11. 08 am
Henry drove quietly, in a solemn manner, listening to
songs from the new album of veteran artiste, Asa. Her
genre of music was the perfect one for his mood right
He had not remained himself since the day of the event.
Several things had played down his memory in the last
two days; including the pictures of the assassin and how
he walked up to Jubril Lawal and murdered the man. But
the strongest of the pictures were of Evelyn’s face. He
kept seeing her in everything he did, even when he closed
his eyes.
He tried to figure out what really happened between
them, the passion he felt when she placed her head
against his chest and when they kissed. Was it love or just
lust was feeling? Maybe both. At the point they kissed, he
had the lust for her whole body, he could already see her
wrapped around himself, both of them unclad, he
squeezing her boobs in his hands. No, it had to stop if it
was lust, he had determined in his heart, knowing that
nothing borne out of lust would last. But he also felt
something more in his heart, in his spirit. The desire to
see her well even if he couldn’t have her body, the desire
to see her happy. There was something in her eyes when
he stared into it, something that showed him that she
wasn’t happy although she always performed well in her
bid to hide it.
Where she was now, he had no idea. Her line had been
switched off since the last time he tried it, so all his
attempts to track it were futile. He also tried again to get
the customer’s information of her sim by hacking into
the database of the network provider but there was still
no information there. It had either been deleted or the
information never existed. He couldn’t conclude yet.
Oh! And the Canadian number he was supposed to
investigate. He finally concluded the investigation, though
the client was no longer interested nor did was there any
call to ask for it. The Canadian number was cloned, it had
not even been issued out to any customer by the
network provider in Canada. Henry found out that the
user was in Africa because on tracking the last
conversations restored from the backup of the network
provider of his client’s line, he could deduce the
maximum possible distance of the Canadian number,
which was a distance within Africa.
All these discoveries were confirming Henry’s fear but he
still refused to admit it. Evelyn claimed to be from
Canada and was doing business with the late Jubril Lawal,
it must have definitely been her number the man was
investigating. Or how else could he explain that Evelyn
only began to insist that he followed her to the party
after she saw the number in his jotter? And what else was
the explanation for her unregistered and now
unreachable Nigerian line? It meant she must have
destroyed the line since her mission had ended.
But with all these proofs, Henry still choose to believe
that he was mistaken, he didn’t want to see her that way.
He couldn’t get himself to think of her as a criminal. To
him, she was someone who was in need of great help and
he believed he could give her that help.
He remembered her outburst the first time he called the
name “God” and attributed God to be a loving person
while conversing with her . The pain he saw in her eyes
that day was too much for a young woman like her to
bear. She needed someone to show her love; real love
and not one of sexual attraction.
Then he recalled her sharing the story of her family’s
death with him. Going through such an horrible
experience would most definitely affect one’s future and
even control it if one finds no help.
She needed help, she needed love. That was all Henry
could think, regardless of every other thing he had found
out about her.
Henry finally got to his destination by twenty minutes
past eleven. The security men searched his car before
allowing him to pass in through the huge gates of Elymax
The cabman zoomed off immediately after the new
passenger entered. He cleared his throat and continued
his conversation with Dakolo. ‘So what kind of company
do you work in? What’s the name?’ He asked, looking into
the top mirror.
‘Hmm…’ Dakolo paused and licked his lips as he thought
of the best answer to give the man. ‘I’m a contractor who
works per time for different companies, one of the firms
I partner with has this urgent big building project here.
That’s why I had to rush down’
‘Oh! Building contractor?’ The cab asked to affirm.
‘Yes’ Dakolo answered.
‘Cool…’ The man said with a short laugh. ‘When I was
young I wanted to be a civil engineer but there was no
money to further my studies after college, so I had to go
through vocational training’
‘Oh! And what vocation were you trained for?’ Dakolo
‘Carpentry’ the man answered with a smile. ‘I’m a
‘Nice, but are you practising it?’
‘I was, I had to stop for some reasons. But I’m planning
to go back to it once I raise enough money for capital’
‘Better, carpentry is a lucrative job. Do you make
furnitures or you do roofing?’
‘I do both and I’m very good at it’
‘Wonderful, maybe I could even get you some jobs when
you start’
‘Sure, I can. But you’ll have to prove first that you’re
really good at it’
‘Oh! That’s not a problem. Thank you sir, I’ll make sure I
get your telephone number before I drop you off’
‘Okay’ Dakolo said. There was silence for some seconds.
‘What did you say sir?’ The cab man suddenly put in.
‘I only said okay’ Dakolo quickly answered.
