A Tsunami wall can’t stop a rising tsunami, it can only impede the travel of the waves.
I was determined to get all of them killed, and I won’t easily give in to a mere illusion I thought my brain created.
When I got back to my hiding place, I began wondering if I really see a ghost or all that happened came from my imaginations.
I never believed in superstition, but for some reason I don’t know, I found myself rethinking the whole scene.
“am I getting mad or something?, do I really talk to a dead man or… No It can’t be, it must definitely be the effect of the drugs I used ” I soliloquised they lay tiredly on the bed.
I reached for my phone to check the little video I made when I heard the house owner dog barking repeatedly non stop.
I peeped out through the window and I saw two guys wearing a black shirt and trouser heading directly to my room with a cutlass on.
Immediately, I reach for my pistol gun and then place my phone on the bed. I unlocked the door then I stationed myself behind the door.
I must have left a trace doing my process with nurse titi, or someone picked up on me whIle heading back. Which I know must be nurse Titi work, and she probably send the two guys to retrieve the video, perhaps to destroy my phone as well.
I knew one of their priority is to get my phone, so I used it as a bate to deceive them.
They knocked on the door at first, But when they didn’t hear a response, they banged in forcefully only to discover that the door is opened. Due to the force they applied to an opened door, they came in rolling on the floor with their foot imbalance on the floor.
Immediately I saw their foolishness, I moved a little bit forward away from the door I was, then I point my gun at the two of them.
“your hands up!!! Make a silly move and I swear I’ll blow your head off ” I commanded loudly.
They obliged without hesitation cos their back is turned against me. I picked up their cutlasses and trow it outside, then I systematically search the two of them, I found their phones with them so I collected it and also took my phone that I left on the bed.
“Now turn over and face me. why bring a cutlass to a gun battle? Who send you here!!! ” I shouted angrily. One of them looked at me then spat on the floor.
“I’m not telling you shit!!! you are just a kid, holding a toy gun… ” he was still talking when I aim and shoot directly at his forehead, immediately he dropped dead. When the other guy saw what happened, he began shaking from head to toe.
“I will ask you one more time and I want a direct answer, you say rubbish, you join your friend. Who send you here? ” I asked.
“our boss did sir, I was there when he received a call from one of his associate, her name is Titi, when he ended the call, he send us to confirm what she said and to retrieve your mobile phone, we are also instructed to kill you ” he said with a trembling voice.
“good boy, now call your boss and tell him you have killed me, don’t make a mistake by hesitating” I said.
Immediately with a shaking hands, he made the call and said as I instructed. Just as he finished the call, I pulled the trigger and send him to hell.
I realized hiding can make them easily spot me, so I head to where they won’t probably think I will be. I head back to the house I rented at school.
I came in at dark when no one could see me, but I quickly make my room a living trap for intruder.
Just as I finished making the traps, My face was facing the door when I caught a sight of someone at the corner edge of my room.
I turned to face the direction, but I saw no one, not too long, I caught another sight again. I turned back swiftly with my pistol but I saw nothing again.
“Whoever that you are, show yourself!!! ” I shouted angrily into the air. Just as I finished talking, the thing appeared, and it was a ghost with his back turned against me.
“show your face or I’ll blow your head off back to dead ” I said angrily without a fear. The ghost turned slowly and I saw the face, it was Dotun.
” I told you not to dip your hand in blood ” he said slowly.
“you didn’t wait to hear my response, those two are just a start, I will kill them one by one till no one is left ” I replied back.
“revenge is not everything, you can’t find peace within you if you nurse a revenge ” he replied slowly.
Dotun tried all his best to convince me, after some days, I rethink then I gave in to his advise.
Dotun has been appearing to me on a daily basis and which make people’s around me think am losing my sense .
They will see my talking but they won’t see the who am talking to.
I didn’t stop my revenge mission, I only change tactics and strategies. Dotun asked me not to shed blood. Now I plan on giving every single one of them something more worst than just death.
Clara is now back in school, I can see two huge guys following her up and down, which must definitely her bodyguard. A plastic surgery was did to her, so she regain back her beautiful face.
This time she looks different, perhaps a changed person. She now relate with people friendly.
“Maybe she has dropped her arrogant attitude” I heard someone saying behind me, I looked back only to see Dotun standing closely behind me.
“Young man are you reading my thought? You just broke in my privacy” I said without looking back.
” I belong to the spirit world, so I know whatever you are thinking, you don’t have to regret helping her. You gave her a second chance to live, and she makes the right choice.” He said then he disappear.
I was on my way to the library when I heard someone trying to call me but didn’t know my name. I turned around to see clara approaching me with her bodyguards.
” Hey, sorry for disturbing you, can you please describe where the library is for me?” she asked. At first I was speechless
“you are in 400 level and you didn’t know where the library is?” I asked Surprisely, I know any guy would have reply her assertively but I didn’t ,I still have some hatred towards her. Sometimes I do think she’s responsible for Dotun death. Am expecting her to just hiss and tag me some insult but to my greatest surprise she didn’t, instead she turn her head down to the floor and kept mute.
