him?’
‘I don’t know, he’s the one that called me some seconds
ago.’ Dakolo brought out his phone, hoping that the man
would allow him return Mr Sylvester’s call.
‘No problem, you’ll call him later.’ Elvis replied,
disappointing Dakolo.
Dakolo returned his phone back into his pocket, waiting
for what else the man has to say but Elvis didn’t speak
immediately. He began to take slow steps again.
‘I want you to keep me updated always, I won’t like to be
surprised again like I was today.’
‘There’s no problem sir.’ Dakolo voiced impatiently,
itching to leave the man’s presence.
‘Wait!’ The man suddenly turned to them calmly, with a
crooked smile. ‘Why are you so much in a hurry?’
‘We don’t want to leave any chance for the assassin
group at all, we don’t want to make any mistakes. We
want to ensure that Henry is somewhere safe as soon as
‘But aren’t you taking it a little bit far? You just arrested
him today, even the media hasn’t verified his arrest. How
do you think they’ll find out? Or are you suspecting
there’s a mole working with you?’ Elvis suggested. Ken
shrugged in partial agreement.
‘Mole?’ Dakolo and Ken took quick glances at each other.
‘We don’t think there’s a mole sir,’ Dakolo answered. ‘But
we think if the information can get to the press which we
didn’t give by ourselves, it can also get it to these expert
assassins. Henry may have even let out the information
himself unknowingly.’
‘It’s okay, you can leave.’ Elvis said and walked away
Even before the man finished talking, Dakolo and Ken
had turned and began to proceed to their car.
Elvis entered into the living room to meet the eagerly
waiting Don and the Inspector General. Both of them
rose up from the sofa immediately they sighted the Vice
‘Henry E.G has a close association with a suspect’ Elvis
said to Don as he continued walking. ‘I don’t know if
that’ll be of help to you.’ He concluded and proceeded
up the stairs, leaving Don and the IG.
Don picked his car key from the sofa where he was
previously seated and walked out of the place after
bowing to say goodbye to the IG.
The gate opened as Henry tapped a button on the remote
control in his car, he drove in with speed and stopped in
the middle of the compound. He took off his seatbelt
before turning off the car engine, he wasn’t ready to park
the car in the right place today. He opened the door to
the driver’s side but remained inside and relaxed back
for about two minutes. He finally got out after taking his
phone from the backseat and proceeded to the left side
of the fence drunkenly, the reflection of light from the
two neighboring compound brightened his way enough.
He tapped two buttons on the wall and the compound
security light came on. He returned to the car and locked
the doors properly before proceeding to the house.
The house was dark as he entered, he closed the door
and began to search the wall with his hands for the bulb
switch. He tapped the switch but there was no light, he
left the particular switch and moved to the wall at the
other side, he tapped the button and there was no light
Unsuspicious of anything, he believed that something
must have gone wrong with the connections in the house
or at the main control point. He took out his phone and
pressed the power button, he began to find his way with
the little light shown as the phone booted. He was able to
get to the first sofa on the left and he sank into it tiredly.
He closed his eyes and inhaled deeply, a slight headache
began to disturb him.
He opened his eyes suddenly as he heard sounds of some
movement. He turned on the flashlight of his phone and
pointed it to his front but saw nothing. He wondered
what it could be, Rats? Cockroaches? He wondered but
none of them could be accommodated in his house due
to proper cleaning and fumigation that takes place
frequently, at least he had seen the documents of the
previous cleanup that had been done before he moved
in. The movement must have been heard in his
imagination, he concluded.
It was over two hours now and Jefa had not heard
anything else from Henry, his heart was greatly troubled
as he couldn’t imagine what kind of trouble Omotara was
in. He wasn’t stable enough to go to his business place
that day, all efforts made to reach Henry back proved
His earlier decision was to stay away from Henry and
Omotara but with the panic at hand, he couldn’t go by
that decision. After several minutes of contemplating, he
picked up his phone and dialed Henry’s number again. It
was still switched off. He couldn’t take it any longer, he
got up from his seat and put on his shirt. He proceeded
towards the door and wore his palm sandal placed
beside the doormat before hurrying out.
