TAKE ME TO BED (Strippers)…..(18+)…..Part 13


”See who is talking” Lucy said.
Nancy: we will soon capture ur type. You
know, ur guys on earth looks beautiful
women with round a-s and standard boob.
Lucy: and also tight p—y. All hail our king.
King chuks. Lolzz
Nancy: baby (talking to marshal) dont
worry, mother will make you the prince.
Marshal: so Nancy, after all the love i
showered on you, after all the promises you
made to me, so after all the vow we took,
so after the oath, you still have to heart to
betray me. You re heartless, you re wicked.
Go to hell. My God will judge you.
Lucy: what god re you talking about, re you
talking about the god that has already
turned his back against you?
Nancy: and wait a min, so its berra to
betray my family right?
Me:: you, + ur family should go to hell.
Lucy: you re here to stay till eternity.
Marshal: God forbid, our God will save us.
Queen mother: oh ye earthly things with ur
little faith on ur god. Lhiehehxlkalhet *she
Stretch her hands on us and we slept off.
(Chuks house)
Sitting in the parlor was chuks mum, and
some of their relatives. They were
discussing on something when a call came
through the telephone. Chuks jnr brother
picked the call.
Caller: good evening, is this Kent
Kece: yep. And who am i speaking with?
Callers:this is from the mortuary. Can you
pls give the phone to an elderly person?
Kece: buh you can give me the msg.
Caller: just tell your family to come over
and carry the dead body which was
deposited in our mortuary. It been months
now, nobody from the family has paid a
Kece : buh we already buried our dead.
*drawing the attention of everybody in the
Callers: just tell ur family members to come
over to the mortuary.
Kece : owk. I will tell them.
After narrating everything the caller said to
him, those present in the house left for the

They were still in the car heading to the
mortuary when chuks brother received a
message , telling him to come over to lagos
for an emergency. ”what could be this
emergency” He thought to himself.
The arrived at the mortuary, and it was
confirmed that chuks body wasn’t buried.
”Then, who did we buried” the question
filled on the air.. After much question
which no answer, his fina burial was fixed
to another date. The wound that has
already healed opened again, his mother
couldn’t bear it anymore.
Lagos state)
Chuks brother received the shock of his life
when he got to lagos. ”What’s really going
on, first was chuks, now marshal. What’s
really going on.. .
Since marshal’s family resides in the same
city with chuks’s family, kelvin (chuks
brother) helped them by bringing back
marshal’s body to them. The two families
argeed to bury their death in the cemetery,
so that the two friends will be close by over
there also.


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