“maybe you’ve forgotten my face, I was the guy you pour soup on, and you are not even ashem to ask me a question ” I said with an uncontrolled anger.
” I’m sorry, I deeply regret my actions. Please forgive me” she said as she went on her kneels, and she got me surprised again. People were looking at her but she didn’t mind, since it’s getting too awkward, I pull her up.
” Very well then am heading to the library, you can follow me if you want to” I said looking at her guards. She happily look up and put on a smile.
“Thank you” she said.” can I know your name?” She asked.
” You don’t need it” I replied . I guess that hurt her, she wasn’t expecting that, she do have her ways with guys but not with me.
She was an inquisitive type, she kept asking me several questions on our way to the library but I hardly reply her .
We got to the library and she sat next to me, I change my sitting position and she followed me to my new seat.
” Now what? You asked me to show you where the library is, have done that so why are you still following me?” I asked with a little anger
“Not until you tell me your name” she said wearing a childish grin.
**** which kind wahala be this*****

“if that’s what will make you leave me alone, my name is Ayo” i said.
“Wow!!! nice name, Am clar…”
i cut in.
” I know, we are in the library, we are not allow to talk here so excuse me” I said without letting her complete her name.
Through out the time I spent in the library,I caught her stealing glance at me. I read for 3 hours, am sure she can’t read for that long as she doze off along the way. Dotun appeared while she was sleeping.
“Ay she seems happy around you ” he said.
“Are you reading her thought?”I asked .
“No, not at all, am just judging from the facial expression. Or do you want me to help read her mind?” He asked,
“No that won’t be necessary” replied.
“Ay you have a bright future and I see her in your future, forgive her, let your hatred go.” Before I could reply him, he is gone.
“son of a b—h, you should have wait for me to give you a good reply, stupid boy ” I said .
I stand up, pack my books and set to leave, I don’t want her to see me when she wakes. I was almost out of the library when I heard someone calling my name.
I turned back to see her racing towards me with her bodyguards.
“Ayo you left without waking me up, that’s not fair” she said.
” I don’t want to disturb you that’s why’” I replied.
“Hmmm, can I have your digit then” she said.
“I don’t have a phone”I replied swiftly
” Okay no problem then have my phone I will call you on that, and by tomorrow I will buy you a new phone” she said.
*** which kind devil is this girl bayii***
I remembered what dotun told me earlier so I smiled at her then give her my mobile number.
“I knew you were lying about not having phone” she said throwing a playful punch at me. Only if she know how much I would like to give her a real punch
When I got home I bring out my phone and call grace.
Me: hello dear
She: hello handsome
Me: how are you?
She: am fine ooo, and you?
**** we talked for lengths***
She: ayo don’t you think its the high time you have a girlfriend.
Me: I have.
She: who? And you didn’t let me know.
Me: its you.
She: what did you mean, stop joking jor.
Me: am not joking am very serious.
**** she was silent****
Me: grace I have wanted to tell you this all this while… But I am very scared. Grace I love you. I have loved you for a very long time. Starting from the day I saw you with my mom at the hospital, please I want you to give me the chance to show what love really is to you .
She: *** slient***
Me: grace you are the only happiness I know. If I had a flower for every time I thought of you, I could walk in my garden forever. I don’t mind doing anything just to make you mine.
She: ****silent ****
Me: I love you with all of my heart, body ,and soul. You complete me. You make my life worth living. To have known you and to have loved you has been the most beautiful dream. I can only hope that I never wake up.
ton ton ton
I looked at my phone and see call ended.
*** chai my bad***
I tried her number again but she didn’t pick up.
“I hope haven’t I ruin my friendship with this girl” I think loudly.
A call cut in my thought. I look at my phone, its an unknown number. I wanted to ignore it but I mistakenly press the receive button. .
Unknown caller: hello, am I on to ayo?
Me: yes, may I know you?
Unknown caller: its me clara.
Me: oh its you, how you doing…
*** we talk for some minutes then i ended the call***
After the call, I lay back on the bed and focus all my thinking on Grace.
Am too preoccupied with my thought, that I didn’t know when bimbo enter my room. She offers to help me wash my cloth, but I turn down her offer. I remember that I have some unfinished business with some people so I use it to delude my thought about grace.
I send a whatapp video to nurse titi. Using a new number I brought with a wrong registration details
( I have to make sure no one can track me)
Immediately she see the video, she called .
TIti: hello, Who are you?
Me : I’m who you are thinking
Titi : impossible, you are dead.
Me : yes and now I’m back to life, you see the video I sent to you
Titi :yes, what do you want?
Me: meet me at the relaxation center tomorrow, 2pm and alone.
Titi : okay…
Me : one more thing, if you try to contact anyone after this call you are dead. Believe me I don’t give a shit.
Titi: OK…ok… OK..
Me: See you tomorrow at 2pm.


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