I asked her in a confused manner.
Mrs sharp sharp: yes now.
*** i looked at her again***.
Me: ok.lets go
*** we moved inside her room,waoh! Her room was well decorated with a good frangrance odour.
She told me to sit down,i sat. She excused me and open the door and went out,i was just looking around and was admiring the nature of her room.
5mins later,i haven’t seen her,i was worried.
Where is she now. How can she left me inside her room and move away? I just decided to move to the parlour.
I went to the parlour but i didn’t see her,i sat on the sofa to wait for her.
5mins later,she entered with a small black waterproof,immediately she saw me,she concealed it from me.***
mrs: am so sorry for delaying you….lets go back to the room.
Me: ohk..ma
*** we went back again and i also sat on the chair again***.so where is the thing,you want me to help you to do?
Mrs: am coming,let me take my bath before we can start.
Me: but ma,you know i will go today.this is 4pm, please make it snappy so that i will go on time.
Mrs: no problem.
*** she unclad herself that movement in my very eyes but she was backing me. I was like, what is happening? Has this lady gone mad or something? Who told me to even come here?

My dickson resurrected with an ultimate force. After she had stripped herself naked,she covered herself with a towel and turned around,she smile at me. My dickson was erected and strong like zuma rock,am even afraid about the hardness of my p—k that it might burst.she went inside the bathroom and started bathing,she left the door open.i was viewing the hair in her p—-y small small whenever she bend down to bath her leg. I had been trying to hide my erected p—-k but it still show bcos am pantless. I only worn boxer and trouser. But wait ooo,what this lady just did now,was it intentional or she did it thinking am still a kid for where she is?
I looked at my erected p—-k and it was still hard. Eeeh! My God please help me to overcome this temptation. What if this woman come out and see my erected p—-k,what will be my fate?what will i do? Should i go home without telling her?………no,i can’t go bcos of my erected p—k,it will be a disgrace to me.
Should i entered inside that bathroom?…no if i enter now,she may shout that i want to rape her.
As my mind was running through all this,
i c-m inside my boxer,i started moving my body in an uncomfortable manner,
mrs sharp sharp came out of the bathroom. I pretending as if am comfortable,
she sat on her bed and bringout cream***.
Mrs: please help me to rob this cream on my back.
Me: *** chai.. how can i stand up with an erected p—k,i ignored her***.
Mrs: am talking to you baby boy. *** i decided to standup from where i seated and go and rob her the cream and also with my hard p—k,let her say anything she want to say,i don’t care moreover,she was the one that aroses my sexual urge. I stood up with boldness and went close to her.
She saw my erected p—k and shout***.
Mrs: children of nowadays don spoil finish. *** i ignored what she said***. When una don see woman body like this,una body go dey vibrate.*** she gave me the cream and i started robbing her*** Why did you have an erection?
Me: all this incantation you have been doing here since,am i a tree?
Mrs: am i the course?
Me: ofcourse.*** as i was robbing her,i was enjoying it and that made my p—k to be strong more. As i was robbing,i was pushing my hand down to her a$$. Immediately i touched the line that connect to her a$$,she vibrated and left a soft moan that make me c-m again inside my boxer again.


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