TALE OF A HOUSE BOY … (18+) … Part 87


** we entered her room, i laid at the edge of the bed, the baby was in our middle and she was the other side.
We gisted as husband and wife before we slept off. We woke again when the baby was crying, she breastfeed the baby and lured her to sleep. Throughout the night, i couldn’t sleep well because of the distraction of the baby. Around 5:30am, i slept off and woke up by 8am.
Before i could wake, my madam was already in the kitchen boiling water.
I did my morning chores and drank tea before i went to the market. When i got to the market, my phone rang and it was Debby. I pickup and she asked me, why i didn’t come back as i promised?
I told her that my brother’s wife send me on an errand and i couldn’t come back on time. After discussing for a while, i aborted the call.
When Ijeoma and Amanda came to market, we gisted and laughed together, some minutes later Mrs sharp sharp called me to know how am doing and how i spend my holidays. As i was answering the call, Ijeoma and Amanda were busy starring at me.
When i dropped the call, i asked them, why they are starring at me as if am a ghost.
They murmured and laughed like a mad women in the market place.
Some few weeks later, my boss came back with some goodies from China. He even bought a new car for his wife.
We were living together as we do earlier but without Jenny.
One day i told my boss that our parish priest said that i should call him to his office.
After some days later, we went to the parish office, unfortunately he was on duty that morning.
We sat down and introduced ourselves. **
PRIEST: children of God, you are all welcome once again. ** he turned to my boss ** young man, what’s your name?
BOSS: my name is Benson.
PRIEST: mr benson, your boy here ** he points at me,** said that he want to recieve a baptism.

BOSS: ** turned to me ** igwe, haven’t you been baptised?
ME: no sir.
BOSS: alright, there is no problem.
PRIEST: let us pray. ** we stood up and as we are praying, he started speaking in toungues. He did that for some minutes and paused ** Mr igwe, i want you to make an open confession about what were going on in your boss absent in that house?
ME: ** my mouth was heavy, bcos i don’t know where to start it. I looked at my boss and the priest and their eyes were at me. ** i was disvirgined by our teacher and i got her pregnant back them in secondary school, ever since then,
any lady that i come across will fall for me and i due lay with them.
BOSS: what!
ME: am sorry my boss, i was the one that got your wife pregnant. ** my boss bend his head down and tears rolled from his eyes, priest was busy looking at me. ** your wife was the one that seduced me and i fall for her. I even slept with our sales girl Amanda and your wife’s sister when she came to omugwo.
BOSS: ** with tears ** igwe, what have i not done to you?
PRIEST: don’t interrupt him, let him speak. You can go on.
ME: i have even slept with Jenny your cousin sister, she got pregnant but i was not the one that got her pregnant and that’s why she travelled back to the village. ** i started crying and shedding tears ** please find a place in your heart and forgive me,
i know i have done evil and deserve not to stay in your house again but please temper justice with mercy.
BOSS: i must make sure you spend the whole of your life in jail.
PRIEST: no, you don’t have to do that. I called you for him to confess in your present so that you will forgive him and he will receive baptism as well. Please just forgive him as Christ Jesus forgave us by dieing in the cross of the calvary. ** priest started preaching to him and was giving him, bible references. He later forgave me. After one week later,
i recieved baptism and my old life became a story of the past. I do visit Mrs sharp sharp and we were like family members. I discarded Debby and other girls. I, my madam and my boss were like a family member.
Two years later, two of our sales girl got married.
Jenny later got married to that same guy that got her pregnant. My madam and Mrs sharp sharp couldn’t have another child uptill today. My boss settled me with a hug amount of money and a car. Am now a business man and also an upcoming actor too. Thanks to God for that.
I tried princess number uptill today but it was still not reachable.
Please, If there is anyway you can help me to find her please do.
Her mobile number is 2348164580433.
No matter what someone did to you, please do forgive and forget even Christ forgave those that suffered him then who are we not to forgive our fellow human.

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