‘Hello Mr Sylvester, sorry I couldn’t answer your calls. I
was with the Vice President.’ Dakolo said hurriedly into
the phone. ‘Have you been able to reach Henry?’
‘No, he wasn’t answering his calls. His phone is even
switched off now.’Sylvester replied.
‘D–n!’ Dakolo muttered. ‘Please keep trying,’ Dakolo
said to Sylvester before ending the call.
‘Sir…’ Ken called in a calm voice, wondering why Dakolo
was in so much panic, it wasn’t that they were sure that
the assassins were coming for Henry that day, so he
wondered why Dakolo was acting like he had gotten
information that someone was going to kill Henry that
‘Yes,’ Dakolo took a brief glance at Ken.
‘I think we should take it more calmly, I believe we have
capable people watching him already, they’ll alert us if
there’s any problem.’
Dakolo was about to dial another number but he paused
to ponder on Ken’s word. Ken had spoken the truth but
Dakolo still had the strange feeling to act urgently, he
wouldn’t be able to forgive himself if anything happens
to Henry.
He went on to dial the number and his call was answered
in few seconds.
‘Sir,’ a gruff voice sounded.
‘Officer, where are you now?’ Dakolo asked.
‘In front of Henry’s house, he’s gone inside already. I’m
watching with the other officers.’
‘He just drove in?’
‘Yes, few minutes ago.’
‘Can you get into his house for me? I want you to talk to
him and try make him believe that he is in danger and
shouldn’t sleep in that house tonight, it’s not safe for
‘Where should I tell him to go to?’
‘The NSCC house is safer for him or you can tell him to
follow you to my place. I’ll just meet you on the way.’
‘Okay sir, I’ll try go inside the house now.’ The call ended.
Dakolo heaved a sigh, he glanced at Ken who was looking
less worried. He unlocked his phone’s screen again and
opened the dial pad, he scrolled down to Henry’s
number and dialed it, not really too optimistic about it.
He relaxed back and put it on loud speaker.
His eyes widened in excitement as the call went through
and Henry’s ring back tone began to play. But his
excitement was suppressed few seconds later when the
call was not answered by Henry. He tried two more times
before giving up. As he closed his eyes to relax a bit, his
phone rang again.
‘Sir, he’s not responding to the bell.’
Several thoughts ran through Dakolo’s mind at that
moment. Maybe Henry was not just answering the bell
the same way he wasn’t answering his calls or maybe he
wasn’t answering because an enemy was already fighting
with him in the house. It was also possible that Henry was
planning to do something.
‘Try more, I’ll call you back now.’ Dakolo cut the call as
another idea flashed through his mind on how to reach
Henry. He clicked on the message icon and began to type
in a message.
Henry felt angry as Dakolo’s call came in the third time,
the gate bell was also sounding at the same time. He
guessed that the person at the gate was Dakolo so he
ignored the both.
The bulbs in the living room suddenly came on as he
began to unbutton his shirt. He paused in shock,
wondering how it could have happened. He concluded
that a wire was not properly connected somewhere and
continued with what he was doing.
Few minutes later, he felt so much fear like he had never
felt as he lifted up his head and saw the back view of a
lady seated on the top of the three seater sofa backrest.
The lady got up and turned to face him, Omotara it was.
He felt the greatest shock on his life as he saw the way
she was dressed and what she had in her hands. She
wore black top and shredded Jean trousers with black
hand gloves on her hands. She was holding on her left
hand an intravenous fluid bag filled with a liquid he was
sure was poisonous, while she had on her right hand a
black schoolbag. Her nose was covered with a nose
His eyes were full of shock and utter disappointment.
