We will die there no ooo, a total bull shit, I can’t imagining seeing my grace being romance by a he-goat.
I can feel the anger burning inside me. I saw grace looking at me, and I know I have to do something before the riff-raff lay his leprosy hands on my grace.
I found myself standing up and shouting above the music being played.
” If you try anything funny there, I will dismantle you apart ”
Everyone turned towards me, am sure they were all shocked. Then everywhere went silent with everyone Fixing their eyes on me, but I didn’t care.
I walk towards grace then I dragged her behind me.
“If you want to touch her, then you will have to go through me first” I said with every anger in me.
I rolled up my seelve, making ready for a deadly fist then I set to launch a blow at him if he dares make a funny move.
It was doing this period the celebrant approach me and pleaded with me to be calm.
” Ayo Abeg, no fight. Just pay the MC and everything will be fine ” he said.
I reach for my wallet, pay the MC 2000 naira, then I drag grace out of the party.
When we got outside she freed her hand from mine and look directly into
my eyes.
“ay you don’t have to do all that. You could have pay the MC silently. And everything would have been well”
She said with some demonstration.
“what are you saying? So you expect me to sit down back there and watch that lunatic of toad to…”
“that’s enough, you got yourself embarrassed for what reasons?” she cut in. I looked at her for a while, I let go of the anger as I speak to her.
“for every reason…Am sorry about what happened is just that I.. I..I…lov… .
“It’s okay, can we go home now.” she cut in.
” sure” I said then I checked the time. its almost past 11pm. Going home will be a little dangerous, but staying there in the party Is another worst thing I couldn’t risk. Who knows maybe it will be 10 minutes quickie that will be next.
I don’t even know what might happen if I see the baboon near grace, I might castrate him.
We didn’t see any bike or cab so we trekked home. On the way, she complained about being weak and tired, so I carried her at my back and She doze off Later some minutes .
We got home around 12am mid night. I laid her on the bed and watch her beautiful sleeping face. Nature came afterward.
I woke up around 8am in the morning to see grace clad in one of my polo shirt and a short . She look so beautiful I must admit even without a make up.
She was busy preparing breakfast,
” good morning beautiful” I said.
” Oh you are up, good morning handsome”
She said.
I felt like going over to her and give her a good moring kiss. But I don’t have the courage.
“Young man will you just lie there and stare at me? Are you not going to church?”. She asked with her eyes wide opened.
To be sincere I don’t feel like going to church, but it will be very nice sitting beside grace in the church. So I replied.
“Oh.. certainly, we are”.
We had our bath and we prepare for church. I did her make up for her and also help her tie her gele. That’s because am a make up artist, (real life too) when you live with ladies, you get to know all this.
At church, the service was okay. I hardly listen to the sermon, I was busy surveying the idiot dudes which were busy giving grace an absurd lusty look.

And I enjoyed giving them a deadly look in reply.
When we got to the prayer section. I prayed for the spirit of blindness to be bestow upon them.
The rest of her stay with me was eventful. She later return back on monday moring. Its so sad to see her go. I wish I can hold her a little longer but she have to go.
Exam was at my doorstep, and am ready for it, am not always afraid of exams. They looks like a challenge to me. And I love being challenged.
I did all my best in the exam. And my result was a good one. My CGPA got a boost.
I happily say goodbye to 300 level. And a welcome to my final year.
After the exam we were given 2 weeks break. Well I can’t wait to see my happy parent again
When I arrived home, grace has gone for her NYSC service . she was posted to a very far state, Kano. Its hurt not to see her. But I always call her often to know how she’s feeling.
Amanda is now very close to me due to grace absence. She can’t do without visiting me in a day. Her large breast and ass always makes Mr konji power up. But most time I do shut him down.
I pay amanda a visit one beautiful afternoon.
We talk and gisted for a while, I was so into her that all my thoughts were to bleep her right there and also due to accumulated konji.
I try to drive the temptation away so I switch on her laptop.
I sat on the sofa trying to watch a movie on her laptop while she said she was going to freshen up. While she was in the bathroom, I couldn’t concentrate on the movie. I was just imagining her naked right there in the bathroom and wished I could just rip the door open and go down on her.
Before I knew what was happening, she came out of the bathroom. She was putting on a brown bum short and a white crop top. Believe me, Her huge boobs were so visible through the top she was wearing and her pointy nipples pushed outward against it’s thin fabric. She definitely didn’t have a bra on under there!
She sat down next to me, and I felt the beam of her gaze wash over me. She looked so beautiful, and I sat there not knowing what to do.
I didn’t want to be too forward, so I just tried ‘forming’ conversation with her while watching the movie.
“Are you even enjoying the movie? ” She asked.
“This movie is super boring!” As I turned to respond, my eyes were drawn yet again to her incredible chest. My focus was especially drawn to the bulge at the tip of each boobs, her areolae must be incredibly puffy. I couldn’t resist anymore.
Suddenly, without warning, her head shifted, and I found my lips pressed against hers, with my tongue plunging deep into her mouth and her tongue whipping against mine to explore it. As we were kissing, I moved my hands to her large b—–s. I slowly began to massage them gently, using my experience, and instinct to guide me.
As I caressed and rubbed her large ni
pples, I heard her quiver and moan. As the passion heated up, I tried to unbutton her bumshorts, but she held my hand back and guided my face to her boobs…
I was trying to wonder what might have caused that.
Abi na virgin she be ni???
I didn’t dwell too much on the thought. I worked my way from her neck to her boobs, removing her top. Jeez, this babe was making me hard as hell.
At this point Mr konji was almost finding it’s way out of my jean. She began stroking me through my jean and she knew she was driving me crazy. I kissed and s—-d on each of her nipple, taking turns while pinching the other.
I love to suck and bite on ni
pples, and judging by her moans and jerking movements so was she.
I kept working on her, kissing then licking, sucking on her boobs, nibbling a little to taste her sweetness.
I felt her unzip me while I was losing myself and burying my face in her cleavage. Before I knew what was happening, she got off me, yanked down my jean and shorts and freed Mr konji.
“Oh my God, I wasn’t expecting that”. she yelled.
“Too big? Hope you’ll be able to handle it? ”
“Of course I should”. She replied
In a swift move, she put one of my balls in her mouth. She then switched to the next one. She used her tongue to move them all around. her lips completely enveloped my entire sack, up to the root of Mr konji. She then began stroking Mr konji with her hands.
Jeez, this feeling was incredible. I was incapable of saying anything else. She finally put her lips around the whole head of Mr konji and started to gently suck me.
For several minutes she swirled her tongue wildly around the underside of the head of Mr konji, driving me mad with desire. Her pace and intensity grew with each trip up and down Mr konji and she made loud slurping and sucking sounds with her mouth.
Mr konj was rock hard and throbbing, and I was on the verge of cu*mming. I could feel it very close. Ohhhh, fuvvvvk!!! Jeez!!! Spurt after spurt of hot c-m shot up her boobs. She was able to trap most of it with her boobs, but it began dripping on the bed. She got up and went to the bathroom to clean up herself.
As she came back, she came up to the bed and began kissing me. Mr konji was called to action once again and it began responding. I tried unbuttoning her bumshorts, but she stopped me again and told me she was on her period.


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