This is another dream coming true. A dream I’ve been anticipating for, over two years. I have always dream of becoming Grace man, now the dream is showing me a green light.
I cherished Grace with all my heart. I took her to wherever that pleases her. I spent every little free time I have with her.
I have once asked her to move in with me but she won’t hear of it. I always receive a capital NO.
Due to the love I have for her, I respected her so much, so I didn’t include sex in our relationship. Every Saturday she will come to my house, do some laundry and also prepare soup for me. She will sleep over then leave the next day.
She is yet to secure a good job. She’s Only teaching in a primary school close to her house .
I hardly visit her due to the nature of my job. One thing I observed about her, she love money. She’s always asking for money from me. Well I didn’t take that very serious because I believe she’s my wife to be and since I have the money, giving it to her won’t be a problem.
One Friday evening after work, I stopped at her place, then we both hanged out. I took her to a pepper soup joint. We ate together as a couple then later head to a clubhouse where she got herself drunk . Am also a little bit tipsy but am still fully in my right sense.
I drove her back home, but she insist I spend the night with her. After a lot of argument, she won. I carried her inside since she can’t move without falling. When we got inside, she removed her dress and head to the bathroom for a shower. Well am also dying for a shower, but I have to wait still she’s done. She spent more than 30 minutes in the bathroom before coming out. She was clad on a towel that reveals her beautiful laps. I can see Mr konji nodding to that signal. She was giving me a very sexy smile that kept increasing the velocity of Mr konji. I quickly head to the bathroom before something else happen. I was under the shower thinking of all my moment with Clara, have really missed her.I stood in the shower for some minutes allowing water drip down my skin. I was now relaxed and so was Mr konji. Some minutes later, the door of the bathroom door was opened and Grace walked in. She had taken off her towel and was now putting on only her singlet which barely covered her ass.
I was facing the wall and backing her. She held me and pressed her boobs against my back.
My thoughts came back to her and I gently squeezed her a-s. She gasped at the touch. I turned around, kissing her deeply and passionately, pressing myself on her with every passion. The feel of my skin against hers sent electric shocks through her, and she wanted it all.
She got on her knees, wrapping her fingers around Mr konji , putting into her mouth and sucking desperately on it. A groan escaped my lips as my fingers entwined in her wet hair. The shower was still running as she bobbed up and down Mr konji for a few minutes, trying to take me in and out of her. She then stood, took off her top and pulled me out of the shower into the room.
She dragged me into the room and laid down on the rug, opening her legs, wanting me in her. I smiled at her, and got on the rug with her.
But instead of getting in her like she wanted, I took my time, licking her lips and sliding my tongue in her. I guess I hit the spot ‘cos she squealed loudly, pinching one of her nippless while she laid her other hand on my head. She was squirming all around. I was unrelenting. I swirled my tongue in her, bobbing my head on her then blushed my tongue back and forth on her c–t. She was moaning and screaming a lot of things my brain couldn’t process
After some minutes she began wiggling and jerking as her juice were flowing down her a-s.
I pulled my tongue out of her and rolled her over. She groaned and raised her a-s, waiting for my throbbing engorged Mr konji She screamed when I t—-t Mr konji in her. Her ‘cunnies’ felt so tight in Mr konji. I went gradually and slowly gained momentum, taking total control of her. She was moaning seriously as I continuously slammed my hips into her, taking her hard, slamming Mr konji into her.
After several minutes she started quivering and screaming as wave after wave of o—-m overtook her. Her body had not yet stopped shaking when I reached my point of no return. Spurt after spurt of c*um bust through me. My knees almost buckled as the o—-m weakened my body, and we both lay on the rug.

After washing off in the bathroom, we both lay on the bed.
“You’re one hell of a f—-r” she said looking into my eyes.
” I love you ayo. ” she said.
“same here Baby ” I replied. We lay spooning for several minutes. I was fondling and teasing her boobs while she was toying with Mr konji. Before long, he was called to action once again and we straffed twice before we slept.