Tears filled his eyes, not in fear of the death that was
coming, but in realization of the fact that Omotara was
really the deadly assassin, Samantha Osman.
She took out a bottle from the bag and sprayed the
contents, Henry slowly passed out as he inhaled the gas.
His phone began to ring again and fell off his hand to the
floor, it fell with its screen on his toe and stopped ringing.

‘Henry, what are you doing? You need to answer the gate
now, you may be in serious danger.’ Dakolo said into the
phone. He got no reply or response. ‘Hello… Hello.’
He took the phone off his ear and placed the call on loud
speaker. ‘Hello Henry,’ he called again. Still there was no
response. After some seconds, sounds of movements
were heard and the call ended.
Ken and Dakolo glanced at each other. Could it be that
Henry had decided not to speak with the Agent but just
to waste his airtime? Dakolo stared at the phone’s screen
for a while, contemplating if he should call back
immediately, give it sometime or just give up on calling
until they got to his residence.
Maybe Henry wasn’t even worth the struggle, Dakolo
thought. They were trying to save him from possible
danger and he was ignoring their calls. But Dakolo still
felt a strange kind of fear in his heart for Henry.
‘We still have twenty minutes more to get there,’ Ken said
to him, as if reading the thoughts of his heart.
‘I know,’ Dakolo replied. ‘I don’t really know why Henry is
acting like a kid,’ He added bitterly.
‘He’s a young man,’ Ken chuckled. ‘He can act like a kid
‘I think I should call the officer at the gate again,’ Dakolo
‘Sir, there’s really no need to get worked up on this issue.
Let’s just leave it since we’re almost there already.’ Ken
Dakolo stared at the phone’s screen for a while before
reluctantly dropping it.
Tarasha cut the call and flung the phone away. She
squatted and placed the intravenous fluid bag carefully
beside the school bag. She then dragged Henry by his belt
and carried him to the three seater sofa. She made him
lay flat properly. She walked to the dining table and
picked a chair from the place. She returned to the school
bag and picked it up with the IV bag. She got back to
Henry’s side and placed a knee on the ground. She took
out a syringe and a small bottle from the black school
bag and drew out the contents of the bottle into the
syringe. She turned to Henry and straightened his right
hand, trying to select a vein.
She released the contents of the syringe into his blood
cells through the vein. In two minutes, he’ll be awake but
very weak, the victim had to be awake for the contents of
the drip bag to work properly.
She had carefully weighed several options and selected
this as the best way of sorting out Henry’s mess. She
thought of taking him out with a gun or another weapon,
that wouldn’t waste so much time but she thought Henry
didn’t deserve to die yet, somethings from him like his
fingerprints, thumb signature might still be needed by
her in the future, especially now that she was working
with the NSCC. Getting into his house early was what
strengthened her choice, she saw machineries and apps
in one of his rooms that could only be opened by his
voice, she also found out that the upper floor was not
also accessible until he placed his fingers on the lock. She
then thought of his work in the NSCC, it was possible that
he had also configured some programs that same way,
killing him would may make those programs inaccessible
for life and that may cause some obstruction in her job
She looked up and a sudden fear gripped her as her eyes
met his eyes. The injection had worked and he was now
conscious again but temporarily paralyzed. He had that
innocent look that her first love used to have until the
day of his death. She wasn’t killing him, but what she was
about to do wasn’t too different from killing him. It
would render him totally useless to himself, only his
body would be alive but his brain and mind would be
dead. The liquid she was about to pass into his body from
the intravenous fluid bag would do the damage to his
brain and make his paralysis complete.
After arranging the drip bag and making the contents
flow into his body, she would go back through the back
door and repair it before leaving, so as to give no one a
clue that someone entered through the door.
She coughed as she remembered something, that sofa
where he laid. It was the same place they had both sat
some weeks back when she told her story to Henry and
he listened with great care and attention. She closed her
eyes and took a deep breath. She had to do what she had
to do.
