I messaged simi about my mission, and she replied, saying she’ll be on a look out at the relaxation center an hour before the show.
It a sunny afternoon, exactly 1 pm am already prepared for my mission. I took my pistol along in case things goes wrong.
Some minutes past one, simi called me.
She: hello ay
Me: yes anything?
She: don’t show up, she’s not alone, I have seen 5 of the cult member patrolling her. And I can also see that they are all fully armed. Mission terminated, am out of here.
Me: Roger that.
Immediately I run a call to nurse titi
Tife: hello
Me: I told you to come alone, but you didn’t , its high time you see what am capable of. Am sending the video to your husband right away. Am going to post it on every social media. You know what that means. Your backs up won’t be able to save you now. And I also have something to tell you, your lover boy, it seems you don’t know much about him. Its a pity.
then I ended the call and switched off the phone
Am sure i have gave enough treat to paralyzed her completely.
The following day, I arrived at the lecture room an hour before the lecture, am surprise to see clara alone with some few guys in the lecture room. I check my time again to be sure if am actually early or not. The clara that I know has never for once be this early for a lecture Its either she enter few minutes to the end of the lecture. If not after the lecture .
She saw me and she put on a smile. I can’t help but imagine how beautiful she look whenever she put on that smile.
She walks towards me and attempt to give me a hug. I quickly stop her before I become a topic for the guys to discuss.
We exchange greetings and she changed her sit to where am sitted. I can see that her bodyguards are looking at me from the widow, they are not permitted to come inside the lecture room with her, but they still got their eyes on her.
“What are their names?”I asked pointing to her guards .
“Samson and john.” She replied.
“are they armed?” I asked without taking my gaze away from them.
“Kind of, they are bouncer” she replied.
“I thought as much,That explains their well built up muscle” I said with a bit of smile.
“Don’t worry I will introduce you to them, they are friendly.” She said.
“Hmmm… They look like a well fed dogs ” I said then I took my gaze away.
The lecture was interesting and very interactive, even dotun attended the lecture, I can’t help but laugh when I saw him sitting on one of the empty seat. He normally sit beside me, but today clara sat beside me so he look for another sit. I guess he missed being human.
After the lecture, am on my way to say hi to my spirit friend when clara drag me out to meet samson and john. She introduce me to them, and I found out that they are very fun to be with. Immediately we become friends. And we exchange contacts.
I saw dotun coming towards me so I excuse myself from their company.
“How was the lecture young man? ” I asked.
” I can see that you are getting along with clara, that’s a good thing” he said ignoring my question.

I can see some people looking at me, wondering who am speaking with.
“dotun I have something to tell you, but let leave here first” i said to him. And we both walk to a nearby mango tree. When we got there I explained my mission yesterday to him. It was doing this time that I notice a lady looking at my direction. My eyes met with hers and she made to move. I quickly run after her, I don’t know what to say to her but, I want to know the reason why she was looking at me without taking her gaze off. I looked back and I see dotun also coming after me. I catch up with her and I greeted her. Then I later asked why she was staring at me.
” My eyes are not on you, am looking at someone else” she said. Well I didn’t process what she meant by that .
“someone else? On the mango tree or… Am the only one there, there’s no other person” I said.
” You were two, and he’s right behind you”. she said pointing at dotun.
” sweet p—y!!! ” I exclaimed.
I was out of words, no one has ever see dotun, I’m the only one that do, I began wondering if she’s also a ghost. So I stopped someone and ask if he can see her, and the person nodded saying yes.
“How is it possible that you can see him?” I asked with a trembling voice.
“some have eyes that see through rocks, I see things other people don’t ” she replied and made to leave. I quickly ask for her name and contact, well she gave me. Her name is Juliet.
Grace refused to pick my calls. I sent a lot of text messages to her, but she didn’t reply. And that makes me so worried. One day I share my story with dotun I want to seek an advice on what to do. I showed him her picture and tell him everything about her. He looked at the picture for some time and said he didn’t see her in my future. And there he goes again with his future hullabaloo. That was not what I needed from him. All I want is how am going to win her heart. Am madly in love with her.
He didn’t say anything again, and whenever he’s silent like that, mostly he sense danger or maybe someone is approaching us. Not long I heard a knock on the door. I opened the door to see samson one of clara bodyguard .
“Hey bro how did you know my place?” asked .
“We followed you here, she’s waiting for you inside the car outside.” He said.
” I will meet you outside in a jiffy” i said. I close the door and turn to dotun.
“I have a guest waiting for me outside” I said to him while trying to wear my trouser.
“Do you need me to teleport you outside” he said joking putting on a big dry grin.
I saw a G-wagon parked in front of my compound. Then samson came down and open the back seat for me.
I entered, I saw clara smiling like someone who just won Baba ijebu.
We exchanged greetings , then she asked john to ignite the engine. Well I didn’t know where she’s taking me to but am sure she can’t kidnap me. She took me to a lovely spot in town. And there we get to know more about each other. I intentionally asked her about the scars on her body. She narrated the story on how she was attacked by the cultist . And how a stranger with no identity saved her. She reach for her bag and brought out some pieces of cloth.
“This piece of cloth was tied around my wounded body when I woke up, the doctor said they belong to my saviour, he left without any trace. I never get to say thank you to him, I have been looking for him ever since then, he’s the reason why I’m here today, he’s the reason why I left my old ways, cos he gave me a second chance I don’t deserve, and if he’s dead, I’ll search all the tombs till I find his ”
She said with tears in her eyes. I felt so sorry for her, part of me wanted to tell her that am the guy she’s looking for, the other part of me didn’t let me to. So I hugged her closely and beg her to stop crying
I have been quite for a while about my revenge mission due to the company I received from clara and my spirit friend dotun. But something happened again, a lady in my department was raped to death. Simi did her investigations and she found out that the leader of the cult group was responsible for the lady death. This killing must stop. I pick up my phone and call nurse titi.
Nurse titi: hello
Me: meet me at chicken republic tomorrow at 1pm. If you tell anyone this time. Considered everything I told you done.


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