TAKE ME TO BED (Strippers)…..(18+)…..Part 7


(UNDER WORLD/marine)
The hot sun has already went down when i
heard a knock on my private room door.
”who might that be? , said inwardly. I went
ahead and opened the door only to see the
queen mother standing infront of the door.
Me:: come in ma, *i ushered her in*
Queen mother: actually son, am not here to
sit down, am here for us to talk.
Me:: ok mum, am listening.
Queen mother: lets take a walk.
The moment she said she was here to
discuss something, my heart skipped a bit
” what could be the issue, or is she award
that her second daughter also has a crush
on a me”
Queen mother: i didn’t call you here
because of those things you re thinking. I
called you in other for you to help build the
kingdom. Soon enough, you will be part of
us and that’s what i want.
ME:: mum, like seriously, i dont really know
how to thank you., can i ask a question?
Queen mother: why is it that i didn’t see
any guy here……. Is that not ur
question?????????Me:: yap mum. And how
did you know what i was going to say?
Queen mother: that is why am called the
queen mother.. Long long time ago, my
husband betrayed me and i cast him and
the other traitor beyond the great walls.
And now, he has multiply his soldiers
waiting for the right time to fight us and
take over all we have
Me::buh you should have given him a
second chance.
Queen mother: according to what i saw in
his future., he dont have any second
Me:: what of me, can you trust me??
Queen mother: your path is straight, ur
future is bright with my daughter. I have
my faith in you.
Me:: thankz mum. So uou mean we should
also prepare for wall?
Queen mother: yes, we will buh until we
finish all ur weeding and coronation rituals.
Then we will prepare for the war.
Me:: have always wanted the lead a battle.
All the same, thks mum for believing in me.
Queen mother: lets drink to our success
and to ur marriage.
She brought out a drink from nowhere, we
popped it up and drank to our satisfaction.

I couldn’t believe my eye when i saw the
lifeless body of chuks lying on the bed,
covered with bed spread (body) with white
wool on his nose.. ‘ nigga what happened
to u” *crying* what am i going to do?
Where will i start? Chuks get up from that
bed, we have Nysc program to run, we have
strippers to f–k, get up from that danm
bed. Ur mom needs u, so as ur brother. Get
up now *crying and cursing death*
”sorry for ur loss sir, we did our possible
best” the doctor said from behind.
Marshal: i understand.:. Thankz.
I picked up my phone and dialed the phone
number of chuks brother.
I didn’t even wait for him to pick up before i
broke the saddie news to him
Marshal: i dont know how to tell you this,
buh i must tell you now. Chuks died this


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