She got up and proceeded to the dining area, she drew
out a dining chair and took it with her. She placed it
beside Henry and hung the drip bag on the chair
backrest. She took out a bottle of mentholated spirit,
nylon of cotton wool and a roll of plaster from her bag.
She straightened the drip line and inserted the needle
into the same vein she had just used before, she held the
needle firmly to his hand with the aid of the plaster.
His eyes was still opened when she got up and began to
pack back her things into the bag. After a minute of
packing all other things except the small bottle of liquid
from which she drew out the first mixture she injected
into Henry’s body, she bent down to pick the small bottle
but couldn’t as her eyes met his again.
He couldn’t lift a finger, move his lips or even make an
expression with his face but she could see utter
disappointment written on his face, she got up slowly to
her feet like someone who had been caught stealing
without picking the bottle. For the first time in several
years, she felt afraid and tears began to form in her eyes.
She closed her eyes, tightened her fists and let out a deep
breath. She released the valve in the drip bag and the
liquid began to run down in drops.
Henry wasn’t aware of what was going on, he couldn’t
feel the needle in his vein nor could he see Omotara’s
face anymore. He could only see her legs moving. He also
saw the dining chair placed closed to him but couldn’t lift
up his head to see the drip bag placed on it. He could see
the drip line but still couldn’t see that it was leading to a
vein in his hand.
Tarasha closed the bag and placed it behind her. She
stood, unable to move for a moment, she stared at him
in pity, but there was nothing she could do.
A sudden noise brought her back to her senses, someone
was hitting the gate violently, that was when she realized
that the person ringing the bell at the gate must have
resorted to applying force now since there had been no
response. It was time to go. She touched the valve
control on the drip bag once again and the liquid began
to flow more rapidly.
‘Don’t you think it’ll be dangerous to walk into this place
like that?’ An officer asked another one beside him as
they watched from a car the other two officers trying to
force the gate open.
‘Dangerous? Why?’ The other replied.
‘We don’t know what to expect inside?’
‘C’mon, haven’t we stayed here all day monitoring the
house, the only person that entered into the place since
has been the owner.’
‘Yes, I know but we don’t know what he has in store for
‘No matter what he has in store for us, only him can’t
defeat the four of us.’
‘Hmm… I wouldn’t have bothered if it was an ordinary
person o,’ the officer said in a warning tone. ‘We’re
talking about someone who is related to the notorious
assassin gang here. How are we sure that we are not even
being watched at the moment.’
The other officer quickly glanced around in fear, his
colleague had been able to transfer his fear into him.
‘Hmm… You have a point but someone has just got to
find out, we can’t have a squad here. That’ll be too
noticeable to all.’
‘But I don’t think we’re going by it the right way,’ the
officer said and opened his door to step out. ‘We were
told to monitor Henry and report any suspicious activity
not to break into his house.’ He stepped out and began to
match towards the road. He paused for a black car to
pass before proceeding. The driver of the took a glance at
him and continued driving.
From afar, Don could see the two non uniformed officers
at Henry’s gate. He slowed down the speed of his car and
gradually began to think of a way to get inside the house
without passing through the officers. His plan was to
threaten Henry and force out some information from
him which could lead him to Tarasha. He continued
towards the house slowly, he saw another man trying to
cross the road to the other side. He guessed it was
another officer. He drove past the house carefully
without raising any suspicion and made a U-turn,
planning to check the street behind and examine the
feasibility of getting in through the back.
He wasn’t expecting that Tarasha would be in Henry’s
house, his thought was that Tarasha and her crew
weren’t even in Abuja again. Since Lagos was their base,
he was expecting them to have returned like they always
did, to plan the attack on the next victim.
There was a little bit of confusion on the street as he
wanted to turn into the next street. The traffic warder at
that point must have gone to sleep as all motorists were
moving at their own discretion.
