Me: ordinary friend ke?
Princess: i mean it.
Me: but both of you have been loitering around.
Princess: ohk……let me explain,
i was on my own one day,company approached me,he was admiring me soon he ask me out but i didnt give him any reply.
Me: why?
Princess: i sworn not to have any thing to do with any guy in this school because all of them are cheaters.
Me: hmmmm.
Princess: secondly,it is quit obvious that company is route and member of franternity.
Me: so you are aware of that and you keep on associating with him.
Princess: am scared about him but i don’t know how to disengage myself from him. There was a day he came to school with a gift and present it to me.
Me: then what did you do?
Princess: i rejected the offer.
Me: hmmm.

*** as we were discussing,one of my classmate intrude us and told me that our biology teacher want to see me in her office. Our biology teacher’s name is mrs sandra but all the students in our school knew her as MRS SHARP SHARP because of her cleverness . She does anything she do sharp sharp . Her age may be from 29 to 32,i guess. ***.
Me: i will be back,let me go and answer mrs sharp sharp ok.
Princess: lemme follow you.
Me: is abnormal naw. I will be right back.
Princess: ohk.
**** i left the class to mrs sharp sharp’s office. On getting there,her office door were opened so i entered…she was busy marking some assignment books***
Me: good afternoon ma…
Mrs sharp sharp: good afternoon
igwe..how are you?
Me: am fine ma.
Mrs sharp sharp: i hope you are less busy now..
Me: yes ma..
Mrs sharp sharp: i want you to help me mark some assignment.
Me: ohk…..ma
*** she passed the assignment to me and the papers where she wrote the answers.***
Mrs sharp sharp: here is the assignment and the answers for proper marking.. Please don’t make a mistake because it will affect student.
Me: yes ma.
*** i started marking the assignments. She continued with hers. As we were marking,i was staring at her because she was so beautiful and has a nice body posture. There was a time i looked at her and our eyes meet,she paused with her marking and was looking at me. For my mind,i don put myself for trouble. This woman don find out say i dey look at her. God abeg ooo help me.***.
Mrs sharp sharp: what is it igwe?
Me: *** starmmering *** no….no…nothing ma.
Mrs sharp sharp: why are you looking at me?
Me: *** my own don finish.wetin i go tellam? God abeg help me ooo***.
Mr sharp sharp: am talking to you igwe. Is like you have started talking to girls ? *** i was muted *** yes because any boy that stares at a woman in that manner have something in his heart. So tell me what are you thinking?
Me: nothing ma.
Mrs sharp sharp: feel free to tell me,i wouldnt mind.
Me: am not thinking any thing,its just a normal look.
Mrs sharp sharp: common be a man
*** see me see wahala ooo. Which can wahala my eyes don put me now***


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