Love is the beautiful thing that ever happened to me, and the most horrendous thing you could possibly desire.
After that night, my love for Grace increased beyond description. Am not sure if she love me the way I do, But the fact that she’s all mine is enough to make me live forever happy. I apologized for the way I bleeped her, she didn’t say a word, although she was the one that requested for it. And she got what she want. I promised I won’t f–k her that way again and we continue on with our love.
One beautiful morning, I was in my office when Dotun showed up. He’s only the visitor that enters my office without my secretary permission. Some people in my work place do wonder who am talking to, whenever am alone in my office room.
“How are you today Ayo? “he asked wearing a smile on.
“I’m okay… Dotun I’ve been wanting to ask you why your spirit is still always around me? Your death as been avenged and I think your spirit suppose to be resting by now.” I said with so much concern.
” that’s because mybody is not buried yet. ” He replied. I couldn’t believe my ears, I heard that he has been buried immediately after his was murdered, but now it seems to be a rumour.
“Can you please tell me why your relatives are yet to bury your body.”I asked.
Dotun look at me for some time, then turn his back at me facing the wall.

“I lost my parent when i was at age 13, my sister Opeyemi, age 5 then. Our parent died in a car accident on their way to church . They happens to be very rich when they are still alive, we know no suffering. But after their death, things fell apart, the relatives sold all my father properties, we are left with nothing. Life became so hard, we hardly have two meal a day. My sister and I were staying with our uncle, whose maltreated us badly. One night he sent us packing. He asked us to leave his house…
We have nowhere to go, not even where to sleep… My sister cried bitterly, cos our parents death was a wound in our heart, our uncle action opened a healing wound in our heart. It makes us remember our dead parent. If only they are alive to witness our suffering . we slept under the bridge that night.
I have to be Strong, I have to take care of my little sister, she have no one to look up to but me. I have to make sure she doesn’t suffer, I have to stand strong for her.
Things weren’t as easy as I thought, I began doing all sort of works just for us to survive.
There came a time when my sister was bitten by a snake. I have no one to run to for help . my sister was at the edge of dying when God sent someone who helped us. He saw me where I was crying and asked me why am shedding tears. I explained my sister situation to him. He took her to the hospital and her life was saved. He later asked me about our parent. I narrated our story to him, he felt so sorry that he took us in as his own children.
Since our parent died, we’ve stopped schooling, he sent us back to school and life was easy for us once again.l
I was in my 2nd year in the university when he died. The pain was so much, he was the only person that stand as a father for us. Now he’s gone without saying goodbye. His relatives sent us out of his house…once again living became very hard for us both again.
We never expect that our only helper will die one day, when he was gone, we experienced another dimension of suffering. We were homeless once again, I have to skip school and classes sometimes just to get food for my sister to eat. I love my sister so much, she’s my only living family. I made up my mind to do everything just for my sister to be okay.
One day I was begging for a little money to buy food for my sister from someone I called a friend. He didn’t give me the money, insted he initiated to a cult group. I declined the offer at first, but they began threating me, I lost to them when they include my sister life in it. They gave me an option to join them or to lose my sister life..
That was how I joined the cult group, just to make ends meet and to save my sister . The little income I received from this was what will use in surviving.
I met you when am in a very difficult situation, The cult group couldn’t help me but you did.the money you gave to me helped save my sister life.
My sister is now like a lost sheep without a Shepherd. Am all she Have, and now, am no more, I saw her everyday wondering up and down the street , begging for food to eat. She have no place to call a home… No one to call a family … Am always by her side everyday, but unfortunately, she can’t see me. I wish I can help her, but am no mortal, I can’t render any help to her, I can only watch her suffering…


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