It took sometime for him to get a clear view to cross. A
motorcycle ran into his car.
‘The Agent’s instruction was that we get into this place,’
the officer in blue stated adamantly. He stepped back and
hit the gate lock once again. It gave way and two of the
officers stepped inside. The third officer made a signal to
the one in the car and glanced around before following
them hesitatingly. He hadn’t been able to stop them,
instead they had talked him into following them inside.
The two officers ahead took out their guns and
proceeded into the house after checking the compound
to see if there was anything strange. The leader signaled
to the third officer to wait in the compound.
The doors were opened so they had no problems
entering the house, they passed through a couple of
extensions before getting into the living room where
Henry was.
‘D–n!’ An officer cursed as he saw Henry. The fluid bag
was halfway already. He rushed to Henry and started
disconnecting the drip line. The other officer checked
around the place.
Henry’s eyes was still open wide but he was cold and still.
‘Is he alive?’ The blue shirted officer asked.
‘I don’t know,’ the colleague replied. He then placed his
ear on Henry’s chest to listen to the heartbeat. ‘He’s
alive!’ He announced.
‘Call an ambulance, then call Agent Dakolo.’ He ordered
and began to proceed further into the house. He
returned a minute later, the other officer had left Henry’s
side. He was proceeding upstairs.
‘This place is locked?’ The officer on the stairs said. ‘It’s
locked from outside.’
‘Okay, have you called for an ambulance?’
‘Yes,’ the officer replied, returning down slowly.
‘What of Agent Dakolo?’
‘He’s not answering his calls.’
The blue shirted officer bent down beside Henry and
picked up the small bottle that contained the remnant of
liquid which Tarasha injected into his veins to make him
conscious. ‘Is it possible he’s a drug addict?’ He asked
raising up the bottle for his colleague to see.
‘Very possible, there’s no one around so he might just be
placing himself on a dose.’
‘Yeah… At the same time he doesn’t look hurt, no one
could have forcefully placed him on a drip.’ He said and
wrapped the bottle in his palm. ‘Please call the office
again and tell the ambulance to hurry down.’
‘Where the hell is the traffic warder here?’ Dakolo
bounced out in anger as he proceeded towards the
accident scene. The driver of the car stepped out to help
the victim, some pedestrians had also come by to help
‘The motorcyclist was impatient,’ some people began to
‘Let’s carry him into my car,’ Don said. He was furious
about what had happened because it had disturbed his
journey. He would have escaped if it was a less busy road
but he couldn’t try that here, he could get mobbed.
‘Wait!’ Dakolo said to the men as they tried to lift him up.
He recognized the face of the victim, it was the same man
who joined him in the cab on his first day of arrival into
‘Your phone is ringing sir.’ Ken said, approaching from
Dakolo turned and took his phone. ‘Ken, you have to go
with this man to the hospital, make sure the victim is well
treated and the man who hit him comes to the office to
take down his statement.
‘Okay sir,’ Ken agreed reluctantly and handed over the
car keys to Dakolo.
Dakolo took the keys and rushed back to the car, he
dialed the number before starting the engine. ‘Officer,
have you gotten in?’
‘Yes sir,’ the reply came promptly. ‘He put himself on
drugs, I think he took an overdose.’
‘What do you mean?’
‘Sir, we met him placed on drip and there was no one
else with him.’
‘Have you taken him already?’
‘No, he’s unconscious and we’ve called for an
‘Okay, I’ll get there in the next three minutes.’ Dakolo
said and ended the call. He zoomed off immediately.
Tarasha watched from afar as they lifted the accident
victim, she got out of the van to have a closer view. some
of the people who had stopped to help were already
rolling the remnant of the bike away. Tarasha confirmed
the victim’s face just before he was dropped into the car,
he was still alive but unconscious. She was sure it was
that same man she had an encounter with in the Catholic
Church premises and during the police investigation.
