I checked my watch, it’s exactly 2:30 pm . I have just an hour and 30 minutes left to decide what to do.
I keep on trying simi number both still couldn’t get through. Then I decide to check her up instead. On may way to her house, I received another call from black jagaban.
Jagaban: hello
Me: hello who is this?
Jagaban: who can it be? I have my boys monitoring every of your movement . Are you looking for your little spy girl. You don’t need that. She’s here with me. You have an hour left to turn up with all the evidence with you.
Then he ended the call.
I stood there alone in the middle of the street, thinking about what Dotun do say.
” Ayo don’t dip your hand in blood, no blood shed. Now f–k this shit!!!, I would have kill them all if not for your daily sermon…No blood shed under my foot!!! ” I soliloquised.
Black jagaban has pushed me to the wall, I will definitely show him what am capable of. If black jagaban is requesting for a war, then am going to give it to him.
But first I need to elude those fools monitoring my movement.
I studied the environment I am to see if I will find anyone acting suspiciously, I found some guys puting on a black beret beside a beer parlor, pretending to be having drinks. I noticed they have a wireless Bluetooth on. I saw another inside a corrola sport car park a mile away from me. They are also putting on a black beret. They must be a fool to be in camouflage.
I was heading home before, but I have to change my direction, I quickly take the route that leads to the market, knowing fully well, i will be difficult to spot in the mist of the crowd.
I got to the market and I quickly evade them by joining the crowd. After that I take a short cut back home without any of them seeing me.
I got home, injected myself with high dose of morphine . Then I reach for my pistol, I clad myself on black, then I head to castle villa, which happens to be black Jagaban hideout.
I got there around 3pm. I survey the environment and I can see that its well guarded .
It is a matter of kill or get killed.
I can see clearly from a far distance some cult member armed with cutlass and axe some are with a locally made gun while some are armed with a rifle . penetrating them won’t be an easy task, I will have to make a plan to elude some and to eliminate those that can’t be evade . and also an escape plan.
I noticed that main entrance is more guarded than the back way,going through the front door isn’t bravery but foolishness, So I made to go in through the back way.
I climb the fence and peep on the inside, I saw two guys armed with a locally made gun (bajinatu) I studied their movement for some time. Only one of them is mobile, the other one is sitting on a rock not too far from the back gate. One of them excuse the other to use the toilet. I quickly make use of the opportunity, I jump over the fence directly on the one sitting on the rock , before he could raise an alerm I hold his mouth then crash his head on the rock he sat on.
The crash broke his skull as he fell dead instantly.
I found a knife on him, so I took it then hide his body inside a Big drum I found beside the gate.
I heard some footsteps, it must be the other guy, so I quickly hide behind a wall. On sighting him, I slowly bring out the knife and cut his throat from behind. Blood rush out from his neck as he drop dead on the ground. he died not knowing his killer .
I hide his body then I advance forward, in other not to create any suspicious move, I will hide under cars and trees when necessary, just to avoid being seen. I reach the door post after evading like ten armed men.

I saw a guy at the door post armed with a rifle. I rolled in a pistol silencer I got from Samson, I aim at him and
Within a blink of an eye, I gunned him down.
I advance forward.
I open the door and enter the building slowly, everywhere looks dark, so I have adjust my eye in other to be able to see in the darkness.
All of a sudden, somehow kick the gun off my hand. I look side way only to see a very huge guy standing a feet away from me. Am not really a good fighter but am so determined to take down any obstacle that comes my way. And besides, luck goes with the brave. I know I don’t have a better chance winning the fight but I show no fear. I advance towards him and knock him down with a hit, before he could stand up. I landed several blows on his face .
He get a hold of my hand then push me away. I landed badly but I get up immediately.
“nice move, My name is killer, I hope you are prepare to die” he said with a coarse voice.
“I don’t care what you are called, but if you choose to stand in my way…i might attend your candle night ” I said as I made to stand up.
We are both now on our feet. He face looks fierce like a wild wolf. With a well build up muscle, I show no fear as We both engaged in a wrestling. He lifted me up and hit me hard on the floor. He’s too heavy for me to carry but that doesn’t stop me from giving it a try. I was able to get hold of his right leg then I kick off his second leg from balance, he fell and I immediately get on him, without wasting time I landed a very heavy blow on his nose, I can see blood running from his nose, I continue hitting him on his nose until he went unconscious. Then I got up from him. I searched for my pistol in the dark then I advance forward.
I opened the first room I saw a guy reading a newspaper, without wasting time, I gave him a headshot. I opened the room that opposite it. I saw three guys smoking weed. I recognized them instantly, they were the guys that shot dotun. I wasted no time in deleting the 3 of them.
But before I could shoot the 3rd guy. He raised an alarm. I turned back to see 7 guys pointing gun at time. Then black jagaban show up from no where with clara and simi. He pointed a gun at clara head.
“Drop your gun or I kill her” he said with a baritone voice.
I slowly put down my gun. I felt a hit on my head and everything went black.
I woke up to see my hands and legs tied up. I saw simi and clara beside me.
“Clara are you okay, hope he didn’t hurt any of you” I said.
“Ayo why did you come you shouldn’t have come, he have nothing to do with you, it’s only me he want ” I heard clara saying.
Only if she know that I’m his target and not her.
“Let forget that and concentrate on how to get out of here.” I said.
“Of cos, you will get out of here, but only as a dead man” .says a voice behind us.
I turned back to see black jagaban sitting on a wooden chair.
Now I can feel the anger burning inside me. I feel like tearing his throat apart.
“You coward!!! let the girls go, and face me if you a real man” I said looking straight into his eyes.
“Talk when you still can.” He said then he stand up.
“For your information Mr Ayo, I know all that you’ve been doing, all your steps and moves everything I know it. You think you can bring me to justice? Many has tried but they all die by my hands. You know too much about me Mr Ayo, and I can’t let you live.You will all be eliminated soon” he said then he leave the room and lock the door.
Now the fear of death rings through my mind, I look at clara and simi, they were both crying. I was scared cos I have no back up, I have no pack, I’m just a Lone Wolf. But I didn’t show out my fear, if I’m to die, I wouldn’t want it to be in this way.
Dotun where the hell are you….


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