TAKE ME TO BED (Strippers)…..(18+)…..Part 5


Where am i?” i asked.
I looked around the place seeing nothing. It
was indeed a peaceful place. I walked
towards a door which i saw , and inside
that door was a burning fire. ”Maybe the
people that brought me here knows that i
will be need this fire” i said while sitting
beside the fire. After a while, my stomach
started troubling me, hunger i guess. I
looked around in search of food, buh i
didn’t see any thing like food. I already lost
hope about food when a lady can out from
nowhere with a bowl and a red liquid
substance in bottle. The more closer she
comes, the more her face is been revealed
to me. ”have seen this face before, buh i
can’t remember where i saw the face.” i
Lady: yes, i am Lucy, have u forgotten?
The stripper u f—-d? Remember me?, hope
u enjoyed me.
Me:: yes, Lucy , now i remember, i
remember. Pls, u will help me, am stuck
here, i dunno what happened. Wait a min,
dont tell me we both re stuck here?Lucy:
why will i be stuck in my home? Tell me.
Me:: ur home?
Lucy: oh yesssssssss, my home.
Me:: and where am i .?
Lucy: where re you??? Well , u re in the
River of Edomi. Where the queen mother
rules. Hahahahahaha.
Me:: Jesus Christ come ooh.
Lucy: why re u call ur god now? When u
were busy f—–g me, did u remembered ur
god, when u flipped away the book you call
bible, weren’t u with your eyes?.
Me:: what will i tell my mommy, pls, Lucy, i
will give u anything, i mean anything just
let me go.

Lucy: what can u give me?
Me:: i can give u money, cars houses,
mention them. Just let me go plsss.
Lucy: do u think we dont have all those
things here, *she clapped her hands ,
millions of money appeared, countless
numbers of expensive cars and mansion
appeared* All this can be urs if u accept
my offer.
Me:: *crying* plsss, i dont need all those
things, plsss. Just lemme go. Am pleading
*kneeled down*
Lucy: i can’t just let u go.
Me: plsssss
Lucy: ok, i will think about it. Just eat first.
.She opened the bowl she was carrying,
and it contains Grains of boiled rice and
fresh fish pepper soup. Just as i thought.
At first, i wanted to reject the food, buh
immediately the scent entered into my
nostril, i started dancing to the tone of the
food, forgetting that i was still yet to know
where i was.
”Take this” i couldn’t wait for her to finish
her statement, i collected the bottle filled
with red liquid substance and drank all
without letting any drop in the bottle.
Me:: pls honey, take me to my room, i
really need to sleep. Am just feeling pains
all over my body.
Lucy: sure, i will.
She took me to my room , and i jumped
into the bed without knowing where i was.


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