Tarasha’s eyes had met with Jefa’s as the road got clear.
That was the reason for the accident. Jefa could not
concentrate on the bike he was riding again and had
crashed into Don’s car.
She wanted to move closer but stopped as she saw Ken
discussing with someone else. She turned and began to
walk back to the vehicle. She saw a phone, scattered into
parts just beside the tyre at the driver’s side, it was most
likely for the accident victim. She stylishly picked up the
pieces and entered into the car.
Ken handed over a car key to the man he was discussing
with and turned to join the car. The man Ken was
discussing with turned also and Tarasha saw his face, she
recognized him to be Inspector Dakolo, she had seen his
face once on TV after the execution of the Rivers State
She watched as he entered into his car and started the
engine, he then engaged himself in a phone conversation.
After using a minute altogether, he zoomed off. Tarasha
felt like following after him to his destination and
probably take him out also. She turned on her car but
turned it off again at another glance towards the accident
scene. It was more important for now to follow the man
who Henry said claimed to be her brother.
The car carrying the victim finally started and drove off
in the opposite direction. Tarasha followed after.
Dakolo and Ken sat quietly, their moods were not quite
far from sober as they watched Henry lay lifeless on the
hospital bed. His eyes was still wide opened but he wasn’t
seeing anything nor was he making any movement. The
doctor said he was still unconscious and wasn’t sure of it
he’ll bounce back to consciousness or pass on from
there. It’s been two days now and there seemed to be no
improvement in the situation.
It was obvious from investigation that Henry was not a
drug addict but it was still under question if Henry had
placed himself on the drip, nothing around reflected that
he was forced to. He was the only one in the house at
that time and there were no broken doors or windows to
prove that someone broke in. The best conclusion was
that Henry had decided to take his life slowly, maybe to
avoid further embarrassment from the police.
One confusing thing that still bothered Agent Dakolo’s
mind and stopped him from making a conclusion was
their inability to locate where Henry had gotten the
poisonous drip from. They had visited everywhere that
the trailer saw him stop and none of them could be the
place the drip was sold at. Another assumption could be
that Henry had it in his car before that day. But that’ll
mean Henry was already preparing to kill himself, Dakolo
didn’t think that was possible.
‘Agent,’ Mr Sylvester called as he walked into the room
with a Doctor, the one in charge of treating the two
patients that was brought in by the police.
‘Mr Sylvester,’ Dakolo replied, he couldn’t stand the look
in Sylvester’s eyes as it made him feel guilty of Henry’s
‘So your investigation has finally landed Mr Henry here,’
Sylvester accused.
‘Excuse me sir,’ Ken tried to come in but Dakolo stopped
him by raising up a hand.
‘Mr Sylvester, our job has to be done, regardless of who
it involves. Let’s just hope and pray that Henry recovers
quickly’ Dakolo said.
‘And I pray he recovers,’ Ken quickly chipped in
stubbornly. ‘He’ll have a lot of explanation to make about
his relationship with the assassins.’
‘Gentlemen please,’ the sixty year old Doctor pleaded.
‘Here’s not the place for that, he needs no disturbance.’
The Doctor said and turned to examine Henry, he turned
back after some few minutes and announced, ‘he’ll
regain consciousness very soon, I believe.’
‘Wow! That’s good news!’ Dakolo exclaimed.
‘Yeah, but there might be some complications.’ The
Doctor said in a sad tone, adjusting his thick lenses as he
‘What complications?’ Dakolo and Sylvester asked in
‘I don’t know for now, we’ve extracted samples of the
poison from his body and we’re still performing some
tests on them, we hope to come out with some useful
results soon.’ The Doctor replied without too much of
hope in his voice.
‘Hello, who’s here?’ Tarasha shouted around the store. A
woman who was dressed as a cleaner came out from the
shop behind.
‘Good afternoon,’ the Lady greeted, giving Tarasha a
searching look. ‘How may I help you?’