‘Oh! Not you sir’ the cab man quickly corrected. He was
facing the new passenger seated with him at the front.
‘Me?’ Jefa asked with a surprised tone.
‘Yes, I thought you were saying something to me’ the cab
man replied.
‘No no’ Jefa denied strongly.
‘Okay. But hope there’s no problem sir. I noticed your
mood since you entered’ the cab man spoke in a low
‘Nothing, I was just thinking about a small issue’
‘Well, okay’ the cabman shrugged.
‘Good morning miss’ Henry greeted as he approached
the reception.
‘Good morning, you’re welcome to Elymax hotels. What
can I do for you?’
‘I’m Henry George, from the NSCC’ Henry displayed his
ID card.
‘Nigeria security cameras corporation’ the lady read
‘Okay, what may I do for you?’
‘We’re investigating a particular case and I need
information about one of your guests. I don’t know if
she’s still here’
‘Humm… I think I have to refer you to someone else. I
can’t handle your request’
‘Alright, please do that quickly’ Henry replied and paused.
He turned to stare around the place while the lady was
making a call with the landline.
‘Please come with me’ the lady dropped the call and
walked out from behind the wall. She led him towards a
corridor in the right direction.
They got to an office after walking a few metres and
Henry was ushered in. A middle aged man on a black suit
was seated in the office. The receptionist introduced
Henry and left.
‘May I see your ID card again?’ The man asked after
offering Henry a seat.
‘Here’ Henry took it out to show him.
‘So who’s this guest you’re investigating and what’s her
crime really?’
‘No, she has not been accused or found guilty of any
crime yet’ Henry corrected quickly. ‘We only need to get
some of her personal details’
‘So you want to meet her and talk to her?’ The man
raised a brow. ‘We do respect the privacy of our guests
here and we won’t like to give out any information
without proper verification of who needs it’
‘I don’t understand’
‘You’ve not showed us any licence yet or letter that
proves that the NSCC sent you to get this information’
the man explained further.
‘Oh! I can get one now’ Henry said, bringing out his
phone. ‘Via email’ he added. He dialed Sylvester’s
‘Wait, we can help you meet with the person if you want
Henry cut the call first. ‘I doubt if she’s still in your hotel’
‘Let’s find out, what’s her name?’
‘Evelyn… Evelyn Alexander’
‘Okay’ the man began to type into his computer system
while Henry continued with his call.
‘Hello sir, could you please forward a permit for Elymax
to my mailbox now? I need it in urgently’ Henry said into
the phone. He inhaled lightly after getting a positive
response and ended the call.
‘Evelyn Alexander was here truly, she paid for three
weeks’ the man began. ‘But she has been gone for days
without any word to us, we tried contacting her through
our customer’s service but the number she dropped was
‘Exactly… That’s why I need you to give me every
information she supplied to your hotel’
‘Have you gotten the permit?’
The forty minutes journey finally came to an end as they
drove into Elymax hotels. The cab man, being someone
who knew his way around the hotel needed no security
man to direct him to the right place to park. He quickly
located the best available space and drove his car there.
‘Here is my card sir’ The cab man handed over his card
to Dakolo after he turned off the car engine. ‘You can
reach me if you need to cab to take you around town’
‘Sure’ Dakolo collected it cheerfully. ‘And make sure you
do contact me with the number I gave you’
‘I will’ the cab man replied, counting the Naira notes
given to him by Jefa. ‘It’s complete’ he said to dismiss
Jefa and stepped out of the car afterwards. He walked to
the back to open the boot. Jefa stepped out too and
stared around the big building, not knowing the next
place to go, he stood still.
Dakolo also stepped out and walked to the booth. The
cab man handed over his small luggage to Dakolo and
returned to his car after exchanging some few more
words with him.
Dakolo turned and stared at the big hotel building where
he was going to stay until the next day evening when he’s
officially welcomed. He took two steps away from the
cab as he heard the sound of the car’s ignition. He turned
around to look at his surroundings and then he saw a
familiar face.
‘You…’ He mumbled with a smile as he huried towards
the young man trying to enter his car. Henry looked up.
‘Henry George’ Dakolo finally remembered the name.
‘Oh! Special agent…’ Henry tapped his nose continuously
with a finger as he struggled to remember the name.
‘Agent Dakolo’ Dakolo quickly put in.
‘Wow!’ Henry closed back the car door and walked
towards Dakolo, full of smiles. ‘It’s nice to see you again’
Henry said as they shook hands warmly.
‘Yeah, after so many years. How have you been?’
‘Fine sir, how about you?’
‘I’m fine.’ Dakolo said and stared warmly into his eyes.
