TAKE ME TO BED (Strippers)…..(18+)…..Part 6


I jumpers into the bed. I was still in the bed
when i started familiar voices. One of the
voices was lucy’s and the other seems to
be familiar to me also.
Lucy: you met him first, while i heard sex
with him first. So he is mine and no one
can drag him with me not even the great
gooddess of edomi.
Voice1: young lady, do not speak such
toward the goddess or face her wrath.
Lucy: mother am sorry.
Voice 2: buh u forgot that when i met him, i
was still forbidden to have sex with a guy
Lucy: that’s not my concern.
Voice 2: dont worry, i will deal u.
Lucy: young lady mind how u talk to me.
Still remember that am ur senior sister.
Voice2: senior sis my feet. To hell with u
and ur goddamn seniority. You think i dont
know about the love portion u gave him? I
know all those things and i promise u that i
will crash all those plans of yours.
Lucy’s : dont even think of doing anything
stupid. Because if i find out that something
is wrong, i swear, on the spirit of the seven
tailed mothers that i will kill you not
minding that you re my sister
Voice 1: what’s wrong with both of you,
why would u girls be fighting over a mere
earthly folk? Why? Answer me. Or have u
two turned into deaf or dump?? And for this
reason, he will no longer be staying in the
same room with you *pointing at Lucy*
from now henceforth, he will be staying in
the private where he will not be seeing the
the ray of sun.
Lucy: but mother—-
Voice 2: i have spoken.
The three ladies abi na ancestors were still
talking when i came into the queen’s
chamber. Since it was my first time of
seeing such marvelous things, i started
looking around the whole.
Lucy: oh baby , you are awake
Me:: yap. Just now.
Lucy: i think this is the perfect time to
introduce my mother and sister to you.
Here is the queen mother, my mom as well,
and here is also Princess Nancy. I guess u
have met her before, so no need for much
Queen mother: My son, u re welcome. I
hope u will stay a thousand years with
us.Me:: yes ma……. I will stay even more
than that.
All: laughing* expect for Nancy.
Queen mother: Nancy, pls transfer all his
belongings to his personal room.
Me:: but i already have a room with Lucy.
And soon we will be getting married.
Lucy: *surprised* marriage!!!!!!!!!
Me:: yes, or re you not happy
Lucy: emmm is just that u re rushing it.
Me:: am not.
Queen mother: anyway sha, Nancy take
him to his room.
Nancy led the way while i followed. ”here is
ur room” she said.
Me:: ok
She was about to lock the door when she
said something that hit my thought. ”You
made a mistake by taking food and
drinking the portion in the bottle” she said.
Part of me wanted to think about what she
said, while the other has a strong hold on
the opposite.

I (marshal) went to the hotel chuks sent me
in the sms.
Marshal: hello , good morning
Lady: yap goodmorning and how may i
help you.Marshal: am here to see a friend.
Lady: which room number…?
Marshal: actually, i dont really know his
room number, buh his name is chuks Kent.
Lady: *sad face* actually sir, our
management has been trying to located his
family to tell them about the bad news.
Marshal: what bad new? Jesus
Lady: the chuks of the guy has been
hospitalized since yesterday.
Marshal: what happened to him *’looking
Lady: our house keepers found him lying
unconscious in his room. So we quickly
took him to the hospital.
Marshal: ok, enough. What hospital.
She told Me (marshal) the name of the
hospital and i left. I arrived at the hospital
only to see my friend lying lifeless on the
hospital bed. ”What might have happened
to him.” i asked myself.


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