No amount of words can describe how happy I was on my graduation day . finally am now a graduate, the journey of a thousands miles always begins with a step, but one day the journey will end. my five years journey In the University ends the day I graduated.
I graduated with a 2nd class honour, a B.sci degree in GPS . So much for the hard work .
Clara also did well, she graduated with a 2nd class lower. That came as a surprise to everyone, cos no one expect something as good as a 2nd class from her. But am not surprise.
I was still taking pictures with friends and families when Clara dragged me to her Dad.
“here is him dad, he’s been avoiding you since morning ” she said. I look at Clara, search for a perfect word to say to her but I found non.
“well let forget about that, Mr Ayo, my daughter hero, I have a gift for you, open that box”senator Otitoju said pointing to a small box on a new Range Rover car. I wasted no time in opening it. I saw a car key inside it. That puzzled me, I looked back at him for an explanation.
” that car is yours young man” He said.
At first Icouldn’t believe my ears .
” you mean this car is mine? ” I asked with little uncertainty.
“yes it’s yours, and that’s not all, you are to resume to Lakota firm company as the head manager next month. ” he said.
Tears of joy roll down from my eyes . I found myself shedding tears like an infant. I didn’t know what to say, am completely speechless. I later found some words to say.
“sir I can’t thank you enough, you have done what a father will do for his son, even though we are not related but you take me as your son. You will forever be a father to me.” I said.
A message entered my phone, I opened it and it was a credit alert from my bank. I wanted to ignore it but something pushed me to open it. It was a credit alert of 20 million from senator Otitoju . I rushed towards him and hugged time tightly .

“am sure you will refuse the check if I give It to you , so I collected your account number from my daughter, and I send the money to your account instead. I know you won’t refuse that. You are now a man. You will soon have responsibilities so use that to take care of yourself ” he said , then he enter his car and off he went with his escort.
My joy has no limit. I never imagine myself being the manager of Lakota firm company. All these are dreams come true, everything a graduate could possibly desire, not even with the current economy situation. I can see Dotun smiling here and there but I know there’s is a hidden sadness behind his smile. How I wish he’s alive and not a living dead . well everything happen for a reason. That’s how God design his destiny .
I called simi, Julliet, Clara and dotun and we both took a picture together. But no one could see dotun except from Julliet and I, but his space in the photograph will always be remember.
Clara will be travelling abroad for her masters degree. Am really going to miss her, but what can I do, I really have to distance myself from her, in other to stop falling in love with her. To be sincere am already in love with her, but I never for once show it to her . Grace still have the better part of me. Mathematically speaking my love for them both is in ratio 3:2. 3 is for Grace and 2 is for Clara. And if I continue like this with Clara, it will soon be ratio 0:4
Dotun my spirit friend still appears to me occasionally, and have been wanting to ask him why his soul is not at rest.
Two month after I resumed to Lakota firm company as the manager.I rented a 3 bedroom flat at the outskirt of the town. Trust me, its an exquisite one, the interior was designed by me, and its a very beautiful one. I make a very big portrait of the picture I took with Clara and the rest. Every Morning I look at the portrait then I will smile to myself. Some memories are better best in a photograph . A photograph that always put a smile on your face. Every person in your life is always there for a reason . one day , you will get to know.
On a beautiful Saturday morning, I received a call from grace.
She: hello honey
Me: ummm, so am now your Honey
She: you’ve always been
Me: I hope that’s true
She: sure it is, I have something to tell you.
Me: oh really, let me hear it
She: its a YES
Me: a YES?
Me: tell me it is what am thinking.
She: exactly
Me:you mean you are accepting me into your life?
She: I would say yes.
Me: JESUS!!! Am on my way to your house.


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