Love is the beautiful thing that ever happened to me and the most horrendous thing you could possibly desire.
***********FAST FORWARD**********
Back in school everything seems so weird, but I quickly blend up before anyone could suspect my status . but must of the time I acted silly.
Even with the long distance between grace and I. Our friendship was getting more stronger by the day. She can’t do without calling me in a day neither can I do without calling her also.
Finally I was sure of my feelings for her. Am in love with her but I don’t know how to go about it, expressing my mind to her has been a problem to me. I was dying silently.
While this go on, some situations arises. Situation that called off Mr konji indefinite strike. But this time it was with my landlady daughters at school.
I rented a self con apartment at school. My landlady has 2 adventious daughter, bimbo and ruth. I can’t remember any of my ‘SEXCAPADE’ with them in the past but with the way they lust around me, am sure I must have bleep one of them, if not the two of them. I certainly don’t have an eye on any of them, but am sure they have both eyes on me.
I tried to be the coolest guy I can be. But what will be will definitely be. Bimbo whose happens to be the prettiest among the two makes life kind of easy for me. She will prepare food for me, wash my dirty cloths and also tidy up my room.
She was doing all this to impress me but it goes the other way round. it only impress Mr konji and not me. My heart belong to someone else.
Life at school was quite difficult, I even forgot my matric number. even the newly intake were far better than me.
I began asking for directions in other not to get lost, and in more than three occasions I got myself lost in the school premises.
I tried making friends but it seems everyone got engaged. So I made lecture room friends with the little ones available but most of them are guys.
I knew I would have a girlfriend or bleeper in the school, and I know it will be a matter of time before they show up.
I tried living my new life the way it came, the lost of my memory changed some things in me, like turning me from a bad cook I was to a good one. And also, my brain got upgraded. I assimilate things easily.
Since I got no friends, all I do was read and read, till I got tired of reading.
I decided to have fun one day, so I kit up and head to a club house.
When I got there, I saw people around me drinking beers, even the ladies are. It seems kinda wired weird being the only one drinking Coca-Cola. So I ordered for a beer.
I tasted it and I almost spat all my silver out in the Spittoon.
“goddamned it, this thing is bitter ” I spat slowly away.
“you mean this is your first time having a beer? ” came a feminine voice behind me, I looked back to see a slim lady. She looks hot like a pone star.
” you wanna buy me a drink? ” she asked looking directly into my eye.
It was an awkward situation for me, but I quickly compose myself.
” sure…have a sit with me and order for what you want ” I said steadily. She sat opposite to me then she ordered for a Champaign along with some barbecue sauce.
I systematically check for my ATM card, in case of ‘incasity’
( I cannot come and wash plate)
” you don’t even ask for my name ” she said as she was eating the barbecue.
” Yea, I was planning to… So what’s your name? ” I said scratching my head absurdly.
“call me blessing and you? ” she asked pointing at me with a fork.
“I’m Ayo… Just Ayo… It’s nice meeting you ” I said bringing my hand forward for a handshake. But I got it ignored.
” you are a JJC and a little bit foolish as well, common you are in a club, you keep being formal at home, here you go nut… Now have a drink with me or you gonna die of boredom all your life ” she said as she push a full glass of champagne to me.
I couldn’t reject it, so I collected it from her and hope for the best… But the worst came.
I had barely finish the glass of champagne she gave me when I began seeing stars, people started turning to multiple in my eye.
“you wanna dance?” she asked just as I finished up the champagne.
” I don’t like noise but… Hell yeah!!! ” I said as I drag her to the dancing floor.
It was quite obvious that I was drunk cos my dancing seems to be that of sunny Ade mixed with Chris Brown break dance.
” you sure you are good? ” blessing asked me after she realized my dancing moves.
“hell yeah, should we go grab more drinks? ” I asked
” Na, that won’t be advisable, go pay the bills and let leave here ” she said.
I payed the bills using my ATM card then we both walk out of the club, but I was staggering so put she her hand across my shoulder.
“where do you live? ” she asked just as we are out.
“downtown layout, number 54” I said then she stopped a taxi.
I slept off in the taxi and by the time I woke up, I found myself in my room. I opened my eyes to see blessing naked in front of me.
“Mother of Jesus!!! ” I exclaimed as I flinched backward.
” what is it? Are you just seeing a naked woman? ” she asked judging from my reaction.
“No… No… No… Just that it’s been a while I see this… Holy shit is that a pussy? ” I said pointing downward to her pussy region.
” what the fuck!!!… Are you a virgin? ” she asked Surprisely.
“we will find out soon ” I said, then I advance towards her.
I carried her off her feet then I throw her on the bed.
” how on earth do I forgot pussy ” I soliloquy as I buried my head down on her pussy.
Like a child hungry for food, I bite and suck on her pussy. The head was awesome as she began saying alot of rubbish my brain process to be rubbish.
