*** who knws if she is coming to my house. Mrs sharp was busy staring at me and i pretended as if nothing was happening. I borrowed courage and pick the call ***
Me: hello.
Princess: where are you?
Me: am coming.
Princess: where are you then bcos am on the way to your house ?
Me: to my house? Am not at home.
Princess: where are you then?
Me: when i come,
i will tell you…
Princess: ok…
*** hang up ,
i droped my phone on the table and Mrs sharp sharp asked me,
who called me… I told her that it was my junior brother and she want to ask me another question,
I pounce on her again and unclad her, i removed every single cloth that was on my body.
I inserted my dickson inside her and she
gave me a soft moan. I started pushing in and out of her…
Chai! That day was the first day i enjoyed sex with her…
After the sex,she worn her cloth and i worn mine. She told me to wait till she get to the school inorder to avoid suspect. She left and i lied down on the bed resting. So na dis tin be her Plan. She tell me say she wan come and see my new apartment but na to f–k am ni.
After waited for some minutes, i left to the school and princess was not in the class, i called her number and she was not picking
I called her the second time and she picked up,
i asked her where she is and she told me that copper Isaac called her,
i aborted the call immediately . After for some minutes,she came out and teacher was in our class then and she stood outside till the teacher finished teaching.
She came in and i pretended as if i didn’t notice her present.
She tapped me and i didn’t respond to her, she tapped me the second time and i still don’t respond.
She didn’t talk to me again till school dismissed. That day was Friday so we don’t do extra lesson, she left home without talking to me and i went home also….
During the weekend,i went home to help my parents in some farm works as i normally do.
She called me on phone on Sunday and we reconciled in our own way….

After our SS2 class and we moved over to SS3. My relationship with princess was still concrete and firm as it is from the beginning and also my sexcapade with Mrs sharp sharp. I keep on visiting Mrs sharp sharp as we discussed. Sometimes i will visit Mrs sharp sharp and help her with some domestic work by then her pregnancy have forward out fully.
After for some months,she was unable to come to school bcos of her condition,i packed some of my luggages to her house inorder to keep her company.
I started to attend school from her house but princess and my parent were unaware .
After for some weeks,princess saw me inside a bus one morning as am coming to school. You knw Mrs sharp sharp and princess follow the same road to their homes but princess’s house is near more than Mrs sharp sharp’s house.
She was suprise seeing me in that bus.
Chai! I don enter for big shit…. Wetin i go tell am ??? Where i go tell am say i go,
the worse of it all is that am with my school uniform.
She asked me where am coming from after exchanging pleasantries with her…
I was speechless that moment cos i don’t knw what to say. I deliberately kept dumb ears to her question and was busy thinking about lies i will fabricate to her…
She asked me the second time and i told her that i accompanied my friend harrison to his house but he is delaying so,
i left him there. She smiled and said ok…
My mind was settled and we went to school together.
The month that we will take our exam was the month Mrs sharp sharp gave birth.
She delivered a bouncing baby boy. I told my parent that the lady that helped me when i had an accident gave birth that i want to go and see her.
They were so happy and they gave me some things to give to her and i left to her house, i couldnt come back home that day,
when my parent called me to knw where i am and i told them that i wouldnt come back that day, that i have to help her run small small errand for her bcos she didn’t have any little boy and they agreed.
One week later was our exam day and i was
suprised when i saw Mrs sharp sharp in the school but she was not with the baby. She helped me with some answers that day. After our exam that day, she left the school as fast as she can.
Any day that i will have paper she must come to school.
She helped me until i finished written my exam.
I went to her house every weekend to help her do some domestic works while am still waiting for my result.
One day,my mum called me while am still in her house.
When i pickup,
chai!!! Something terrible happened that i can never imagin in my entire life….
*** crying ***


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