I found myself in a new world, a world like a child fantasy. I felt like a new born baby, born into the world he knows nothing about. I was walking freely about when I head some distant Voice’s. I began moving to the direction where the voice was coming from, all of a sudden, I found myself falling… Then everything went blank.
I woke up to see a white ceiling above me , I look around but every where seems white Like a heaven.
I tried to move but my head hurt badly.
” Where am I ? What is this place”
Were the question that came running through my mind. I can’t remember a dim about everything, even about who I am .
I tried to scream but that only makes the pain in my head unbearable.
I was about to getting up when I heard a faint voice.
“Ayo My son, you are finally up, you’ve been gone for two weeks” Came a voice from a middle age woman.
I can’t believe my ears, When I heard gone for weeks.
“I’m gone for two weeks? what is really happening and who is this woman telling me that am gone for two weeks.” I wondered slowly in my mind
I can’t remember anything, my head seems empty. I was still battling with my thought when I heard numerous foot step approaching me.
I looked at them, they were all strangers to me, I can’t recognize any of them but they where all crying except for the men among them.
“Who are this people and why are they crying? And who is ayo ” I kept on asking my mind this questions but I receive no answer.
Later a man clad in a white cloth which my brain process to be a lab cloth entered the room in With us.
I looked around again then I realized that am in the hospital. And the man clad on lab cloth would be a doctor.
I saw him writting some things down in a flat book, then he later examine my head with his hand. I felt like kicking away his hand but I was too weak to move my body, so I observed angrily as he touched my head.
He mentioned one of the men standing to see him in his office. I kept on wondering how the man looks so much like me.
After some minute the man entered back inside the room. This time he looks so sad I can see some ‘cloud of tears’ forming in his eyes. I later heard him telling the rest what the doctor told him.
” The doctor said he’s suffering from a brain tumor and a memory lost, the probability that he will regain his memory back is just not certain, but the tumor in his brain might kill him if he remember any sad event. we all need to make him happy. The doctor said he might be dumb for Some months or Forever, he will just be staring at us, he won’t be able to process a talk ” he said, but I heard him well

I saw a woman crying uncontrollable I recognize her instantly she was the one that told me that am gone for weeks. I felt pity for her, seeing her crying like that hurt me to the bone.
The other women there try to console her but all their effort to calm her down only make her cry the more. Now am feeling the pain of the woman inside me. I slowly sit up without anyone noticing me.
” Why is this woman crying and who is she” I found myself saying those words. They where all shocked as they all turn towards me
” he can talk!!! He’s talking” I heard all of them screaming that.
“Was I dumb? Was I deaf ? Why are they screaming he can talk”
I kept asking my mind those questions.
“Am your mother and that man over there is your father,when we first brought you here the doctor said you won’t be able to talk again nor hear anyone talk, he diagnosed you today for head tumor and memory lost, they are too much for me to bear as a mother with only a child” says the woman crying uncontrollable.
I looked at the man whom she pointed to be my father, I can see him trying to hold back his tears but am not sure how long he can.
I saw some hot tears rolling down my eyes, I don’t know the reason why am crying but I found myself crying, some part of me feels pity for the woman even though she look so strange to me.
I looked at the rest of the people standing there in the room. I saw someone shedding tears and also saying something silently in her mouth. My brain process what she might be saying and I found out that she was saying something like am sorry.
“Why is she sorry? Why is she saying that? ” I wish my mind could answer all my questions.
The doctor entered the room again with some nurses, they lay my back down on the bed and examine me for some minutes. I saw them passing something that looks red through my vein.
“Why are they doing that? And what is that thing that looks like a wine or is it blood? ”
My mind won’t answer any of the question . I slowly take my left hand to my head, I felt something like a cloth being wrapped around It. I tried to remove it but one of the nurse stopped me. She injected something into me and everything went black again.
I found myself back in the same place I was, but this time around, I was alone.
The only living being around me are insect. I tried walking, but everywhere seems the same.
After a while, the insect dissappeared. And when they showed up again, they were not insect anymore, but a monster….


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