‘Aisha Temitope Bello’ The computer operator
read out the name from the computer. ‘ She’s a
student of Lagos state Polytechnic’
‘A student?’ James echoed.
‘A student…’ The computer operator paused
and read some words under his breath. ‘ the
data here does not show her graduating date,
she’s been a student since 2023’
‘That’s over seven years already’
‘Yes it is’
‘ Find her location, that’s what we need now.
Inspector Robin might be in great danger’ the
embattled Greg put in. ‘The location is more
important than who she is ‘
‘The search for the location is on already, we
should get it before the next five minutes’ the
operator replied, taking a quick glance at Greg.
An awkward silence took over as the three
stared into the computer. The software
revealed the location in lesser time than the
operator speculated. James quickly scribbled it
on a sheet of paper.
‘Can we access the security cameras there?
Let’s see what’s happening around’ James
‘Sir…’ The operator began as he rolled the
swivel to another computer set. ‘The cameras
have not been transmitting for about two hours
now, I think somebody is playing with our
systems again’
‘Wasn’t that the same thing that happened
during the health minister’s assassination?’
James asked, raising a brow.
‘Yes, it…’
‘We gotta go now’ James said to Greg. He
tightened his fist as he turned once more to
the operator. ‘Please inform us immediately
there’s any change in location’ he said to the
operator before hurrying out of the room with
After watching them do the task on their own
for more than an hour, Tarasha decided that it
was time to step in. Things were already
getting out of their control, they had used a
wrong dose of the sedative on Robin and that
couldn’t keep Robin as long as they needed.
That wasn’t even her main concern, there was
very little that Robin could do. Her main
concern was their location that had been gotten
by the police server, she had a monitor over the
operating devices of Cole, Benny and Aisha’s
phones, so she knew when something was up
with their devices.
She started the car engine and wind up the
windows. She began loading her guns, sticking
them one after the other into her kevlar made
costume. She stuck two revolvers at the side of
her boots, two in the square pockets of her
tight trousers and one in her top.
Aisha let out a scream as she staggered
backwards in pain and hit her head against the
left wall side of the ambulance. Robin had
rolled off the stretcher to escape a quick shot
from Cole. He pushed out a small first aid box
with his right leg which hit Benny on the knee.
Luckily for Robin, he still had a revolver in the
inner pocket of his jacket. He released two
shots out towards Cole and Benny who quickly
dodged and hid from his eyesight.
Robin could not do much with his injured leg, he
only had the other leg to stand on and he
wasn’t sure he would be able to take out the
two guys. But even if he had to die, he wouldn’t
give up without a fight.
He dragged himself up on the right leg and
pointed a gun at Aisha who was just recovering
from the impact of the blow. He hopped closer
and placed the gun on her head motioning her
to lift up her hands.
Benny appeared at the entrance again, pointing
a gun at Robin. The man gave a smirk and spat
out through the entrance not minding that
Benny was there. The look on his eyes was that
of a dying man who was ready to take several
others with him.
‘Do I look like someone who cares if you shoor
her?’ Aisha’s body trembled in disappointment
as Benny spoke.
‘Oh well! I don’t want to know if you care but
I’m killing all of you and not just her alone’
Robin replied as he cocked the gun.
Benny felt afraid as he heard the gun c–k, he
was alone trying to sound confident to Robin
not that he didn’t care if Aisha was shot. He
braced up and still continued, ‘you won’t kill
anyone here’
Robin smiled, he knew he had got Benny, he
was a professional so he recognized the look in
Benny’s eyes, ‘I’ll…’ Aisha tried to move as
Robin began but he pulled her back to himself,
sending in a bullet to her left foot.
Benny tried to use the opportunity to send a
bullet into Robin’s body but Robin was fast, he
swerved quickly to the other side before the
gun was shot and released a quick bullet which
pierced through Benny’s arm. Benny winced in
pain as he hid away from the entrance.