‘Thank you for making me proud of you. My joy knew no
bounds when I saw the news of your exploits on the TV
and in the newspapers’
‘Thank you sir’ Henry smiled.
‘Thank God you didn’t allow that tragic occurrence affect
your life. See what you’ve made of yourself now’
‘Thank you sir’ Henry’s face continued to beam with
smiles. ‘Well, I had to let that go and focus on my future.
You see, bad people get their rewards, even if it comes
‘Yes, you’re right. Just look at the way he and his father
died, both on the same day. What a sorry life! ‘
‘Yea, although I heard the father was a generous man
before his death and did many charity works ” Henry put
‘No matter the quantity of pure water added to dirty
water, it can never make the dirty water pure. In his own
case, the quantity of dirty water far exceeds the pure. The
man already had so much blood in his hands. We
couldn’t just get him because he was clever enough to
eliminate all possible proofs’
‘Hmm… Well, what brings you here?’ Henry asked.
‘My job’ Dakolo smiled. ‘I was transferred here to handle
some cases.’ He glanced at his wristwatch.
‘But why did you have to take a cab? Was there no
provision to come pick you?’
‘There should be’ Dakolo said. ‘I was actually supposed to
arrive tomorrow but I had to come today for some
‘Okay, so what state were you transferred from?’
‘Rivers state’
‘Oh! Well…’ Henry was cut short abruptly by the sight of
someone walking by, the person paused and faced
Henry. Dakolo turned to see the person at his back. It was
the same man who was in the cab with him.
‘I gotta go now’ Dakolo said, handing a card to Henry.
‘Please give me a call tonight’ Dakolo said before walking
‘Alright sir’ Henry dipped the card into his pocket and
turned up to faced Jefa. He walked slowly towards Jefa
who stood still with a kind of timid look. ‘You again’
Henry said, recalling him as the man from the police
interrogation and the one Evelyn was facing in the
Catholic Church premises.
‘I…’ Jefa stuttered for a while. ‘I have come to see my
‘Your sister?’ Henry asked in uttermost disbelief.
‘Yes, that lady is my sister’ Jefa said shakily.

Tarasha laid on the three seater sofa in the living room
having a nap while Benny, Cole and Aisha engaged
themselves with the ludo game at the balcony. Some flies
could be seen in the living room as all the windows which
had torn nets were opened because of the unbearable
heat. But Tarasha was undisturbed, she was having a
sound sleep.
Several circumstances had kept them behind after the
operation. They couldn’t leave immediately because the
security in the capital was still very stiff. After much
thinking and putting of heads together, they finally
planned to leave the following Monday; that is the day
after the next day.
‘Ooh!’ Benny exclaimed as Aisha kicked back in the last of
his eight tokens the third time. He was seated on a stool,
with his shirt hanging around his neck. Aisha was seated
on another stool directly facing Benny and they had the
ludo board placed on two six inches blocks.
Cole was seated on another block, watching and making
comments. He had already gone on several rounds of the
game with Aisha and they ended up with a tie in scores.
The particular game between Aisha and Benny was even
now, they both had one token each left and in the players
yard. The first person to get a six would get the token out
to begin the race to the finishing point. Aisha and Cole
laughed at Benny as he heaved a sigh of frustration.
‘Homey, if you’re not careful, this will be the fifth time
you’ll be beaten by a lady today’ Cole jested.
‘And that means I’ll actually spell his name’ Aisha added
with a chuckle. ‘ 5 – 0, B-e-n-n-y’
‘Just watch and see, I’ll win this game’ Benny replied with
a determined tone as he poured out the dice from the
dice cup. He had four and five come up, he picked the
dice into the cup and handed it over to Aisha for her own
Aisha stared at his jestingly as she shook the dice cup.
‘Come on, play’ Benny said, getting impatient.
‘Two sixs’ Aisha said, laughing hilariously. She rolled again
after shaking vigorously. ‘Six, two’ she rolled out the
extra turn earned by reason of the two sixs
Benny took the dice cup from her in frustration, he
avoided looking at Cole who was already making funny
faces at him. He shook the cup from side to side in the
same manner as Aisha, watching carefully as Aisha
placed her token after counting.
Aisha and Cole stared at Benny’s face in suspense as he
continued to shake the cup. He kept a smile on his face as
if he was sure of the outcome of his new roll.
Kpaa… He landed the cup with so much force on the
board and removed it. Aisha and Cole burst into heavy
laughter as two ones stared at them from the surface of
the dice.
‘Come on, play’ Benny hurried Aisha again, forcing
himself not to give up.
