TAKE ME TO BED (Strippers)…..(18+)…..Part 4


I went over to the girl he showed me and
sat beside her. ”Hey, mind if i buy u a
bottle vodka” i said trying to make up a
”Sorry, i dont feel like talking alcoholic
drinkz” she replied backing the stage.
Me:: mind if we dance?
Girl: can u please leave me alone, i don
wanna dance.
Me:: okkk, i will leave under one condition..
Girl: i don wanna hear ur condition and
besides, i came here for business. I will do
my business and leave..
Me:: wow, what kind of business re we
talking about.
Girl: u gat the cash, then the business will
Me:: sure. Am rich, so money wont be a
problem. Just hook with me.
Girl: just wait here lemme change my
Me: ok.
After waiting for few mins , she shown
herself. ”Wow, is this the same stripper i
just saw now” i asked myself???
”What re u starring at” she asked
Me:: nothing. Just wondering why a girl like
u will choose to be a stripper instead of
being something more reasonable.
Anywayssha, just forget it.
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Chuks Kentcares about you.
I left with her leaving marshal behind
”Marshal, have funnnnn” i shout at the top
of my voice.
”Sure thing bro” he replied back.
I took her to a hotel, maybe one of the
most expensive hotel in that area. ”Wow, u
re indeed a rich guy, i will tell my mommy
about u” she said
Me:: so u got a mummy?
Her: yep.
Me:: have known u for few hrs now, still
yet i dont know ur name. Pls what’s ur
Her: Lucy is my name. Nd u
Me: am Chuks, Chuks Kent.
Lucy: pls , put that thing away. look

Me:: what’s that
Lucy: that * pointing at the bible.
Me:: u mean the bible.
Lucy: shout hey, dont call it by name.
Keep it away.
Me:: sure
I took the bible and flipped it away through
the window.
”Now have done dis, can u pls give me
toto, am starving down here” i said to her
with a pleading sharp.
Lucy: lemme take my bath, i will be right
back. U know having sex with a dirty body
is not right. So u wait her while i rush into
thebathroom and shower.
Me:: ok.

She entered into the bathroom, while i was
lying on the bed. A knock came from the
door, i went and opened the door without
seeing anybody. I came back to my lying
position. It wasn’t long the first knock
came, another one was heard again. ” who
might that be, i said to myself”
i went over and checked it still nobody was
there. ”This is strange” . It repeated again
and this time a mighty wind started
blowing. ”Maybe it wanna rain” Lucy said
from behind. coming closer to me
Me:: i thought so.
She remove all her coverings, leaving my
junkie stick to nod it head like a charmed
criminal who is saying the truth……. (lolzzz)
I grabbed her boob and a-s (one hand on
one, the other on one) wow, everything
about her were too soft. I can feel the
burning from her body, she really wanna
feel me inside her. I pulled out my rain coat
and wore it. I started doing the riding from
behind with my eyes closed, the more i
ride, the more faster i become and the
more faster i become,, the more my energy
I was riding her from behind not until i
started feeling like my Junkie stick was no
longer on something on something soft
and slippery, Rather it was in the Water…….
I opened my eyes wide enough to see that
am in the middle (beneath) of a sea that
leads to nowhere. WHERE AM I ???


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