‘I’m Miss Kimberly, an officer of the Nigerian Health
organization.’ Tarasha displayed an ID card for proof, she
returned it into her pocket when she was sure that the
woman had seen it well. ‘I’m here to check this man’s
outlet, we are aware that he sells food and drinks here.’
‘Ermm… Madam,’ the cleaner scratched her hair. ‘Mallam
Jefa has not opened the store for some days now.’
‘Mallam Jefa, is that his name? And he’s not opening
today also?’ Tarasha enquired.
‘Yes, they always call him Jefa. I don’t really know if he’s
opening today, I seriously doubt it.’
‘Okay, does anyone know where he lives?’
‘Yes, there’s someone here that chats well with him.’ She
pointed to a big hairdressing salon nearby, ‘let me get
him for you.’
‘Thanks,’ Tarasha said with a grin.
Her phone rang as she quietly waited for the Lady to
return. Cole. She bit her lips slightly before answering.
‘Hello Boss, we’re about to go in’ Cole’s voice came
anxiously from the other end.
‘Relax your nerves Cole,’ Tarasha replied calmly. ‘Tell the
others too. Relax, discuss your suggestions and plans
with conviction and confidence. Make him see that
you’re capable of organizing the program. Also make him
see reasons why you need to have more meetings, why
you need a more suitable environment to discuss and let
him agree to your own terms.’
‘Okay, thank you boss.’ Cole said and the call ended.
‘Come in Gentlemen,’ Nasiru Attahiru, the Senate
President welcome his guests warmly.
‘Thank you sir,’ Mr Alfred said as he took the hands of the
man in his his.
‘You’re welcome,’ Nasiru smiled cheerfully as he took the
hands of the younger man and then the lady. ‘Have your
seats please,’ he said before settling into his own chair.
‘Thank you sir, it’s nice to meet with you sir.’ Mr Alfred
began with a smile. ‘We’ve actually been looking forward
to this moment.’
‘It’s my pleasure. My mother have spoken a lot about you
and told me how passionate you are to help the less
privileged in this country but…’ Nasiru paused and
stared. ‘I thought it was supposed to be four of you?’
‘Yes, we are four but the fourth person has gone on a
special errand to the business capital of the country,
Lagos. She was sent to visit the slums and ghettos and get
some pictures and interviews which she can send to the
headquarters in Canada. She didn’t go with us to Katsina
‘Oh! I see,’ Nasiru’s face brightened up.
‘Yes, she’ll be joining us once she’s through.’
‘That’s okay, so let’s get to the main points of the
‘Yes, thank you sir.’ Mr Alfred adjusted himself and
cleared his throat. ‘Our first purpose of coming here has
already been achieved, I’m sure you saw the pictures of
the program and report of what we did.’ He paused to
see Nasiru’s response, Nasiru nodded in affirmation.
Mr Alfred touched his lips with his handkerchief before
he continued. ‘That was our main purpose for coming
but on further study of the country, we noticed that we
have people with enough capabilities to keep these
programs running extensively and we thought of a way
to foster better participation of these people. Now, we’ve
discovered that when calls like these are made, what
most of them do is to send donations without making
their presence well felt.’ He paused again to see if he was
making the desired impact on the man, he was. ‘We’ve
decided to make this happen by organizing conferences
which we’ll disguise to the public as a meeting for the
elites, we’ll use this meeting to inspire the attendees and
give them reasons why they should be passionately
‘Hmm… I get your point but our people here are
stubborn. I’m still thinking of someone who can really
get them to listen quite attentively in a conference. And it
might not also be easy to assemble them together.’
‘Sir, what if we invite someone like Mcklin Daves and Ray
Gates?’ Mr Alfred asked.
‘What?’ Nasiru’s eyes widened in surprise. ‘You can invite
such people?’
‘Yes sir,’ Alfred said with a chuckle. ‘They are all partners
with our organization and they’ll be glad to inspire others
to join them in such a good course.’