Aisha took the cup and out she rolled again. Two sixs.
Another round of heavy laughter came from Cole. Benny
finally gave up, he got up from the stool with a smile of
‘I’m not playing again’ he announced as he walked into
the house, ignoring Cole’s uncontrollable laughter.
‘Please, come and play one more now’ he could hear
Cole calling to him jestingly as he proceeded into the
room. He paused and stared at Tarasha who was asleep
on the couch. He wished she could always look exactly
the way she was looking now; gentle, peaceful and
harmless. She should really be at peace with herself after
such a successful operation.
‘Oooh’ Benny’s body trembled as Tarasha eyes popped
open. She caught him feeding his eyes on her face. The
gentle and peaceful face Benny was seeing seconds ago
had changed into the normal Tarasha’s face. He quickly
hastened his steps and rushed out of her sight.
Tarasha wiped off the sweat on her face and sat up, she
glanced at the wall clock, it was just twelve pm. She
couldn’t wait to get out of the Abuja and begin her new
task. She was also now in a hurry to conclude all Chief
Gab’s tasks and leave the country.
And Henry’s issue? She had settled it in her heart already.
As far as she was concerned now , he was her greatest
enemy that needs to be either taken out of her sight
forever or out of the planet earth. That was her training,
anything that returns emotion into her heart should not
be allowed to live. People who have emotions are weak
people; and weak people can’t live the right kind of life.
So if Henry was stirring up emotions in her, he had to be
moved out of her sight forever or killed before he
succeeds in making her weak. Her final resolve was to kill
him when next he comes into her life.
‘Your sister?’ Henry asked again to be sure of what he
‘Yes, Omotara Danjuma is my kid sister’ Jefa replied.
‘Hahaha’ Henry suddenly burst into sudden laughter. Jefa
who was startled by the outburst stared at him in
confusion. ‘Omotara what again?’ Henry asked, trying to
calm himself.
‘Omotara Danjuma’ Jefa answered him again, with so
much conviction in his voice.
‘Okay, pardon me… I actually thought you were talking
about somebody else. I’m sorry, I don’t know Omotara
Danjuma.’ Henry said, cleaning his eyes as he spoke.
‘Does your sister work around here?’
‘I don’t know’ Jefa shook his head in negative. He took
out the piece of paper from his front pocket.
‘Then why are you looking for her here? Did she get lost?’
Jefa read the contents of the paper to himself again. ‘I
heard you guys mention Elymax that day’.
‘What day?’
‘The day you escaped from the kidnappers. After she
came to me in the cathedral premises’
Henry made a quick flashback. Evelyn was standing
before the man while he knelt by the statue of virgin
Mary. But he didn’t hear them talk to each other. All that
happened was a silent stare.
‘No, I don’t know Evelyn’ Jefa shook his head. ‘That girl
you came to meet in the catholic church, the one you I
saw you with in the police office is my sister’
‘Unbelievable!’ Henry exclaimed under his breath. ‘But
you said Omotara Danjuma’ Cole asked again, aloud, this
time with a serious tone.
‘Yes, that’s her name not Evelyn’
‘Omotara is a Yoruba name, I don’t think she’s Yoruba,
she doesn’t look nor sound like one’ Henry retorted.
‘Yes, she didn’t grow up in …’
‘Hello Sirs’ someone interrupted, a security official. ‘You
have to proceed into the main building please, you can
stand here and have a discussion’
‘Okay’ Henry answered with a slow nod. He stared at
Jefa’s face for some seconds thoughtfully. ‘Let’s go in for
a discussion’ he said and turned back to the car to shut
the door.
‘Thank you’ Dakolo smiled as the attendant who helped
him get his load to the room left. He sank into the bed
and started to unbutton his shirt, also murmuring some
words of prayers.
He sat up and took off the shirt completely. He flung it on
the bed and laid back. His mind drifted back to his
encounter with Henry several years ago. He was a junior
agent in the force then and was not yet in the anti-
asassination squad. He was at the office reception when
Henry had rushed with a friend in tears, to report a gang
of three guys who molested his sister to death. Dakolo
took special interest in the case and did all he could do to
get justice for Henry. But lack of funds and the culprit’s
father’s influence did not let him go far in his fight for
Henry. The culprit, Dare Lawal, was later acquitted and
discharged by the court of law.
He remembered advising Henry then, to continue with
his studies and not allow what happened affect his
future. Now, the same Henry was known widely in the
world for his exploits on the internet and for helping his
country solve a severe security attack. His enemies too
had been paid by nemesis in its own way.
