TAKE ME TO BED (Strippers)…..(18+)…..Part 8


The death of chuks to his family sounds
like a joke to them till they saw it with their
”What really happened to him” his brother
Marshal: i dont really know, i saw him like
After much crying and talking his body was
deposited into the mortuary (Our body will
never be deposited into the mortuary say
Amen to that!!)
And since he was just a young guy, his
burial was also fixed to be next month.
”i shouldn’t have brought the idea of taking
him to the stripper’s parties” marshal
lamented upon himself. What should i do”
he kept asking himself till he fell asleep.
The day set aside for my weeding with
Lucy has been been drawing Near, all
preparation has been going on, and as the
day draws nearer , that’s also the same
way Nancy comes closer to me each day
that passes. I wasn’t aware of that Lucy
was already pregnant for me not until it
was announced on the weeding day by the
queen mother. All thing went perfectly well
doing the weeding, all guest sitted in front
of their different tables with their wine
glasses filled with wine. I was called up to
dance with my wife to be which was Lucy,
and after the dance, Nancy never stopped
to steal glances from me. I was given the
staff of authority, with a hat on my head
and different bangled in my arms, which
simply means that have been made the
king. ”Long Live The King, Long Live The
King” the guest all said.

The day set aside for the burial of chuks
came, his friends, family, fellow corp
members gathered together at the cemetery
with their black upon black and pool of
tears on their different eyes.
Priest: Sand to sand, dust to dust bla bla
After the burial rite, all those that came to
the burial left living marshal who was still
standing, starring at chuks grave. ”So its
true you re gone forever. Am so sorry bro, i
couldn’t help you nor direct you positively,
am so sorry, i wish i can correct all my
wrongs” he said with a weary voice.
”I can help you correct all ur past mistakes
, just that it won’t be so easy” a lady facing
backwards said to marshal.
Marshal: pls who re you?
Lady: *turned her face*
Marshal: i think have seen this face before.
Lady: this is actual what ur friend said
before he met his doom.
Marshal: *surprised* what re you talking
Lady: am talking about nothing. Just forget
about it. Chuks is still alive in my world or
should i say he is alive in his world , buh
dead in his own world which is earth.
Marshal: what a min, you can’t be serious,
does that mean am actually talking to
something am thinking about?
Lady: what ever you re thinking about, you
re right. Am from the marine world.
Marshal: Jesus Christ of nazareth, i cover
myself with the blood of Jesus Christ.
Lady: no forget to use blood of Moses to
cover urself kwa ooh……. Cause your
covering never start , u will still cover ur
ghost. Am actually here to help and not to
hurt you.
Marshal: *shaking* before we start talking
about anything, please, biko, what’s ur
name and what type of fish re you in there?
Lady: Nancy, and am a snake fish in the
Marshal: Nancy, snake fish, haaa, i don die
be that nah…


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