There’s a Yoruba adage that says ‘ ti omode ba de ibi eru, eru a ba’
I was shaking from head to toe, Totally terrified. I began begging for my life.
“Please dot-man you don’t have to do this, it don’t have to be in this way, please don’t kill me” I said with a shaking voice.
He slowly put the pistol down and sat lowly on the floor.
” If I didn’t kill you now, they will all come for my head tomorrow morning, but I can’t kill you,i can’t bite the finger that feed me… I owe you my sister life”. He said. I was shocked when I heard that, I didn’t know his sister, I was still trying to figure out what he meant when he cut in my thought.
“The money you gave me was used to save my sister life and not for my school fee, I lied to you about that. My sister was in the hospital then, and we were asked to bring a sum of seventy thousand naira, I was able to raise Twenty out of it, and you helped me with the remaining Fifty. For this I’m forever great full to you. (What goes around comes around) now I want you to run away from school for a whole month, that’s all I can do for you now” he said. I didn’t know when tears began to roll down my eyes. I know his life is now at risk just because of me, but I know the danger involve if I stay in the school.
I quickly pack few things and head to osun. That night I got to ife. I have a friend studying medicine at OAU, so I explained everything to him and he accommodated me.
After 2 weeks of my departure from school. I heard that Dotun was murdered. I couldn’t eat for days. I felt so guilty as if am the one that kill him. I wept bitterly for him. He sacrificed his life for me. I began regretting my actions, I regretted ever helping clara. I regretted not allowing myself to be killed.
Dotun death affected me alot, I couldn’t think of anything but of his death, I felt a heavy burden on me, I never for once imagine someone will die for my sake.
It was doing this time that I remember what a nurse said to me the day I brought clara to the hospital. She said I won’t live to tell the story. Now her words started making sense to me. She knew everything about the incidence, definitely by my calculation, she will be among the cult group. She will probably be the one that took my phone and I D card when I was unconscious. Now I have a target, I will definitely make sure she pay for what she did and also to avenge Dotun death.
Now am on a revenge mission. I got myself a black face cap and a sun shade to cover my eyes, also I changed my hair style. I must not be identify easily.
I worked on getting a spy, and luckily I found one.
Her name is simi, She belongs to the man no war association, and also she is an excellent tracker. She supply me with every information I needed. I was given the profile of all the cult member. They were 20 in number. They also have an outsider that works for them.
And that nurse is among them. No one could suspect her.
According to the information given to me by simi. Her name is nurse titi. And she lives outside the school with her husband.

I later investigated on clara incidence. And I found out that the leader of the cult was responsible for her attack. Investigating more on the matter reveals to me that. He sent his boys to kill her just because she fails to accept his proposal. That’s totally absurd.
I also investigated on Dotun. I found out that he was shot my three gun men repeatedly. Their profile was also given to me. Their nick names are dragon, terminator and obekun. I was given their location and hide out as well.
They have pushed my boar against the wall, and I’m ready to face them.
I don’t want to involve the police in the matter cos I know they will definitely bribe them,and it will later fall back on me . So I will have to put justice in my hand, and I planned terminating all of them from the newly recruit to the leader.
I know I will need a gun since my enemies are sort of manchineries.
Getting a gun was quite difficult, but I was able to get a pistol gun after alot of effort. I also got myself a hard drugs, being desperate was part of something I needed.
My first target was nurse titi. I monitored her movement for some weeks, doing this period I found out that she was cheating on her husband. She have a student boyfriend She do visit after she close from work. And this only makes it more interesting.
I followed her after she closed from work one day, and she led me to her boyfriend place.
she didn’t notice that I was after her. Not long after she enters In with his boyfriend. I waited for them to enter bleeping mode them I bang inside. I met both of them naked on the bed. I pointed my gun at them. They started begging for their life.
My intentions was to kill her, as I was about to pull the trigger, I saw the ghost of Dotun like a visual illusion. I saw blood dripping down is face, he looked at me then he wave his head. Then he later disappear.
I couldn’t understand the scene.
” Did I just see a ghost or is it my imagination? ” I thought loudly to myself. I couldn’t decide my mind, so I change my plans from killing her.
I brought out my phone and took their naked pictures, after that I put the phone in video mode, then I asked them to be bleeping themselves or I will shoot them if they don’t. They both oblige and I made a p–n video of them.
“Well if I can’t kill you. I will have to use something against you” I said to myself as I exit the room.
On my way back I saw someone sitting on a rock wearing a white cloth. That reminded me of Dotun ghost I saw earlier on. I was about crossing the road when the person turns towards me.
I heard the person calling my name so I turn back and to my greatest surprise . There sitted Dotun.
I wondered why am not scared probably because of the hard drugs I used. I approached him.
” Who are you?” I asked with a brave voice.
“I’m Dotun’. He replied.
“don’t play pranks with me, the dotun I know of is dead.”I shouted back at him.
” I know, you are talking to a spirit not a man. Only you can see me and that’s because I want you to, no one else can, except does with the gift”He said.
That brought a fear down my spine. That Sentence deactivated all the drugs I used, as I began to tremble, but I still try to maintain my stand.
“Don’t be afraid of me am not here to hurt you”he said
I remain mute I didn’t answer him.
“Do not dip your hand in blood my friend”he said then he disappeared. I looked around,but he was already gone.
“I’m sorry… it’s too late for that, I’m not going to dip just my hand in their blood… I’m ready to swim deep into their blood, the battle line has been drawn and there’s no going back ” I said then I head back to my hiding place.


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