‘D–n’ James cursed as the driver of his car
blared the car horn. A red Range Rover was
blocking the road just a few metres before their
The car had made a careless u-turn and almost
caused an accident, they expected that it would
drive off as soon as it turns but the driver
halted in the middle of the road, obstructing
cars from passing on the lanes. What had
saved her from the wrath of the police was a
“L” tag behind the car.
‘How can someone park a car on the road like
that?’ Greg barked angrily. ‘Are there no road
safety officials in this estate?’
‘There are’ James answered him, ‘but they stay
at specific points and moreover the driver is a
‘A learner should not hit a busy road’ Greg
barked on.
‘This place is not a busy road, we are in an
estate, there’s only one car beside us’ James
said staring at the Lexus Jeep beside them.
The driver was a middle aged man dressed in
Yoruba native attire, Agbada.
Two uniformed officers jumped down from the
police van which followed the car and hurried
forward to clear the road.
The officers hit their guns on the car to get the
attention of the driver, the windows were all
winded up, two road safety officials in their
yellow and black uniforms also came to join
The driver was bowed down, her head was on
her laps. One of the police officers tried to
force open the door to the driver’s seat but it
was hard and not opening. The driver made no
movement still.
‘Get out of the way’ Greg surged towards them
angrily. He tried to force open the door but
couldn’t so shifted backwards and stood in a
parallel line to the door. He aimed at the door
lock carefully and shot at it, the door gave way
finally. He rushed towards the driver with an
intention of pulling her out and driving the car
out of the way.
The sole of the shoe on the lady’s right leg hit
his face as he moved to touch her, Greg fell to
the floor with his face bleeding. She removed
two guns from the both sides as she came out
of the car, her face was covered with a mask.
The bullet which had missed Robin’s body got
into Aisha’s stomach, she was bleeding and
losing strength rapidly. Robin only noticed it
when she began to slowly drop from his hands.
He tried to pick her up but her legs couldn’t
stand anymore, he began to lose hope
gradually, his plan of escape to use her as an
hostage was failing already. His legs were also
becoming weaker, he had to place his right
knee on the ground.
He ran out of luck when Cole finally appeared
at the entrance, pointing a gun at him. Cole did
not waste time in releasing two bullets, one
which entered into his chest and the other into
his head. He fell flat and rolled out of the
ambulance with a thud.
Cole quickly rushed towards Aisha and picked
her up, he carried her and dropped her on the
ground, close to the car. He brought out a shirt
from the car and tore it into pieces , trying to
use the pieces to hold Aisha’s wound from

‘She’s going to die if we don’t get out of here
quickly’ Cole shouted at Benny who was
dragging himself towards them.
Benny rushed to open the gate quickly and Cole
drove the car out of the compound.
‘Where are we going to get treatment now? We
can’t go to the hospital’ Benny commented as
he joined Aisha at the back seat of the car.
‘If we can’t go to the hospital, a doctor can
come to us’ Cole answered him, he took a
glance at the clock in the car. ‘The street
cameras would be alive in one minute’
Sounds of several gunshots from the back
startled them. Cole and Benny stared
backwards to see a lady in gun battle with the
A bullet entered into Greg’s head, keeping him
on the floor permanently. Bullets were also sent
into the bodies of other officers who were at
that side of the car.
Tarasha bent to escape the bullets coming from
the back. She entered back into the car and
pulled it back, she didn’t need to start the
engine again because it was never switched
She took a quick turn and rushed in direction of
the police cars, sending out bullets to them
from the front mirror.
Inspector James was out of the car already, he
was hiding behind and sending bullets to the
attacker. He watched as bullets were sprayed
out from the range Rover as it approached
them, eighty percent of his men, most of those
who came out of the police van were down
He jumped and landed on the car’s boot before
the range Rover hit the car, he had a clear view
of the lady and quickly sent two bullets her
She rolled out of the car before the bullet was
delivered. James moved forward, climbing the
top of the car as he released more bullets from
the gun. The lady was out of sight already.
Tarasha rolled carefully but with speed under
the Hyundai sonata police vehicle and came out
from behind, she first dealt with the remnant of
the officers that came out of the police van
before turning to the officer who was on the
car. A bullet hit her back as she turned.
