TAKE ME TO BED (Strippers)…..(18+)…..Part 14


Finally, the date for the burial has come, as
normal , youth corps outnumbered the
number of people that was in the burial rite.
Preaching has already been concluded, the
undertaker that brought that was carrying
their bodies did a little show before
dropping them at the grave. As the coffins
drop down, so as tears drop down also.
White eyes has turned to red, handkerchief
soaked with tears, students crying bitterly,
elder folding their arms with their teeth
shaking, the two mothers of the duo crying
and rolling on the floor.
”Man is nothing, you might see someone
now, buh in the next min he is no more.
Lets amend our ways because we dont
know when our messiah will come” the
priest said as the Coffins kept rolling down.
(Marine World)
Marshal: pls, Nancy just look, we re about
dying in our world, tears pls have mercy
on us. We have learnt our lesson.
Nancy: lesson? You re not here because of
any lesson. You re here because we said
you will be here.
Me:: Nancy, just take a look at our
mothers, brothers, they waited for us
without seeing us, only to hear about our
death. We left our homes alive, only to go
back as dead bodies. Nancy, just for a
moment, keep urself in our shoes. I know u
weren’t born to be evil, we believe that you
were born for a reason.
Marshal: we believe that you re that same
woman you used to be before, that kind
hearty woman, a genouros lady. We believe
you can help us.
Me:: pls help and we will be indebt to you
Nancy: but–
me:: Nancy plsss both kneeled down
Nancy: hmmm. TODAY I SET YOU FREE,
Me:: where is the way ???
Nancy: use this key, run to the end, you will
see a door written the key to life, open the
door with the key and enter into the door.
U will eventually find urself in ur world. Run
now or die. Runnnnnnn.
Marshal: baby, i dont know how to thank
you, wish i will meet the human you in my
world. I Iove you.
Nancy: i love you too tears just go plsss.
Me:: marshal, lets gooo. They re about
closing the grave.
you traitor. , dolphin, shake, after them.
They shouldn’t escape. * the queen mother
shouted ontop of her voice*
Marshal watched Nancy as she she was
killed by her own mother. ” i l over you
Nancy” he said as we entered into the door.
Priest:: Dust to Dust, sand to Sand ” maybe
their soul rest in p pause can someone
hear the same noise am hearing.
Kece: yes oh, and its coming from the
Kelvin: kece can you pls shout ur mouth. U
joke with everything.
Kece : buh big bro listen carefully.
Voice: he is right ooh……. Ghost ooohhhh.
Omo come see marathon race, the two
crying rolling mothers stood up and run by
force. Priest no green come down from the
tree he dey self. (lolzz)

I managed to open my own coffin, i came
out of the grave, i ran over the marshal’s
coffin, and saw poor marshal lying
unconscious inside the coffin. Nigga wake
up , we re home. ” we need help over here”
still yet , no help came. Thank God for the
bag of pure water i saw in the canopy. I
poured him the pure water and he jerked
up immediately calling Nancy”s name. Little
by little , people started coming back,
seeing that we re alive, celebration of life
started. Our crying mother turned to
laughing mother again. The next day , both
our story and picture went viral everywhere
even in the news paper.
Afer spending 1 year in the Nysc camp, i
got a good job with huge salary. After
months of getting the job, i met this girl
name Teresa who i fell in love with. Later
on, we got married living with our 2
children. Marshal on his own said also got
a fat paying job and got married to a girl
named Nancy. They re living happily with
their children. We didn’t forget to tell our
children the story of our youthful days.
Learn from us. We told them. This might
just be story to you, buh just know that its
also a reality to others, somewhere. You
have been privileged to read this, why not
make a change on how you sleep with
different women . Sex will cannot be
everything and it will never be. Lets make
our path straight before night fall……. Let
the unwise hear, and left the wise keep it
close to the heart.


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  2. The story is nice, i enjoyed reading it and also the wrigter of this mavellous work should keep it up. Well all i know is that i enjoyed it.

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