*** when Mrs sharp sharp stopped her car,
she opened the door and moved out and i
came out slowly. I went close to where those people and my parent are,
my mum was mopping at me like a morron.
All the people that was in our compound was just looking at me…
I greeted my parent and they didn’t respond,
still mopping at me…
My heart skipped,chai! Wetin i go do ooo,
Mrs sharp sharp don finish my life,
wetin go be the excuse wey i go give them ***
my dad:igwe what happened? *** my mouth started shaking
cos i don’t knw
what to say***
Mrs sharp sharp: goodmorning sir.?
he was hitted by a bike man when i saw him yesterday,
he was lying helplessly and i took him to a
nearby hospital for treatment.
Thank God he didn’t sustain any injury.
Mum: what!
Mrs sharp sharp: as a matter of fact,
we are just coming from the hospital naw….
*** chai dis woman sabi lie well well***
my dad: Jesus Christ! Thank you so much for saving his
Mrs sharp sharp: he is moreless my son.
*** my dad took her inside our house
and bought drink for her but she refuse to
drink anything ***
dad: why can’t you take ordinary malt?
Mr sharp sharp: no am ok,
don’t bother yourself.
Maybe when next i will come,
i will even eat *** they laughed ***
my dad:emmm….
What about his hospital bill,
you can take me there,
let me paid.
Mrs sharp sharp: don’t worry,
i have paid everything.
What we will be doing is to thank God for his life.
My dad:i don’t knw how to thank you…
My God will reward you abundantly.
Mrs sharp sharp: amen ooo…
My mum:thank you so much.
Mrs sharp sharp: he is moreless my son,
if i didn’t do it,then what makes me a mother?
So lets give God thanks for
saving him…
Me: *** chai dis woman sabi lie oooooh..
See as im dey pack all the thanks wey
my parent dey give am.

I look am and our eye com jam,
i throway my face for one side,
Make i greetam *** thank you ma for saving my life.. Who knws where i would have been
by naw?
Mrs sharp sharp: don’t say like that
Me:thank You so much
Mrs sharp sharp: you are welcome my son.
I have to be on my way naw,am going to work.
My dad: ok… When next will you visit us?
Mrs sharp sharp: maybe on Sunday,
i will be free.
My mum: alrite…thank you so much.
*** Mrs sharp sharp entered her car and
drove off.
I told my parent that i want to go to school but
they refused and told me to stay at home so
that i will get myself fully well..
My mum prepared food for me and called me
to come and eat but bcos i have ate in Mrs sharp sharp’s house,
i told her that
am not hungry.
She insisted and i ate small.
I was sleeping all through the day.
The next day,
i went to school as early as possible,after morning assemble,
i went straight to
my desk and
bend my head on it..
Soon princess entered the class and tapped me,
i rose my face up and
looked at her…***
princess: goodmorning igwe.. *** i didn’t respond,
teacher entered our class..
After teaching she left and copper Isaac entered,
he looked at princess and their eyes met…
My heart started beating immediately,
i walked out of the class,
i decided to go out of the school entirely.
Harrison my friend that
was living around the school didn’t come to school that day
so i decided to
go to his house.
When i got there,he was on a haste to go out.
After we have greeted in our usual way,
i asked him where he was going to and he told me that his mother called him
(he relocated around the school bcos of our wassce exam that
was coming up)
i told him that i want to stay in his house to cool
my head and he gave me his key and left.
I entered his house and
laid in his bed.
After like 5mins someone knocked at the door…
Me:who is that?


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