TAKE ME TO BED (Strippers)…..(18+)…..Part 12


Marshal: so chuks will reincarnate and
come back. Is that what you re trying to tell
Nancy: exactly.
marshal: so how will it be possible.
Nancy: have already told you that i will go
back to my world, get his blood and kill
Marshal: i know that part,. And after getting
his blood.?
Nancy: then, you will get our own blood ,
mixed with chuks blood .
Marshal: i hope is not what am thinking.?
Nancy: what ever you re thinking is it. We
will drink the blood.
Marshal: re you telling me that we gonna
drink up the cocotion.
Nancy: you ask much questions, or dont
you want to see ur friend again.?
Marshal: i will like to see him……..
Nancy: then you will do as i say.
Marshal: ok continue,. After drinking the
blood, what else???
Nancy: we will drink the blood the day we
will get married.
Marshal: but why choosing that particular
Nancy: i choose that day because, we will
be his parent.. You know after weeding, sex
follows. So i will bore chuks back to you.
Marshal: so you mean chuks will be my
Nancy:, oh yes, he will be our son. And i
will be your wife. According to the book i
reed, if a marmaid wants to loss her
immorality, she just need to drink a human
blood and have sex with that same human.
Marshal: wow, so which means you will
soon be human?
Nancy: yap. Am so so happy. I can’t wait
to feel you inside me, i can’t wait to carry
your child in my womb…….
The air was already filled with romantic
emotion, marshal moved closer to Nancy ,
grabbed her from her boob. And start
playing with her hard n—–s. Nancy on her
side let out a little moan, which gave
marshal the good ahead order to continue…
The temperature in Marshal’s body went as
high as 450degree. He shut his eyes inother
to enjoy the boob.
(Body thud)
(Marine world)
Queen mother: welcome back daughter, you
and your sister has achieved something
. Come lemme bless you , cause you really
need the blessing now.
Nancy walked toward her mom and kneeled
before her. The queen mother stretch her
hands towards her daughter and say some
blessed words to her.

Me:: marshal, wetin you dey do here?
Marshal: baby, u re so sweet.
Me:: *slap him* idiot wake up. Look around
and tell me where you re.
Marshal: chuks, is this you? Wow, Nancy
told me that she will help me get you back,
buh she never said that you will be the
chuks i know.
Me:: idiot: i say look around you.
Marshal: wait a min, where i dey?
Me:: question……. Na me you dey ask?
Marshal: buh, i was in the room with my
Me:: look up and see your last seen on
Marshal: Jesus Christ of narazeth. Wait a
mi, last seen 236AD. How come?
Me:: check my own nii.
Marshal: *laughing* 13BC. Hahahahahaha.
So you senior Christ self. I no fit laugh.
Me:: idiot. You know say everything wey
dey happen now, na you cause am.
Marshal: sorry mehn. I know i messed up.
We shouldn’t have gone there.
Me:: no wahala. I just pray that our
children won’t follow our path.
Marshal: which children???
Me:: i meant the people on planet earth…….
Marshal: hahahahahaha. U don become
ancestor over night.
Me:: abeg jhoor stop laughing. Lets think
of something.
Marshal: am with my best friend. For better
for worst, we re buddies. So am happy am
with you. I love you mehn.
Me:: me too. Na God go punish those so
called marmaids abi na strippers. Just
because i asked her to TAKE ME TO BED.


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