*** waoh! I remembered her body i saw that day in the bathroom,
she moved closer to me and gave me a passionate kiss that vibrated my whole body. ***
Madam: igwe what are still waiting for,remove your cloth and quench my hunger.
Me: please,i can’t do this.
Madam: why?
Me: do you remember that you are my madam?
Madam: oh! Spare me that trash.
Me: hmmm…..
Madam: you are punishing me emotionally.
Me: what if you got pregnant in the process,
how will you tell your husband that he is not the father when the time comes bcos i knw that one day that the truth must prevail?
Madam: igwe please stop all this future tens question and lets focus on the present. Igwe i love you from the first day you came to this house but i keep on hiding it from you.
Me: it can’t be possible bcos you are married,i knw that your husband loves you and i don’t knw about you to him,so if you don’t love your husband,
you may probably break your home one day. So please lets forget
this and you face your husband and lemme focus more on what i came here to do.
Madam: i have heard you but
we have to do this now.
Me: *** my dickson keep on noticing me *** please lets forget it before five minutes enjoyment will lead us into problem that will claim our lives.
Madam: just this one please,i can’t hold myself anymore *** her legs was shaking *** please don’t kill me emotionally,i beg of you,just do this one favour for me and i will never disturb you again.
Me: will you be satisfy if we make love without sex?
Madam: yes.
Me: wear your cloth.
Madam: i don’t enjoy making love with cloth.
*** my phallic was as hard as zuma rock,
she touched my dickson and i resisted her,
i pounce on her and started to kiss her,i laid her straight on her bed,
and kissed her from her mouth to her toes.

I located her b—bs and kissed the tips and she jerked up,
i lowered my hand down to her p—y and insert one of my finger and she gave me a soft and attracting moan,my dickson became hot,
i started with fingerbleeping,
she was giving me the best moan i have never heard from other women i have bleeped. I was pushing my finger to and fro,
i fingerbleeped her for 5mins and i withdrow my finger from her p—y,my finger was shining like someone who put his hand inside shoemaker’s gum. She held my polo and removed it and located my nicker,
she wanted to pull it off and i held her two hands ***
Me: remember what we agreed on,
Madam: *** she looked at me with a disappointed eye *** i knw but please,you can’t leave me half way like this,
please lets finish it for once.
*** my dickson keep on notifying me and i can feel more pleasure on me,i freed her hands and she removed my nicker and freed my dickson from the cage, she robbed the head with her hand and i vibrated my waist.
She lie down facing the ceiling and depart her legs,
giving space for full penetration. I pushed the head of my dickson inside her and she left a soft moan,i started moving to and fro slowly,
at a point,i increased my speed and she was giving me the best moan ever,her moan was encouraging me to bang her harder,i was f—–g her as if we are mates. I banged her for 10mins and she was not only moaning but screaming,
i continue for another 10mins before she held me tight and began to convulse and cummed,i continue banging her for like 2mins more and when i want to c-m,
i withdrow my dickson from her p—y to pour on the floor and she pushed it inside her p—y and told me to pour inside her. ***
Madam:O oo yea,give it to me igwe,i love yoooooooooou!
*** she was confessing as am filling her honeypot with my c-m.
After the sex,i rushed inside the bathroom and bath.
I went inside my room and lied down ***
Me: what really happened? What have i done to myself ??? I have made myself a liar before my boss and she had broke her matrimonial home.
God please forgive me *** i knee down *** God from today onward i will never go close to any woman till i get married.
*** i laid down to sleep but sleep ran away,my consent keep on whipping me,telling me that i have done evil. I couldnt sleep throughout the night. In the morning i did some of my morning activities and my madam was still sleeping.
After am through with what am doing,i took my bath and prepared for 8 o’clock mass. I decided not to bother her by waking her up and i left to the church,after service i came back and my madam was in the kitchen frying tomatoes ***
Me: anuty good afternoon
Madam: welcome,did you take anything in the morning before going to church?
Me: no.
Madam: you must be very hungry,wait a while the food will soon be ready.
I went inside my room and lie down till she was through with cooking.she invited me to the parlour for lunch,we ate as husband and wife.
After eating,she took her bath and told me that she want to go and see somebody and she left.
After like 30mins,Amanda came but unfortunately,my madam wasn’t at home.


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