*** i don die today,wetin i go tell am?
Bathlomeo looked at her and stood up,
he went close to her and whispered to her ear,after that he went inside his shop and i moved closed to her… ***
Me: why are you looking at me?
*** she couldnt utter any word to me and she went back to her sit, Ijeoma was looking at us in a confused manner ***
Ijeoma: hmmm….. Both of una sef,i no understand ooo.
*** i was so quiet through out that day and
i couldnt exchange words with Amanda till we closed our shop in the evening. I ran to Amanda and stopped her ***
Me: what is it ?
Amanda: what is what?
Me: *** omo see question ooo,
no be her fault naw,na the custom of Nigeria to answer question with question*** after you saw bathlomeo and i discussing,you were muted till naw, what is the problem?
Amanda: nothing.
Me: then why did you stop talking to me?
Amanda: please igwe we will see tomorrow,i have to be on my way naw.
Me: why can’t you answer me before you go home?
Amanda:answer what naw? Please i don’t knw what you are talking about.
Me: ok… What did bathlomeo whispered to you?
Amanda: why do you ask?
Me: nothing,i just want to knw.
Amanda: i don’t think it is neccesary, please i have to go.
*** she left and i went home,when i got home,my madam wasn’t at home yet and i took my bath and laid on the bed.
Did Amanda heard what we discussed?
No i don’t think she did.
But what if she heard it?
Na waoh ooo,i f–k up,i no suppose to discuss that kind thing for market but it is not my fault shaa cos na only market wey we dey see.
The taught about Mrs sharp sharp and princess and also my son came to my mind.
God please forgive me for all my evil acts and lemme see them again.

I thought how i met Mrs sharp sharp and princess.
How will she be coping to feed our son? Who knws if she is still teaching in that school?
After all this thought, my heart became bitter and i feel like going back to the village.
I decided to call my mum bcos it has been long i called her.
I dialled her number and she didnt pick up,
i dialled her number the second time and she still don’t pick up .
I dialled my junior brother’s number and he picked immediately ***
Emmanuel: hello brother, goodevening sir…
Me: good evenin to you, how are you doing?
Emmanuel: fine brother and you?
Me: am doing well… Where is our mum bcos i called her number and she didnt pick up.
Emmanuel: maybe she left her phone inside her room.
Me: where are you now?
Emmanuel: i went out…
Me: ok.. So gist me,what happened when i left?
Emmanuel: nothin ooo.
Me: so nobody visited me?
Emmanuel: no body.. E hee brother, that lady that rescued you that day you had an accident came to our house..
Me: *** my ears were widely opened that moment *** what did she came to do?
Emmanuel: she said,she was passing by and decided to come and greet us.
Me: that’s so nice of her. Did she discuss with our mum?
Emmanuel: yes,i over heard them talking about baby….
Me:*** cut in *** tell me what did they talk about baby?
Emmanuel: immediately they rose the topic, i excused them bcos that’s a women discussion.
Me: you would have stay there. What is our mum’s reaction after she left?
Emmanuel: ha brother,what did you expect now? But brother is there any problem?
Me: why do you asked?
Emmanuel: nothin broda, i just want to ask.
Me: ok… I want you to do something for me…
Emmanuel: what is that brother?
Me: i want you to go to my formal school and ask about Mrs sharp sharp, when you get to her office, tell her that your are igwe’s brother and give her my number.
Emmanuel: ok brother,i will do just that tommorow during break time bcos that our school,they don’t allow us to go out if it is not break time.
Me: ok,,,, so how is school and everything?
Emmanuel: fine brother.
Me: ok… Study hard,don’t follow bad gangs bcos they may lead you into cultism and other bad things
Emmanuel: thank you broda. We missed you so much ooo…
Me: i also missed both of you but don’t worry i will come back during Christmas time. Don’t be stubborn to mum.
Lemme send recharge card to you.
*** we discussed so many other things before i aborted the call.
I wore my cloth and moved out of our compound to a nearby shop, i bought #400 card and send to him. He called me back to appreciate. I decided to patrol small since my madam haven’t come back yet. As i was going,i saw a back of a girl on my front. She wore bumshot and a sliveless top, her bum bum was so moderate and her complexion was that of Chinese. I no fit miss dat kind opportunity. I called her but she didnt look back and i ran to her ***
Me: excuse me… *** she turned back, chai! Igwe na dis one go be de last girl wey you go pursue.
If you see wetin i saw,no be for mouth wey u go talk am.


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