‘More backup is needed at Gravl estate’ Sandra
relayed James’ request to the superintendent.
‘Handle that’ the man replied her in a gruff
voice without bothering to take a look at her.
He had too many problems of his own and
wasn’t ready to be troubled this afternoon by
any state problem. Moreover, he had decided to
wash his hands off this “Samantha’s case”,
since the country did not trust him enough to
handle it and had to allow a foreigner do the
‘Thank you sir’ she said as she walked out of
his office. She almost bumped into the
computer operator who was about to enter the
superintendent’s office.
‘Sorry’ the operator apologized with a brief
‘It’s okay’ she said and made her way to leave.
‘Are you going to join inspector James?’ He
‘Yes’ she answered and turned back impatiently,
wanting to hear if he had any information that
may be useful.
‘The cameras are up already, I think you need
to see something before leaving’ He said and
pushed her arm gently, trying to motion her
towards the computer room.
‘No’ she refused, ‘Inspector James wants the
backup immediately and I’m going there now’
‘I’ve given commands for more backup already
and they are on their way’ the operator
continued. ‘I need someone working on this
case with the inspector to monitor with me
because the cameras are not working fine yet’
‘You can communicate with me if there’s
anything I need to know’ she said as she
walked away hurriedly. ‘I’m going there now’
‘Okay, good luck’ he said as he watched her
leave. The cameras were not working properly
yet and he wasn’t sure that the videos would
be stored in their database, that was why he
wanted her to monitor with him.
‘Sir, the location has changed’ his Junior’s voice
startled him.
‘Huh? For how long?’ He questioned.
‘About ten minutes ago’
‘Ten minutes ago?’
‘Yes sir’
‘Are you crazy? Why are you just reporting
now?’ He blasted as he followed behind the
Another bullet hit Tarasha’s back as she made
her way to enter the police van. She threw a
grenade in James’ direction to distract him
before starting the engine.
The van was driven off as James jumped down
from the sonata and it blazed off in flames.
He felt as if his legs were broken as he landed
in pains, he still managed to turn back to see
the direction that Tarasha was taking. He laid
flat on the floor as sounds of police sirens drew
closer. His phone rang.
‘The direction has changed, they’re on the way
to Lekki’ a voice came through.
James was to weak to respond, he closed his
eyes and turned his head to the left to spit out
first. He opened his eyes a minute later to find
Sandra standing by his side.
‘Are you okay sir?’ She asked with concern in
her voice.
‘Yes’ he said, only audible to himself. Other
officers came down from their vehicles to
check the injured ones. A call ordering for
ambulances was made to the headquarters.
‘That way, she went that way’ James managed
to say, pointing in the direction Tarasha took.
‘Call the fire service’ Sandra ordered a junior
officer, as she stared at two cars in flames.
The driver of the car that was beside the police
vehicles had fled when he heard the first
gunshot and he couldn’t reverse the car
because of other cars who were coming to join
them. His Lexus was also affected by the
explosion from the grenade.
Sandra walked back into the car and led the
police vans in pursuit of Tarasha after making
sure that James was being taken care of. She
maintained contact with the computer operators
and they gave her directions to where Aisha
Bello was.
Cole’s phone rang just when they were few
centimetres away from the gate of the house.
He glanced at the screen and saw the caller ID.
He quickly parked at one side and answered
the call.
‘Where are you?’ Tarasha’s voice came through
‘At home, we’re about driving in’ Cole replied.
‘Don’t drive in, meet me at Obalende. I’ll give
you more directions later’
‘Boss’ Cole said in a pleading manner. ‘I’m not
sure we can get there, Benny has a bullet in his
arm and Aisha is also badly injured. We’ll get
into trouble with the police’
‘Okay’ Tarasha said after letting out an audible
sigh, ‘Just keep driving, drive to anywhere you
think is safe. I’ll meet you there, don’t just stay
at the house’
‘Okay Boss’
‘And one more thing’ Tarasha said in a sudden
manner, ‘throw away Aisha’s phone. Now.’
‘Okay’ Cole responded, his eyes widened as he
nodded his head in agreement.