‘Ermm…’ Nasiru’s excitement reduced suddenly. He
frowned slightly.
‘Any question sir?’ Mr Alfred asked, noticing the frown.
‘No but I’m just thinking of how possible it’ll be for us to
convince them that they are really coming. And how am I
supposed to be sure that you’re not just saying this to get
me involved?’
‘Sir… We actually need your help to bring them down
here, we are not just saying this to get you involved. In
fact, you must be involved to make it work. We need the
government’s support to bring those men down here.
They have to be sure that there is a proper mobilization
of the citizens and only the government of a country can
assure them that, not the body that is in charge of
organizing the conference. Once you’ve approved for us
to go ahead with the planning, we’ll report to our Head
office and they’ll make contact with the proposed guests.
If they agree on coming, then a video showing their
agreement would be sent to us. And they’ll also be
involved in the video promos for the conference.’
Nasiru remained quiet for a while, pondering on all he
heard. To him, the proposal sounded good and it’ll be
welcomed by the government of the country as far as
their organization making the proposal can keep to their
own terms.
After almost two minutes silence, Nasiru took in a deep
breath and began to talk. ‘Your proposal sounds good
and excellent, I’m not surprised though. My mum
already told me about your passion for the less privileged
in Africa and I trust her judgement to be accurate
always.’ He took a brief pause. ‘But I still need to know
more about your organization. You know this proposal
does not involve only the Ata’s Foundation but the
Country as a whole.’
‘That’s no problem sir, we’ll give you any information
you need about us, as much as you enquire.’ Alfred said
with a smile.
‘Thank you,’ Nasiru smiled back. He rested his back on
the swivel and rolled back a little. ‘So where are you
lodging in this town.’
‘Elymax Hotels sir.’
‘It’s nice but I’ll prefer you guys leave there and come
over to my mansion.’
‘Oh!’ Mr Alfred and his colleagues expressed their
surprise at his offer.
‘Yes, I’ll like you to come today.’
‘Thank you sir, we’ll…’ Mr Alfred was saying when the
younger man cut in.
‘Thank you sir, we are so honoured by your invitation to
your place but we won’t be able to do that on our own.’
He said in a polite way. ‘It’s possible to come pay you
visits but if we want to stay there, we have to let the
office decide for us, since we are on their assignment.’
‘Ok, I understand. No problem, I hope you relay my
message to them and I’ll be expecting you by tomorrow.’
Dakolo and Ken hurried up the stairs, proceeding to the
Doctor’s office. They had been called to come urgently as
there was a new development.
Dakolo’s phone rang as the got to the first landing. He slid
it open and answered the call. ‘Mr Sylvester.’
‘Where are you sir? I’m at the hospital and we’re waiting
for you.’
‘We’re on our way to the Doctor’s office,’ Dakolo
‘Please hurry up.’ The call ended and the journey up the
stairs continued.
In three minutes time, they got to the Doctor’s office.
Dakolo took the empty seat available beside Sylvester
while Ken had to remain standing.
‘Welcome officers,’ the Doctor greeted, he cleared his
throat and adjusted his eyeglasses. ‘The patient is
conscious now.’ He announced.
‘Wow!’ The faces of the three men brightened up at the
news. They all felt relieved, all for different reasons.
Dakolo for the fact that Henry who he had taken like a
brother was still alive, Sylvester because Henry was still
alive and the guilt he felt as a result of him being the one
who invited him to join the NSCC which resulted in his
troubles could now leave. Ken on his own was happy that
a major suspect and eyewitness in Samantha Osman’s
case was alive.
‘But…’ The Doctor said in a flattened tone that caught
their attention. ‘His brain no more functions properly
and he’s partially paralyzed.’
The door suddenly flung open and a nurse barged in
looking troubled.
‘Sir, the accident victim on ward 12B is nowhere to be


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