Dakolo’s phone rang. His wife. He exhaled deeply before
answering. ‘Hello dear… I just got to the hotel room…
Thanks, I’ll call you later… I love you’ the call ended.
He got up from the bed to get his traveling bag. He
opened the bag and took out a suitcase. He punched in
the lock code and it opened. He brought out some
documents and closed back the suitcase. He began to
read through.
Before his arrival in Abuja, he had already began to
receive messages on what he was going there to do. The
new case of Jubril Lawal’s assassination also came up. He
was going to be working with Officer Ken on that.
Jubril Lawal’s assassination was quite different from the
recent past ones. Eyewitnesses had it that it was carried
out by a man and he wasn’t accompanied by anybody.
Officer Ken had also written in his report that it was
highly possible that the crime was carried out by one of
the security officials of the event centres as the escape
routes used were only places known to them. Several of
the security officials had been arrested and kept in the
police custody for interrogation. Several sessions of
torture and torments had occurred within the last two
days but there was still no confession to show for it’
Dakolo’s phone rang again. Officer James was the one
calling. ‘Hello officer’ Dakolo spoke cheerfully.
‘Good afternoon sir’ James greeted. ‘How was your trip?’
‘It was fine, thanks’
‘Alright, thank God. Yesterday, I received my letter of
transfer also’
‘Transfer ?’ Dakolo replied, surprised.
‘Yes sir, coupled with the long overdue promotion’
‘Wow! Congratulations’ Dakolo rejoiced with him. The
promotion had been long overdue truly. After several
cases solved by James, the force still retained him as a
special officer for so long, denying him the promotion
and several other benefits.
‘Thank you sir’ James said without much excitement.
‘What’s wrong?’ Dakolo asked, noticing the unhappy
‘Nothing sir, I’m really happy about the promotion part
but I think the reason it’s happening is because of my
inability to solve this Samantha Osman’s case. I
overheard the IG saying that the minister wants more
younger and zealous officers who are very hungry for
promotion to handle the case’
‘Don’t think like that’ Dakolo said after heaving a sigh.
‘We’ve done our best based on the evidence gotten. Even
the NSCC has a part to play in all these. If they’ve not
been able to recover the lost footages or discover who
interrupted the transmission of the security cameras,
what are we supposed to use for our investigation. I
believe we don’t have enough data to work with’
‘Sir, several years ago. Assassination cases were solved by
the police without the use of the technology we use now.
Why can’t we…’
‘Officer James’ Dakolo cut in. ‘Several years ago,
Assassins do not use the kind of technology they use
now. Several years ago, most top assassination cases like
these spans for more than fifteen years, some even
exceed thirty years without getting an headway. So you
shouldn’t compare, the police force is better now’
James was quiet.
‘Don’t blame yourself, we’ll keep trying our best but be
sure of this one thing’ Dakolo paused for a brief moment.
‘Good always prevail over evil’
‘Thank you sir’ James replied after another brief moment
of silence, in a very low voice.
‘So where have you been sent to?’
‘Ilorin, Kwara State. I’m going to be working as a special
agent in the anti-assasination squad also’
‘Sounds cool… Congratulations, just keep doing your
best. We’ll prevail’
‘Thank you sir’
After few other talks, the call ended. Dakolo returned to
his work, he continued reading through the documents.
He paused as he saw something.
‘No recordings or videos footages found in the cameras
security database. It has not been ascertained if there
was any capturing or not’ he read. ‘Except for one
photographer that is currently being interrogated, no
journalist or member of the press was allowed into the
event hall. Footages from the street cameras leading to
and out of the event centres were also not found’ he read
aloud to himself.
He just found a similarity between the new assassination
case to the two others, there was no video capture of the
Assassination process nor the escape. Could it be that the
assassin works in or has an ally in the NSCC?
‘Oh s–t!’ Dakolo cursed as Henry’s picture flashed back
to his mind. He should have been the one to take Henry’s
card, what if Henry forgets to call him. Henry might be
greatly needed now to help in these cases.
A great intensity of heat welcomed Benny as he walked
into the room. He changed his direction and headed
straight for the wardrobe. His previous plan was to come
in and lay on the bed after he couldn’t stand the much
beatings he got in the game from Aisha. Due to the
unbearable heat in the room, he had changed his mind
and decided to only change his trouser to shorts.
One of Cole’s trousers dropped to the ground as Benny
opened the wardrobe. He bent to pick it up. A phone fell
out of the phone. He picked up the phone and checked it,
it was specially customised for a user. He opened the
back to check the battery and closed it back. He switched
on the phone.


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