*** what is her aim of doing this?
Should i move closer ?
What if she resist me and push me away?
She will not do that,by the way what is her intention for uncladding herself while she knw that a guy is around.
I rushed out and entered the bathroom with my nakedness.
I poured my dickson water and wore my cloth and moved out to the door of my room,
i knocked and she told me to come in.
When i came in,she was with bumshot and towel tied on her upper region.
I entered my wardrobe and brought out my cloth,
i was robbing cream on my body and she was busy pressing her phone bcos she charged it at nite. When am through with the cream,i dropped it on the table and wore my trouser. ***
Beatrice: you didnt apply cream on your back?
Me: yes cos my hand can’t do that.
Beatrice: turn your back lemme help you
*** i turned and she opened the cream and started to rob it on my back.
As she was doing that,i was enjoying it bcos of her magic hand,she was caressing my back I was enjoying it and after that,
we drank tea. She dressed up and packed her luggages and i helped her with her luggage to the main road ***
Beatrice: igwe you are such a nice guy and i think i like you,
Keep it up.
Not all guys can do what you did last nite.
Beatrice: uwl… You can have my number.
Me: ok *** i handed my phone to her and she added her number and gave it to me***
Beatrice: flash me so that i will stall your own number.*** i flashed her,
i waited till she borded a bus and they drove off and i entered bus to the market.
When i got to the market, Amanda was already in the shop,i moved to my seat and sat down.
I looked at her and our eyes met,she threw her face in another place. ***
Me: Amanda,for how long are we going to be like this? Amanda i said that am sorry for everything.
If we continue keeping malice, it may lead us to something else,
which i don’t like.
If we continue like this
if our boss comes back he may suspect us and probably,
he will find out one day and you knw what it means.
Please forget the past and let us face the present. *** i moved from my seat to where she was,
i laid my hand on her back and she resisted . *** i don’t knw what came over me that day *** i knelt down with one leg *** please forgive me,who knws what would have been the outcome of it ?
Probably you might be pregnant or something else. Please accept my apology and lets bury the hatchet *** she looked at me and i held her hand ***
Amanda: get up.

Me: not until we reconcile .
Amanda: get up before ijeoma or any of our customers enters. *** i rose up and stood beside her *** go and sit down.
Me: *** i drew a sit beside me and sat down *** am waiting……
Amanda: igwe you are such a nice guy and i like you. What you did that day shows that you are a real man. If a guy like you can do such a thing,that means he can never cheat on his spouse. Since that day, i developed a kind of emotion for you.please can we be a friend?
Me: why not,yes we can my dear,even more than a friend *** ijeoma entered and went to her seat. Amanda and i were looking at her ***
Ijeoma: helloooo! Why are you guys mopping at me as if am a visitor?
Me: *** i laughed *** we are trying to settle something.
Ijeoma: hmmm….. Dis una sudden malice, i no com understand ooo.
Me: why u go understand naw,na our personal case be that.
Ijeoma: i be like say somethin dey attach to it.hmmm….. Make i just dey look una like tv. *** we all laughed and i went back to my seat.
After for some minutes,no customer in our shop,i counted the whole money that was in our shop and after that,
i told them that i want to go to the bank and deposit the money since no customer is in our shop. I normally go to the bank in the evening but yesterday evening,i don’t have Chance bcos we were so busy.
I left to the bank,after i deposited the money,i came back and Bathlomeo called me. We were sited backing our shop ***
Bathlomeo: guy watsup naw?
Me: i dey jareh. Wetin dey happen?
Bathlomeo: nothin much. How far between u and ur madam? She later talk wetin her problem is?
Me: guy dat tin wey u talk na true.
Bathlomeo: sheee i told u… So gist me,hw the tin go naw?
Me: the woman like me but she no knw how she go carry tell me. Guy u believe say na dat lady wey i carry do weekend.
Bathlomeo: chai! Igwe u be baaad boy!
Me: u don dey follow ur oga dey chop im food,u better be careful before yawa go cast ooo.
Me: no wahala guy. I swear the lady sweet die for bed.
Bathlomeo: chai! Dey enjoy na God wey give u but be careful before u give am belle,
u knw say some men dey mark the first day wey dem f–k deir wife and wenever their wife tell dem say dey don get belle,dem go calculate from the day wey dey meet am and compare it.
So my guy be very very careful so that u no go loose this game bcos na game wey u dey play so.
*** i turned back and saw Amanda standing looking at me ***
chai! Kasala don burst..


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