‘Take out Aisha’s phone’ He said to Benny who
was already waiting for him to relay the details
of the call.
Benny obeyed without any argument, he
searched through Aisha’s bleeding body and
brought out the phone. ‘Throw it outside the
car’ Cole said to him.
Benny flung it out at once without asking the
questions in his mind. Cole drove off from that
point and continued in a forward direction,
Benny was forced to speak up now.
‘Where are we going to?’ Benny asked in a loud
‘Boss says we should not stop here’ Cole
‘I don’t know, but I think she sees danger
‘Does she know I’m injured and that Aisha
needs treatment immediately?’ Benny
questioned furiously, he was feeling great pains
in his arms. He took a glance at Aisha who was
unconscious already and spoke again. ‘I don’t
think Aisha is going to make it’
Cole looked back to check Aisha too, ‘there’s
still hope’ he says.
‘I don’t just understand all these’ Benny
complained bitterly.
‘You don’t understand what? Don’t you know
that Boss might be saving us from great
‘What great danger? Ain’t we done with the task
already? What we need now is treatment’ benny
‘Benny’ Cole mentioned softly.
‘Yes’ He replied in a harsh tone.
‘Did you see the gun battle with the police
immediately we drove out of the compound in
Gravl estate?’
‘Yeeess?’ he stressed the word in a questioning
‘Who do you think that lady was?’ Cole asked
and paused, he glanced back at Benny who
couldn’t give a reply. ‘That was Boss saving our
asses from the police’
‘How are you sure it was her?’ Benny
questioned, his voice was softer now.
‘Don’t you recognize her structure? Didn’t you
see the lady?’
‘I’m injured, I didn’t take a good look’
‘I think Robin had a tracker on him and the
police was already on our trail before the Boss
distracted them on the way’ Cole continued.
‘We need to follow her instructions, I think we’ll
be safer that way’
***Twenty Minutes later ***
‘Yes, you are at the right place’ the voice
answered Sandra’s question.
Sandra looked around the place, there was
nothing suspicious there. She came out of the
car and ordered the officers in the other two
vans to come out.
‘Check around here, the criminal is around here’
she spoke aloud.
There were three houses close to where their
vehicles were parked. The officers splited into
three groups and invaded the houses.
‘Yeah?’ Sandra said as she answered her call.
‘We just some videos of that place now, they
left already. They’re not there anymore’
‘Yes, they left but dropped the phone we were
using to track them. I think they realized that
we were on their trail, we must have one of
their informant in the force’
‘Who the hell could the informant be?’
‘I don’t know but I’m sure someone must have
informed them that we were tracking them with
the phone. They paused a little at that point
before throwing the phone outside’
‘Where are they now?’
‘We are still trying to track them’
‘You have to be careful with your men
henceforth, don’t let any more information
spread to anybody except the both of us’
‘When would I get a response on their location?’
‘In few minutes ma’
‘Please hurry up before they get away’
‘Okay ma. I…’ the caller stammered for some
‘You …?’
‘I think they’re a group’ he finally said. ‘Part of
the group disguised as doctors and abducted
Agent Robin while another one who I think is
the Boss stopped Inspector James and his men
from passing through’
‘Yes, of course they’re working together’ Sandra
‘I don’t know how many of them were in the car
because the windows were winded up but it’s a
blue corex 2027. I believe that they still have
Inspector Robin with them in the car’
‘Then hurry up and give us the information we
need’ Sandra spoke in a rather harsh manner.
‘Once you get their locations, do make sure you
also get in touch with the station in the district’
‘Okay, I’ll get back to you as soon as possible’
the call was ended
Sandra’s phone rang again before she could
keep it.
‘Have you caught her?’ James asked
immediately she answered.
‘No, she’s out of sight totally’
‘D–n! She couldn’t have gone that far’ James
started in an angry tone, he paused and
continued when he got no response. ‘I shot her
twice at the back so she would still be lurking
somewhere around. I wonder how she was able
to even drive the car’
‘We’ll wor…’ Sandra stuttered
‘I’m going after her myself’ James said and cut
the call.


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