Me: what do you say?
Madam: i said you should help me unhook my bra.
*** i held the hook of her bra
and unhooked it,i droped the bra on the bed and want to go out of her room and she called me back *** did i ask you to go?
Me: *** i turned around and her two b–bs were mopping at me,
my dickson became too hard . *** no ma..
Madam: don’t call me ”ma” anytime am talking to you,
do i make myself clear?
Me: yes ma…. *** she looked at me *** sorry,yes aunty..
Madam: Better, please help me to warm that rice and stew..
Me: i have done that already.
Madam: that’s so good of you dear,two kisses for you this nite for that,
one is for warming of rice and the other one is for stew.
Me: *** giggled *** aunty you are funny.
Madam: *** she moved closer to me and kissed me *** this is for warming rice
*** she drow her mouth closer to mine again to kiss me and i held her cheeks as we were kissing.
Blood that was flowing on my vein became hoter and i was breading heavily, like someone who fall from palm tree.
Guy body no be firewood now,
delay is dangerous and our people said that ”a stich in time saves nine”.
I quickly lowered my two hands down to her b—ck and pushed it backward to mine,
i pushed her to the bed and she fall down ,
i laid untop her as we resumed our kiss.
Her two hands were crossed on my neck,
at a point she removed my singlet and pushed me down and laid ontop of me,
we continued with the kiss,
i pushed her down and laid ontop her again and was looking at her ***
Me: do you need me now?
Madam: yes,lemme feel you inside me…
*** i stood up from her ***
Me: come and uncloth me…
*** she removed my nicker and my boxer,
my dickson was looking at her and was already mourning with the way it was nodding.
I held her trouser and unbottoned it and i also removed her pant.

Chai! Igwe remember say na your madam wey you
dey do like this,
that was what my consent was telling me that moment but i don’t even care.
I pushed her down to the bed
without hesitating, i kissed her from her head to her toe before i inserted my dickson inside her.
I was moving to and fro inside her and she was giving me a sensational moan.
I placed my mouth on hers and my two hands on
her two b–bs as i was banging her.
I f—-d her for like 15mins and both of us cummed,
i poured my c-m inside her.
I laid beside her and we slept off and i wokeup around 11:30pm,
i woke her up and i went to the bathroom to take my shower and she followed me.
As we were bathing she told me to help her bath her back and i took the sponch from her and bath her back.
After we are through,we came out and went straight to our separate rooms.
Thereafter,she called me and asked me if i will eat food and i told her no bcos it was already late.
If i eat late in the nite,am going
to vomit it nomatter what i may eat.
She told me to sleep on her room but i refused and went to my room,
i laid down and Slept off.
I woke up by 7am and prepared to go,she called me back and told me to Make tea and drink.
I made tea and drank and after that i left to the shop,
when i got there,Amanda was already in the shop,
she was pressing her phone.
She didnt look at me and i went straight to my sit and sat down.
I opened our sales book and was going through it,
there is one of our customers(celestine) we supplied goods on Friday but i didnt see his item list in our sales book ***
Me:Amanda where did you wrote down the goods we supplied to Mr celestine on Friday?
*** she didnt talk to me *** please i beg you with the name of God,
put aside whatever that transpired between us,
we are now here for business so answer me.
*** she still don’t want to talk to me,i kept quit,after some minutes,
ijeoma entered and we exchanged pleasantries and she moved to her sit.***
Me:please ijeoma where did you entered the goods we supplied Mr celestine?
Ijeoma: you should ask Amanda naw,
she will be in the best position to answer that.
Me: i have asked her but she refused to talk to me.
Ijeoma: what Did you do to her?
Me:hala…. me? I didnt do anything to her,
maybe she woke up with the left hand.
Ijeoma: then why is she not talking to you?
Me: are you asking me or she?
Ijeoma: you ofcourse.
Me: hmmm….. Dis one na jamb question.
*** ijeoma started asking Amanda what the problem is but she still don’t want to talk to her.
She didnt talk to us till that day ,
when i went home,i couldnt see my madam. I waited for her for long but she didnt come back,
i called her and she told me that she went to see her family and she will be back tommorow,
that i should take care of the house.
After the caller,i entered the kitchen and cooked noodles.
As i was eating someone knocked at the door,
when i opened the door,i saw a girl standing and i was marvelled.
I asked her who she is and she told me that,
she is my madam’s younger sister. I ushered her in..


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