Immediately without wasting time, I removed my trousers then reveal my monster cork for her to see what she’s about to take.
” oh my gosh, this is big ” she said just as she saw my dick.
” Yea… Now shall we ” I said as I spread her leg wide apart then I looked into her eye for a go ahead.
” what are you waiting for, hit me hard ” she said as she spread her leg more wider.
” with pleasure ” I replied, then I entered the battle field. When I thrust my dick into her pussy, the feeling was kind of weird. But believe me, it was great.
I didn’t last 10 minutes before I release. But when I resumed back again. My brother, my sister we die there ni ooo.

One beautiful afternoon I came back home so tired due to some activities I engaged myself in at school. I was very hungry at the same time.so I lie down on the bed thinking of what to eat cos I was so tired to cook even though I love cooking. It was during this time that bimbo enter my room.( one of my landlady daughter)
She was clad in a very tight body fitted gown that shows all her curves. The makeup on her face was extra ordinary like zee world, am sure she would have spent hours doing does things.
” Bro ay when did you come back, I know you will be very hungry by now so I prepared beans for you” she said.
On hearing this, i felt my stomach running halter skelter. Without wasting any time I ask her to bring in the beans . She brought it and I pounds on it like a hungry fowl.
The momentum in which I was devouring the beans was very high for no reterdation.
The acceleration is of the highest velocity. I noticed something like dry leafs and some tiny particles that looks like thyme,but I don’t care, whatever it is, it must be an ingredient.
All the while that am eating she was just smiling at me. Well I don’t know the reason why she’s doing that. But who cares , its her mouth not mine.
After am done eating, I was sweating profusely so I have to put off my shirt and open my window for fresh air to enter.
She packed the plate and we got talking. After about 30 minutes of insipid talks I began feeling somehow. My head began to swell, all my body system started to rise. If she crack just a joke I will laugh for about 20 minute before stopping .
Then suddenly she change the topic to some sex story.
Mr konji power up immediately she ignite the flirt chat. I tried all my best to control him but the more I try the harder and stronger he become.
Now he’s becoming very visible, I tried to cover it with a pillow but he kept on lifting the pillow, just to say how strong it was.
He has never be so strong and hard like that before. The matter got worst when bimbo sexily stand up and turned her ass towards me.
This time I lost total control of my body . I didn’t know when I grab her ass from behind and push her on the bed.
“Easy you don’t have to be aggressive am all yours” she said.
“Very well then let the party begins” I said.
I lock my lips with her and she replied with the same speed. I rapidly take my hand down to her breast region and squeezed the grape fruit with a lot of gravitational force.
She moan slightly in response. I slowly bring my hand down and pull up her gown. She was clad on a G-string pant , I patiently take my hand to her py region, draw the pant to one side and inserted two fingers into her honey pot, I can see that her honey pot is wide enough to accommodate more so I added one more finger.
Even with that, my hand still feel not enough, so I added one more finger making it four, as time goes on I inserted all my five finger into her honey pot. I began feeling the warmness of her pussy wall in my hand. I guess I hit the jackpot cos she began moaning more loudly and my hand was filled with her pussy cream.
I remove my hand and began to smooth my hand to and fro her pussy, In calculation of her pussy length.
I pull off her gown, remaining only bra and pant on her.
She systematic put her hand inside my trouser and bring out Mr konji. She wrapped her mouth round it as she began the blow job.
I unhook her bra doing this process and began playing with her nipples. She continue sucking my dick for more than 15 minutes, before I ask her to stop. She remove her G-string and turn her ass towards me. I condomized my dick and balanced the doggy style position and then… I fire the hole.
I bleep her as if am in for a bleeping competition. She was giving me a very loud sound track which I enjoyed so much. I was bleeping her with accurate curiosity .
60 minutes after, her leg couldn’t hold her up . I can sense that are legs are tired cos she is now lying flat on her stomach.
I turned her around, spread her leg wide apart and positioned her on a missionary style. This time I was giving her a very deep pounding.
Her p
y cream is now all over my bed. I continue bleeping her this way for more than an hour. Finally she voice out, she started begging me to get off her. But this only make mr konji more stronger. When she see that her pleas means nothing to me, she push me away and made attempt to run. But I catch up with her and increase my bleeping tempo .
I spent up to 2 hours on her tonton before I finally release. I looked down at her , she look more like a dead corpse. I wasn’t that tired and I began wondering where I got all the strength from. I sat up and rested my back on the wall, but not too long… Mr konji was called to action again. He powered up.
“what did you put in the beans? ” I asked but I go no response from her.
“Haa… you Don die today “. I said as I set for another battle .
To be continued…
I’m sorry for the late post, I’m sorry if my story is short. This story was one of my first story. I typed this story then using Nokia C2 that only contains 100 text per note. I don’t want to change the storyline so I just include some little scene to make it a little long. Providing that is understood…


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