A week after, I came back from work only to see grace in my living room. She was clad on a night ware which expose huge parts of her braless breast.
” hi grace, you didn’t tell me that you are coming ” I said as I threw away my suit jacket.
“I got a surprise for you ” she said.
“A surprise? Okay show me ” I replied.
She took my hand straight to her breast then directed my eyes downward with her finger.
I looked downward to see her, revealing her pantless p—y to me.
“holy mother of Togo” I muttered.
“The other day, I was half drunk but I know something big hit me, now I want that thing to hit me more harder “she said.
At first I didn’t want to, cos I believe you don’t f–k a wife to be, like a public slot, but when I’m not stupid, why let Mr konji suffer what he can handle professionally.
If I don’t f–k her hard, who will I?
Without warning I grabbed her neck forcefully and then push her on the chair.
I went to the home theater and put on a loud music cos I know she will scream her off her head when I begin.
Without wasting time, I quickly naked myself and approach her with Mr konji standing straight forward.
She saw my mighty d–k in full rage and she look down her p—y, thinking if it can receive it or not, but I care not about her thoughts.
I tear off her night gown, hereby exposing her standing breast for visual confirmation.
I placed my ebonite rod in between her breasts and she press her two boobs closely on it. I moved my d–k up and down the breast gap as if I’m f—–g a p—y. After doing this for a while, I put my d–k in her mouth to suck.
She couldn’t suck it well due to the hugeness of my d–k, so I inserted my d–k down to her throat, saliva came running her mouth, but I still continue my action. She must learn to suck big d–k.
When she couldn’t take it, she removed her mouth and turned her ass towards me.
I was about putting my d–k into her p—y when I change direction, I head for her ass hole insted.
She screamed when she noticed that my d–k is finding it way to her ass and not her p—y.
She tried to remove it, but I didn’t let that happen, insted I push in more harder, after alot of struggling, I was able to get my d–k in her ass hole, then I unleashed hell.
I fire both in and out of her ass with an unimaginable speed.
She was screaming and shouting at the same time, but the music I’m playing wouldn’t let me hear any of her wail.
I f—-d her ass hole to the extent that, cream from her p—y came rushing down to her ass.
I wasn’t just f—–g her ass, at the same time, I was squeezing, pressing, trampling, munching, fumbling, and dragging-pulling her breast.
The sweetness was too much for her to hold, as she came releasing more than four times, but I was just getting started with her.
I carried her on a stool then I spread her leg wide apart, this time I t—-t in deeply into her p—y. I ensured that my d–k enter all into her p—y, then I slowly bring it out, then I trust in deeply back into her p—y.
She screamed, cos it was not just a deep f–k, but a hard banging.
Mr Konji advanced into aggressive mode and My banging rate increased to crazy rate.
I was banging her hard as if I’m hitting a hammer on a nail.
She thought it was something she can hold, but her p—y and mouth betrayed her.
She was begging me to withdraw, and at the same time her p—y was no longer wet, but I listened not.
She asked for it, now she got it. I f—-d her till there was no strength in her to beg.
I was so determined and strong that she couldn’t push me away, all her effort to stop me didn’t work.
I bleep her p—y till it went red, I gave her p—y some minutes break but doing those break I inserted my d–k in her ass since Mr konji can’t lie just idle.
” Ayo please stop, I will die if you don’t ” she managed to say slowly.
” don’t worry, if you die, I will wake you back with my d–k I’ve done it before ” I replied in my f—–g motion.
“ah… Ay please I’m begging you ” she said.
“okay give me just thirty minutes, I will be done ” I replied swiftly.
” another thirty minutes? You’ve been f—–g me for more than two hours non stop… ”
” oh it’s even two hours, I thought it’s three, thanks for telling me. One hour to go ” I cut in. She pushed me away and try to run away but I was lucky to get hold of her. She was too weak to run so I fetch for a good rope and tie her on the chair with her leg wide apart for free penetration of my d–k.
” Grace, any last word before I go in to the battlefield?”


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