TAKE ME TO BED (Strippers)…..(18+)…..Part 11


Nancy: you have to marry a mamaid.
Marshal: sorry, i didn’t hear you. You say
Nancy: you heard me right.
Marshal: buh how can i marry something i
already that is evil.
Nancy: you can’t call me evil, because what
ever am doing, am doing it for love sake.
And besides, you should be grateful to me
because, after this fight, i dont think i will
be able to be alive. Do u know what i will
loss if my mother and sister finds out that i
betrayed them, do u know? And yet you re
here calling me evil.
Marshal: na you sabi.
Nancy: or do you think am happy the way i
am? *crying* you human, you think you re
the only people with feelings, we also have
feelings , emotions.
Marshal: Nancy, am sorry, i never meant to
be rude to you. Pls forgive.
Nancy: am not angry. Am just sad, looking
at what i am.
Marshal: baby, you dont need to be sad,
just be happy. From today, i promise i will
never make you cry again. This is a
Nancy: *excited* like seriously?
Marshal: yep am serious. Have been in love
with you from day1 when i saw at the club.
Nancy: so you have been secretly in love
with me.
Marshal: yap……. No time for love talk. So
what’s another plan now……..
Nancy: according to the book i reed, if a
human is transformed into a mamiad, it will
be possible for him to come back to life if
only his body here on his world is still on
the surface of the land. But in a situation
where his body has been buried it won’t be
possible again for him to come back to life.
Marshal: but we still have chuks body.
Nancy: we still gave his body, buh it won’t
be possible again. Have you forgotten that
bugs ate up his left hand?

Marshal: oh, have forgotten……. So what re
we going to do now?
Nancy: firstly, i will go back to my world.
Marshal: why?
Nancy: because we will be needing his
blood. And once i get his blood, we will get
married. This is the onye way to get him
back to life.
Marshal: for what, why will we be needing
his blood?????????
Nancy: we will be needing his blood
because, after after taking his blood, i will
have to stab him to death in order for him
to come back to life.
Marshal: buh u said he can’t come back to
life incomplete?
Nancy: not that he will come back as
chuks, he will be reborn.
Marshal: you mean he will reincarnate back
to life???
Nancy: exactly. That’s what i meant.


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