So long, farewell, how do I say goodbye…
It was very sad to finally say goodbye to Dotun. I contacted everyone I can, and they were all present at his burial.
Everywhere was full with different people, even Clara came from U.K to attend the burial. I was happy to see her again but I know she will be leaving soon, she’s yet to complete her post graduate program at Lancaster university.
She will be staying for a week before returning back to UK, and that ignite a glimpse of joy in me. But am still very overcome by Dotun departure. There will going to be no more Dotun in my life, but just a memory story. A story I will always live to remember.
Dotun was later buried and everyone present later left for their respective homes.
I introduced Grace as my fiancee to Clara. Clara seems not to like that, but I pretended not to care. She has once confess to me of being jealous of Grace. Introducing Grace as my fiancee to her would mean something more. Something more than just a jealousy, I wouldn’t say hatred .
Life goes on, Clara returned back to UK after a week but not without a kiss attempt. And I fell for it, I couldn’t resist the kiss, even the distance didn’t stop what I feels for her. I have been fighting the feelings away for a very long time, but it won’t just go. I have never felt anything as stubborn as that before. I have to find a way to stop it before it ruin my relationship with Grace.
Months passed away and I started to notice some certain changes in Grace behavior. She no longer visit as she often to do, no call or text from her and whenever I pay her a visit, she’s mostly not at home. She only calls whenever she is in need of money.
I sat her down one day and ask her about her sudden change. Her response was rather abusive, she complains and gave excuses on something I regarded as unreasonable.
I gave her ranting much thought and then decide within me to propose to her once and for all. Am actually taking too long to propose to her.
While I was still planning on how to propose to Grace, some gossipers hint me some stuff. There’s this lady at my working place, her name is Mercy, she has a tiny voice and sometimes I call her ‘mercy tiny voice’. She always call me Oko Grace cos she believed that I love grace beyond control. She’s a good talker and I like her.
One Morning, I was heading inside my office room when she stopped.
“Mr Ayo good morning, emmm… I’ve been hearing something and I think I should let you know ” she said. I looked at her for a while cos I know she definitely want to gossip with me.
“don’t you think it’s too early to be gossiping? OK what is it? ” I asked.
” I heard that… I even see it with my own ‘korokoro’ eyes that… Emmm our Grace is hanging out with a new guy that just arrived from USA. If you see that guy Ehnn, he’s very handsome, money dey for his pocket. If you see his car gan lasan…”
” are you done? ” I cut in.
” Nooo, I’m not done, if you see the way he’s flexing Our grace around, that guy get bastard money, head to toe na designer… ”
” hey!!! Where exactly are you driving out? ” I cut in with a question.
” you know… That our Grace is… You know na… She’s… ”
” hold it there, I trust the woman I love so much, relationship is all about trust, it’s not my grace that you saw. And if you have no other good thing to say, please excuse me ” I said then I made my way through her.
I never believe Mercy, cos I trusted grace completely so I discard her ofofo(gossip).
“All this ofofo will end once I give her a ring ” I said to myself, then I made myself ready to propose to her.
The following week, I brought a very expensive diamond ring. Even if am to propose to the woman I love, I must make it the very best I can.

I clad myself with a blazer suit , a chinos trouser and match it with a designer shoe. I put on my Gucci sun shade with my rollex watch to nail it. I found myself merry-go-rounding around the mirror just to be sure am looking as noble as a gentleman.
Opeyemi was wondering what am up to. I gave her a hint, she quickly enter her room and within 5 minutes she was out wearing a beautiful gown. She said she want to be a ” I was there “witness and who am I to say No to my only sister.
I reach for the diamond ring and do some little rehearsal with Opeyemi, asking her to act like Grace.
” are you ready? ” I asked and she nodded in response.
” love! oh sweet love, what a beautiful thing it is,
I have journey over seas and mountains,
Just in search of one thing…happiness,
But I found you instead,
You radiate an air of love to my heart
Ever since I met you, I have been lost in an ecstasy of blinding love,
Your love makes me paint with the colours of the wind,
Your love makes me sing in the fantasy of sweet lullaby,
Am drowning in the ocean of your love,
I need no rescuing,
Love is the beautiful thing that’s ever happened to me,
Love Is Beautiful, so they say
Love is precious in many ways.
Love is embrace passion.
Love is eternal happiness.
Love is heart felt emotions.
Love is the understanding of one another.
Love is that special someone.
Love is flying without wings.
Love is the joy you feel with someone.
Love is caring for someone special.
Love is that who touches your heart.
Love is what makes your heart beat.
Love is the healing power of your heart and soul.
Love is that beauty within.
Love is what makes dreams come true.
Love is the fuel of the heart and soul.
Love is the foundation of life.
Love is the meaning of life.
And that love is you my Grace,
Please make me the happiest fool on earth,
Because your love blinds me completely inside out,
That I see no flaws in you.
With all sincerity, will you be my lady?
Grace will you marry me? ” I said facing opeyemi.
“Awwwn, I will Marry you! You are so cute with the lines Wow! “. Opeyemi said with a blushing smile . We both went laughing together .
” Big head, I didn’t say you should reply me, I’m not proposing to you I’m only rehearsing with you, so how was it? I pray I don’t forget any of the lines “I said.
After ensuring that everything is in proper, we entered the Range Rover and drive to her residence. I stopped to buy a toast wine and a Champaign.
We got there around 4pm in the evening. Her door was locked from inside so I opened the door with the spare key she gave me. She wasn’t in the living room so I tried checking the bedroom. I asked Opeyemi to find a hiding spot, that when am done proposing she should just pop up the Champaign. I opened the door and saw the greatest shock of my life. I found Grace in the middle of a sex with a man. My heart skips a thousand beats. The red wine am holding fell and broke into pieces. I tried composing myself, but I failed, I lost my balance and everything went black.


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